Monday, June 19, 2006

Letter From San Antonio

[I recently asked an old comrade in San Antonio, Texas for an update on his situation. - HAC]

Well...I guess the most accurate response is that I'm rocking along. Oh, I'm a few pounds heavier and a bit more bald than the last time you saw me. It seems to be the way of things. Income wise, I make a so-so living from [redacted]. I could probably make more if I had a better work ethic, but I find myself less inclined to run through the rat maze just to purchase more crap from China.

I've spent the last couple of years devoting myself to the Peak Oil issue I mentioned above. The specific timing of events is impossible to predict, but matters could get very interesting from a NW perspective. The problem is, people will be arriving without a scouting trip, without resources, probably with bill collectors on their heels - and they'll be scared and angry. Hungry too.

San Antonio continues to devolve. We've got more than our share of Katrina evacuees; it appears our city council made them all too welcome, since many of them are staying. The impact on crime is obvious. We now have a 27% illiteracy rate, per the mayor. (Not functional illiteracy - rather, the cannot read at all kind of illiteracy). Hispanic migration continues apace. In fact, Mexicann ationals are buying a great many houses in the $150,000 class since they fear a leftist government in Mexico.

I think they're right to be concerned, and I suspect Mexico will become more leftist and more dangerous over time. Speaking of dangerous, they've had shootouts with grenades and automatic weapons in Laredo, 150 miles south of San Antonio. Gee, I wonder what happens when the big Cantarell oil field down there starts generating less revenue? (That's a sarcastic comment, obviously - we both know the answer.).

Yes, I know. I live in a cess pool, and the water quality is getting worse. Family commitments keep me here. That said, life has not given me as rigorous a curriculum as you've endured.

More to follow...



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