Sunday, June 25, 2006

Learning About Jews First Hand #2

[I am transferring this thread to Thoughtcrime instead of Northwest Homeland since it's more Jewy and less Homelandish. The first part can be read on - HAC]

I'm right there with you, Pye.

My sister decided that a 'vision' that she'd had about she and I being at Masada together was enough to persuade her to go to synagogue, study all the Jew-isms, how to become Jew-esque, and all that... take the test and *Poof!* INSTA-JEW!

She married a Jew, moved to Portland, has been working at a law firm, where(hubby) works. She's subjecting my nephew, a brilliant, young pre-teen to everything she's allowed herself to be brainwashed into.

I figure my sister living in Portland is easier than in NY. She's Reform, also... so it's much more lax. She's not complained about the Jew-ness. She's thoroughly enjoying it. (Although she's had issues with her anti-depressant medication).


It's frustrating, to say the least, honey. Though not nearly as frustrating as your sitch with your sib.

McKenzie Walsh


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