Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Thought Police Are Here

In the best tradition or Orwellian thoughtcrime, it is now possible to be arrested and imprisoned in this country simply for uttering the word "nigger" out loud. A woman accused of using "racial epithets" while waiting for food at a Connecticut Taco Bell drive-through window was arrested on February 2nd.

Jennifer Farrelly, 19, of East Windsor, has been charged with "ridicule on account of race, creed or color" and second-degree breach of peace. Farrelly's boyfriend, Eric Satterlee, 22, of Ashford, was charged with breach of peace in the incident. I was unaware that "ridicule on account of race, creed or color" was an official criminal offense anywhere in the United States, but apparently in Connecticut it is. Looks like those busy little liberal bees in our state legislatures have been passing all kinds of wonderful legislation behind our backs while we've been distracted by 9/11, the Michael Jackson trial, and the sleazy saga of Brad and Jennifer and Angelina.

On December 18th of 2005, Jennifer Farrelly and Mr. Satterlee became frustrated by the slow service at the Taco Bell restaurant on Brookside Place, according to the arrest warrant. (Anyone who has ever had to wait on the retarded monkoids and Mexicans who work in such places will sympathize immensely with Ms. Farrelly's position.) Ms. Farrelly allegedly "banged on the drive-through window" and called the Taco Bell attendant, Jamelle Byrd, a racial epithet, according to the warrant. Satterlee allegedly cursed and banged on the window.

Reading between the lines, people, I think we can all figure out what happened here. There comes a time when we have all just plain had enough negritude and White people who have been constantly victimized every day of their lives by these creatures arrogance, sloth, and stupidity just blow up.

Byrd's supervisor told police that Byrd should not have been working the drive-through because he had gotten into a similar incident with another customer, the warrant states. In other words, this nigger had the usual chip on his shoulder and liked to make life difficult for his White customers.

What is even more disturbing is that the police did not arrest the young White couple until February 2nd, after a "full and intensive investigation." This 19 year-old girl was treated by the law like she is John Dillinger and given a full court press by the local cops, who apparently have nothing better to do by way of catching real criminals, for the crime of banging on a window and uttering a forbidden word. She is now facing two years in prison for these terrible offenses. I swear, you couldn't make this stuff up!

You know, we really need to stop tapping on these keyboards and start actually doing something about all this, because while we sit here in our own happy little state of oblivious cyber-nirvana, the kosher slaughter knives are being sharpened. How soon before we hear the knock on the door and find ourselves facing years in prison for the "crime" of banging on a window or uttering a forbidden word, indicative of a forbidden thought? Just because some bubble-lip won't hurry up and give us our nachos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAC, check this out. Amazing stuff..


10:56 AM  
Blogger Anchorage Activist said...

The most egregious example of this problem is taking place in Salt Lake City, where National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker and two other NA members are up on Federal hate crimes charges because they allegedly threw out a couple of racial slurs at a couple of bar fights back in December 2002 and January 2003. The fact that neither the so-called "victims" pressed charges nor did the state of Utah file charges doesn't seem to matter to the Feds.

The indictment against these three, which I posted on my site, alludes to an unidentified fourth person. Why "unidentified"? Most likely because he's the informer working with the Feds.

These guys are being targeted for two reasons only; they're white, and they're white nationalists. What's worse is that this is occurring in Utah, the reddest of the red states. If you're not safe from political correctness and judicial terrorism even in Utah, then you can stick a fork in the country - it's done.

2:33 PM  

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