Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Some Thoughts I've Been Pondering

[This comes from one of our teenaged readers.]

I don’t understand why people look down upon racists. They say racism is evil. All it takes is one person to call you a racist and suddenly the rest of your life you are labeled a racist, but yet when someone calls some one else sexist it only sticks with them for only a day or so, and then they move on.

My Webster's dictionary says racism is taking pride in one's race. Last I knew taking pride in your own race and kind is not evil.

I just had another awakening The other day I had a nigger walking behind me in school. He gets right up behind me then grabs my shoulder and squeezes me just as hard as he can, right in the soft spot which is a pressure point. And you know what I couldn’t do anything about it. There are three reasons why I couldn’t. Number one, I'd go to jail for a year. Number two, they would slap a hate crime one me for beating up the nigger, even though it would be self defense.

Number three the nigger's family would probably try and sue the crap out of me, and the judge would probably rule in their favor just because it was called a hate crime. And you can’t say anything to anyone else, because you got no witness.

It's bull butter that you got to put up with such crap as that. Our schools are corrupt, my generation is corrupt. They have no values. The school's idea of education is pop a tape in the idiot box and make the whole class watch it. The school officials all they do is stuff their pockets. They could care less if you have an education. And then they wonder why our taxes go so high.

It's called expenditures. One day I was setting in the school office and looking at a spread sheet on a computer. Across the top it was entitled expenditures. There were over 50 rows of pointless crap they didn't need. I'm 17 years old and thinking about this. Most people of my generation would not spend their time thinking about this. It about drives me to the point of hearing voices.

Then they use the school as a recruiting ground for the military. About every other week there is some branch of the military. And they will try and promise you any thing if they think you will sign up. I believe that if I asked for two 8 balls of crack, saying that I will sign up if they get it for me, they’d do it. But most times they try and offer you free college. And there’s where they get you. Once you sign their paper you’re their property for the rest of your life. Most time they don’t keep their promise of education. They aren’t going to get me, because I am not stupid and brainwashed like a lot of the idiots I have seen.

Why would any one want to do a foolish thing such as join a military for a government that doesn’t care about you? If I joined, the first thing the would do is send me to a place I weren't meant to go. Secondly I'd get my ass blown off.

I also don't like being judged by what a piece of paper says on it, or what I put on a piece of paper. That's the way our school system is going. I took a test and failed it on purpose just to prove a point. I answered every question wrong on purpose. Then when I got the test back I said this test is bogus. I know the right answer for every question on it. Then I showed them my physical ability over what that test had and it surpassed every thing it talked about.

The way the treat us in the school system, they could give you a 100000 gpa but but it don't mean squat. you could have some one with a 0 gpa and have mor physical ability than you. To me that little peice of paper they give you when you graduate don't mean nothing, except for that you attended.

I'm crazy and it feels good to talk about it, and it's not the loony kind of crazy either. The crazy I'm talking of is the truth. Yet they got the nerve to call me evil racist.

-Justin from Michigan

[Okay, boys and girls, all our teenaged and young readers, tell you what. Let's have all your memories and experiences and comments on our wonderful public education system, military recruiters on campus, what is laughingly referred to as "race relations," etc. Just how bad is it nowadays? E-mail me your stories at nwnet@earthlink.net or else to harold_covington@hotmail.com and I will publish your accounts on this blog (no negroid obscenities, please, as tempting as I know it is some time to fall back on them.) - HAC]

Friday, May 26, 2006

Take The Ceausescu Challenge!

[I considered running this with all kinds of caveats and disclaimers, but what the hell? The author probably intended this as comedy, but there's many a true word in jest. It's not likely to incite anyone to violence, since American White males don't fight any more, they write their Congressman or bitch to a radio talk show host or hire a lawyer to file a malicious lawsuit.

I figure that once--just once--I am going to publish what everybody in this country with any remaining sense of decency truly feels in their heart, no matter what their race or political persuasion. I'll probably get all kinds of flak---so what else is new? Enjoy! - HAC]

Take the Ceausescu Challenge!
by Mustapha Gormsby

The vermin on Capitol Hill are stealing over half of your income, eroding away your rights and taking our country on a fast track to the Third World. These miserable thrice-damned whoresons will never stop unless we stop them! It's time to:


How can we kill them all now? Any way you like. You could hang them, behead them, roast them over an open fire, strangle them with your bare hands (very satisfying), impale them, sell them to a vivisectionist (profitable), run them over with a large vehicle once or with a small vehicle several times, stab them, shoot them, burn them at the stake, string them up with piano wire, chop them up with an axe (don't use your good chef's knife or you could notch the blade), bury them up to their necks near an anthill and pour honey on them, use them for chum when you go shark fishing, or any other method that you can imagine.

The more horrible it is, the better you will feel about it.

Don't we need politicians and bureaucrats for anything?

Nope. They don't even make good firewood, so there's really no good use for them at all. Remember, these people have stolen a substantial part of your income for the last 80 years. They have spent even more than they have stolen, leaving the country with a 5 trillion dollar debt! They have stolen property from innocent people and used the law as an instrument of plunder and tyranny.

Do we need them? No, but they need us. Without us to bleed, they wouldn't be able to live because they are incapable of producing anything for themselves. The miserable bastards don't deserve to live.

Scum! Vicious, conniving, baby-eating vermin! They must die, die, DIE!


What Would We Do Without Them?

Live like free men instead of slaves, that's what. When this country was founded people knew about things like natural rights. Now thesefestering, swilling pigs at the public trough have decided that the people of this country have too much freedom and that it is up to them to curtail it!

BASTARDS!!!!! Who do they think they are? Eighty years ago the budget was small enough to be paid for on what the government collects today even if you got rid of all personal income taxes! But these horrific sons-of-bitches just keep taking and taking as if there was no limit to what we will tolerate.

Is There Any Precedent for Killing Them All Now?

Yes! All over the world and throughout history, people who have suffered at the hands of corrupt politicians have eventually said enough is enough. The French Revolution was a fine example of what to do with politicians out of control. The people of Romania, having suffered under the Communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu for too many years, finally dragged him out into the street and shot him and his Jew bitch-dogslut of a wife through the head, an event which was videotaped and shown on national television to the thunderous cheers of the multitudes and which causes real Americans to heave a sigh of envy.


Are you tired of being told how to live? Of being told what you can and cannot eat, smoke, drink or do with your property? Are you tired of the government taking away your money and spending it on more government? Are you sick and tired of the fact that every time you turn around another thing you enjoy has been outlawed? There's only one solution:


Hurry, before the United States starts looking like Mexico, Brazil or the old Soviet Union. March on your state capitol with pitchforks and torches. Lock the bastards in and burn the place down. Then march on WashingtonD.C. and do the same.

That is where the real evil is. You cannot vote these people out of office, because the new ones you vote in will begin to look like the old ones within just weeks. They are a slime and they spread like malaria. They are a disease! Voting won't do any good. It's time to KILL!

Just The Elected Officials?

No! The number of elected Federal officials is limited to congress, the president and the vice president. That's only 537 people. The Federal bureaucracy numbers in the millions; between the military, the IRS, BATF,CIA, FBI, EPA, DEA, FDA and all of the other bureaus and departments,you've got millions of people who have power over your life and you never elected them! My god, the Post Office!!

Don't let them escape: KILL THEM ALL NOW!

Filthy, horrible, miserable, statist, liberal, feminist, pervert, politically correct, lying, thieving, baby-killing vermin scum!!!!!

If you don't kill them all now there's no telling what they might do to you next. They could use your children to feed starving peasants in India. They could sell your wife or husband to the British to pay off part of their debt. They might turn your children into prostitutes for the government to help continue to fund PBS! Do you want your children to become Barney's whores?!


For most of the 20th century, these stinking, loathsome, festering, boil-ridden, poor excuses for life forms have been bleeding the American people dry.

And not just at home! The government of the United States has screwed over plenty of people around the world. Not only that, but these shifty-eyed, mindless, drooling, horrible, vicious, evil, demonic, flea-bearing, pestilent, snivelling, whining, toadying, child-molesting power mongers are the world's number one cause of apoplexy!!!!!!! They'll steal your children and sacrifice them in bizarre Satanic rituals!

They must be stopped. Voting won't stop them, petitioning won't stop them, ballot initiatives won't stop them.

Bullets will stop them! Baseball bats will stop them! Pitchforks will stop them! Skinning them alive will stop them!

The only thing that will stop them dead is Death!

Isn't Killing Them All Now Kind of Drastic?

No! They signed up for the job. They stole from you, they lied to you, they stole from you some more, they destroyed the town you live in, they caused the increase in crime across the country, Mister Rogers has been brainwashing your children to make blind obedient followers of them! They are evil and they must be killed!

Don't let another day of their depredations go by unchallenged! Kill them all now!

Yours etc. GRE (Mrs.)
Somewhere USA
Have a nice day.

[God, that felt good! - HAC]

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Disappearance of Greenland's Vikings

[Again my profuse apologies for not keeping up the blog. I have gotten into another project over the past several days, and it is incredibly easy to simply forget about these things, and then all of a sudden you look up and four or five days have passed without posting. - HAC]

The Weird Aryan History Series - Lesson #17

The Disappearance of Greenland's Vikings

Over a thousand years ago, the Viking Eric the Red sailed to Greenland around 985 A.D., while in temporary exile from his Iceland home for homicide. He returned to Iceland with fabulous tales of pastures and valuable wild animals in a land he named Greenland.

Twenty-five boats with some 500 people are said to have returned with him, eventually building two settlements on the big island, with typical Norse long houses and enclosed barns, etc. made out of fitted stone, many of which still stand today and some of which are actually still in use.

The exact details are lost to history, but the outlines of this story has been proven true by archeologists this century who have excavated Viking remains at two sites on Greenland's west coast. It needs to be born in mind that the period of Norse settlement was prior to the "Little Ice Age" which set in around the beginning of the fourteenth century, and that in the days of the first Scandinavian settlements, the climate was much warmer even than it is today, (grapes grew in England in those days) and Greenland most likely really was green. The climate was milder and crops could be grown as well as the abundant animal life hunted.

Greenland's two outposts together, called the Eastern Settlement and the Western Settlement, had about 2,500 inhabitants at their peak. For more than 400 years they lived primarily on meat and milk from sheep, goats and cows. Interestingly, for those of us who envision Vikings constantly quaffing ale and mead and whatnot, they had no beer or ale and had to trade for it; what grain was available was far too precious for fermenting and had to be used for food. For wood and iron implements they traded polar bear and caribou skins and walrus hides and tusks. The Greenlanders launched at least one expedition to North America, landing in modern-day Newfoundland and setting up a short-lived colony.

But for a variety of reasons, probably including the devastation of the Black Plague in Europe and a waning interest in Greenland's luxury products, the settlements lost touch with the old country. Recent studies of ice cores from Greenland show that the 15th century, when the colonies probably died out, was a period of climate deterioration across the Atlantic. When the "Little Ice Age" set in around the beginning of 1300, the ice floes from the Arctic pressed in, the sailing season in the northern hemisphere became much shorter, and the seas became more unnavigable and dangerous. Trade and communication with Greenland dropped away. But these researchers say their explanation must be more nuanced than simply: "it got cold and they died." For starters, that wouldn't explain why the Eskimos survived these lean years. It has been proven that human beings, including White men, can if necessary survive and even thrive on an all-meat, high-protein diet, as witness the latest Atkins Diet craze.

But beyond this, for reasons which have always remained mysterious, people in Europe seem simply to have forgotten about Greenland. Various Popes used to agitate their Norwegian bishops to send out priests to the colonies, but it seems volunteers to go off to the far reaches of the earth were kind of scarce and Norwegian church prelates seem to have grown quite adept and avoiding or obfuscating the subject. One gets the impression they just couldn't be bothered. At one stage Greenland falcons were very fashionable among the nobility, but the fashion seems to have changed, and as far as Europe was concerned Greenland seems to have fallen off the edge of the earth. The last known record of the Greenland Vikings was in 1408, when a traveler reported a wedding there. Several centuries later, in 1721, Hans Egede, a Norwegian-born missionary, sought out the colonies. To his surprise, they were gone; this seems to have been the first time anyone noticed that they were gone. It is a mystery that remains unsolved to this day. There is one fascinating story, though, which I have to quote from memory, since it's been years since I've read this.

Greenland was actually re-discovered, independently, by the English sailors John and Sebastian Cabot in the late 15th century, and sometime in the sixteenth century the great Elizabethan sailor and first Arctic explorer Martin Frobisher first arrived. Frobisher recorded in his log that as he and his men came ashore on the rocky beach, they found a dead White man lying there face down, wearing only furs, who had apparently only just died of unknown causes. They buried him and went on to find an empty settlement of stone huts. Did Frobisher and the modern world just miss the last of the Greenlanders by a few hours?

Researchers and history buffs have offered many possible explanations for the disappearance of the Greenland Vikings, including raids by Eskimos or European pirates, assimilation into Eskimo communities and starvation. Modern DNA testing shows no apparently genetic Norse strain in modern Greenland Inuit, though. Neither do the settlement remains show any signs of fire or violence or destruction, although these would not necessarily be present. From the Greenlanders' point of view, one day the ships just--stopped coming. Archaeological excavations which have been carried out in recent yeares on grave tumuli which still dot the rocky hillsides show evidence of physical degeneration due to poor nutrition and inbreeding. The last Greenlanders seem to have been dwarf-like people, sick and often deformed, who dressed in uncured skins, had no metal tools, and could not have fought off the Eskimos.

Ever want a chill down your spine? Envision what life in the Greenland settlements must have been like during the last fifty years or so before the end--completely isolated at the end of the world, always cold and probably starving, always looking to the east over the icy water for the ships that never came.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

"A Feeling That You Had Been Cheated..."

"...Had it always been like this?...Always in your stomach and in your skin there was a kind of protest, a feeling that you had been cheated of something that you had a right to. It was true that he had no memories of anything greatly different...but was it not a sign that this was not the natural order of things, if one's heart sickened at it all?...Why should one feel it to be intolerable unless one had some kind of ancestral memory that things had once been different?" -George Orwell, from 1984

The society George Orwell described in his classic novel was one of Stalinist scarcity, whereas ours today is one of Stalinist abundance. Beyond that, the parallels between the author's fictional Oceania and contemporaryAmerica, becoming sharper and more glaring every year, form one of the most eerie and disturbing prophecies in all literature. Every line is worth absorbing (I read the book through at least once a year), but the section quoted above has always struck a particular chord with me.

All of us feel that way, don't we? All of us in the back of our minds and hearts have an instinctive awareness that we have been cheated of a world and a life that is rightfully ours---a White world. The constant sight of muddy faces on the streets and in the stores; the ever-present gabble of Third World languages which have now become the incessant backdrop of American life; the never-ending, niggling little pressures in the workplace to bow down, to burn the pinch of incense before the altars of political correctness; the twinges of inner sickening at the sodomy and perversion all around us. The cheap, tawdry, empty feel of what passes for culture. The corruption and lies and arrogant disdain for normal people in politics which have become so normal that they long ago ceased to shock and are now merely boring.

This is one of the greatest advantages we have in recruiting others to our cause. The present order of things isn't right. It isn't natural. It shouldn't be, and in the deepest recesses of their hearts every White man and woman in America knows things shouldn't be like this.

Some of us are old enough to remember a better way of life. I myself was born in 1953, a few months before the rot set in with Brown vs. Board ofEducation, but it didn't go bad all at once, and I retain some fleeting childhood memories of what it was really like growing up in themuch-maligned "Old South", to go to school only with other children of my own race and so never have to worry about being beaten and robbed and bullied; the very idea that I could have come to harm at my elementary or junior high school simply never occurred to me or to my parents. The world wasn't like that, then. I only met drugs, integration, arrogant liberalism, lunatic leftism in the form of the SDS and general racial reality when our family moved to Chapel Hill in 1968 and I entered a "racially diverse" high school.

I have also had the immense good fortune to travel. I lived in Rhodesia for almost three years, a privilege I will always be thankful for. There I saw and felt and lived what the past must have been like in the highVictorian summer of the British Empire, when White men ruled the world,before the madness of this terrible century began in August of 1914. In Dublin I learned what it was like to live in a major city and be able to walk anywhere, at any time of day or night, and not worry about being assaulted and murdered because of the color of my skin. How many White people today know what that feels like, to walk around a city and not keep a mental map of the black "no-go" neighborhoods in the back of one's mind all the time, constantly trying to stay oriented so you don't cross the wrong street and face death or mutilation?

I have lived in the West of Ireland and on the Isle of Man, where the stone ruins of our ancestors still stand on every hillside, and I have seen the sea and the rocks and the green land as they saw it, not a billboard or a black face or a McDonald's in sight. I have lived a full glorious English summer in Sussex. At these times my heart has told me without hesitation, "This is how it should be for our people."

What I am fortunate enough to have glimpsed, all of you sense exists, and I can assure you that your instincts do not lie. Yes, the past really was better, far better than today. Yes, Aryan people can indeed achieve peace and happiness and freedom to be what their spirits demand of them, and in a few remaining places in the world it can still happen. Yes, the key is race---our people can never be happy or safe in the enforced, equal presence of the mud people, as one quickly learns by contrasting those wonderful Sussex downs with the squalling hybrid squalor and filth of London's multi-racial East End.

They say you can't miss what you never had, but that's not always the case. We all miss the White world of the past in our very genes. Nature intended us to live in an all-White society, to live and love and mate and nurture our children among their own kind, and only among their own kind. Far more than anything else, an all-White society is our right All other rights spring from that right, and all wrongs spring from the denial of it. No matter how squeaky clean the upper levels of our conscious minds might be washed by the PC thought police, there will always be something in the Aryan spirit that instinctively yearns for that precious White world that we have a right to.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Culture of Death

[from Resistance, #122, July 14th, 1997]

I believe it was Pat Buchanan who first coined the term "the culture of death." It is hardly an original observation to say that we are now living in a complete moral vacuum, but some of the ways in which this fact is demonstrated on a daily basis are sufficient to make anyone with any vestige of personal decency want to vomit.

The latest fad among our Clueless Valley Girls, the female equivalents of Beavis and Butthead, is to kill their illegitimate babies at birth and toss them into the nearest dumpster or garbage can. For some reason this fadseems especially popular in New Jersey; the two most prominent examples have occurred there. True, one of the girls involved was Jewish, Amy Grossberg, but the father of the child was White and should have known better. Apparently the wretched Melissa Drexler, who had her baby in the girls' bathroom during her senior prom and then returned to the dance floor after dropping the little corpse into the trash can, is a Gentile.

At the other end of the scale, Dr. Jack Kevorkian has whacked out another couple of elderly women "patients". After his latest acquittal any pretense of using the law to stop Kevorkian has now come to a halt and he will be allowed to go his bloody way unmolested. He's killed how many, now? Fifty people? No one really knows, but "Doctor Death" has racked up a string of notches on his gun, so to speak, which surpasses the total of most Mafia hit men.

I always find it ironic that we National Socialists are accused of advocating genocide, being mass murderers, denying the humanity of our alleged victims, etc. We now live in a society, created by fifty years of liberal democracy and political correctness, which accepts and indeed encourages the deliberate death of certain people who have been officially designated as useless, or in the case of fetal infants, have been declared as not human at all but "pieces of tissue".

These "kids without conscience", as People magazine calls them—-girls who throw newborn babies in the trash can, brain-dead teenage thugs who murder their parents over a video game, etc.—-are the logical product of the world which liberal democracy, political correctness, and soulless Judaic materialism have created. The father as breadwinner and head of the household has virtually vanished, hence removing the main source of moral guidance and discipline from the home. Even when there are two parents, both must work in order to maintain the middle-class lifestyle which they have been taught they have a "right" to, and both are too tired to bother with their children at the end of a day’s rat race.

They have been called "latch-key kids", kids who come home after school to an empty house and who have been raised by the TV and the computer. The result is skyrocketing teen suicide rates, drug addiction, aimless waste of young lives, and dead babies in garbage cans at the senior prom.

"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle ofstrength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Constitutional Commentary #13

from Cinda in Washington

[Cinda's comments in red. Mine in blue. - HAC]

Article III. Citizenship in the Republic, as opposed to residence, to include exercise of the franchise and participation in government and the political process, shall not be automatically conferred at birth, or through racial identity alone. Citizenship is to be earned through responsibility fulfilled.

[This is great. We should required to get up off our butts and do something.]

Article IV. - Residence and citizenship in the Northwest Republic shall be restricted, absolutely and for all time, to those persons of unmixed Caucasian racial descent from one of the historic family of European nations, who shall have no known or identifiable non-White ancestry, and no visibly non-White element in their genetic makeup.

[This is great, but how will you ensure that NAR residents have no niggers in the woodpile? DNA testing?]

[All matters of race would be the province of the Bureau of Race and Resettlement. It may be that after a generation or two of unmolested peace where the very existence and survival of the Republic is not in question, if we can achieve that, then we can start a whole big eugenics program and start nit-picking the hell out of racial eugenics. In the first years of our existence, with the entire world going frantic to destroy us and compulsory military service a matter of survival, common sense will have to be the guideline.
Realistically, you know within 30 seconds after meeting someone whether they're White or not. This issue is one of our minefields that we need to avoid getting bogged down in, pardon my mixed metaphors.]

Article VII. - Citizenship in the Northwest American Republic may be legally reduced or revoked by a court of law, by the Bureau of Race and Resettlement, by act of the National Convention, or by decree of the State President, which bodies and authorities may also grant or restore citizenship. Grounds for revocation or reduction of citizenship shall be conviction of a felony, mental defect or insanity, proven non-White racial descent to include Jewish ancestry, willful miscegenation with persons of non-White race, or factual proof of acts of homosexuality.

[(Mental defect) is a little scary. A clear definition might make it less scary. Does it include post-traumatic stress disorder?]

[Mmmmm...okay, to me "mental defect" is one of those obvious things, but I myself have said we need to avoid assuming the obvious in our Constitution lest it not be so obvious to our descendants, so I THINK I see your point. We don't want to end up with some kind of corrupt mental health authority stripping the government's political opponents of citizenship and franchise by calling them "crazy," as much as my brother would like to institute such a system. How about substituting the term "medically certified mental defect?" I mean, someone who thinks he's Napoleon or keeps trying to stab himself with scissors obviously doesn't need to be voting, so there does need to be some proviso here.]

Article III. - This Constitution shall be enforced and interpreted by a standing Constitutional Committee of the National Convention, to whom constitutional issues may be referred for determination by the Convention as a whole, by the executive branch, by state agencies, and by the courts.

[But you said there was no judicial branch?]

[Not a judicial branch of government, no, but there will have to be some basic minimal court system, and there will be occasions when those courts and magistrates (I think we need to get rid of the whole term "judge") will need some kind of ruling or guidance on something's constitutionality. In which case, rather than interpret the Constitution themselves all on their oddy knocky however the spirit or their own prejudices move them, like we have under today's screwed-up system, the magistrates go to the legislative branch and they ask.]

Article VII. - The chief executive of the Northwest American Republic shall be the State President, who shall be a first-class citizen and Party member not less than thirty-five years of age and a military veteran.

[Good! Important!]

3) The State President shall serve as chief magistrate of the Republic and shall exercise full and final recourse over all actions and decisions of the judicial system and the National Honor Court, specifically including the power of full or partial pardon and/or commutation of any sentence of death, confinement, corporal punishment, loss of citizenship, or exile, with the following exception: the State President may not overrule any jury or other court verdict of not guilty, not proven, or other acquittal in any criminal case.

[So the judicial system is part of the executive branch of government?]

[No, the judicial system--a necessary evil which needs to be kept on a tight rein--is subject to the supervision and control of the executive and legislative branches. There is a difference. Under the Republic a court of law will basically be a forum for determining facts and finding out the truth, a la David Tate, not a power or authority in itself or a vehicle to allow left-wing bureaucrats and ideologues to tamper with the state and destroy people's lives. The President has the power to overturn what he sees as an unjust conviction. He cannot overturn or overrule an acquittal, thus tilting the machinery of justice clearly in favor of the defendant, as it should be.]

Article XI. - The President of the Republic shall serve a single term of six years in office, and may not be re-elected to the office of President for two consecutive terms.

[But can serve non-consecutive terms?]


Article XVII. - All members of the national constituent assembly shall enjoy full parliamentary privilege and immunity from any arrest, prosecution, or investigation in connection with their official duties as members of the assembly or in connection with any written or oral communication, public or private, in connection with their official duties.

[But they are not immune from arrest, etc. for suspected crimes unconnected to official duties, right?]

[No. As naive as this sounds, I would hope that this situation never arises, but if some deputy to the Convention is found in the act of strangling his wife or robbing a liquor store, yes, he can be arrested. In actual practice what would probably develop would be that the Guard would come to the Speaker of the Convention or a government minister and say, "Hey, we have evidence that Deputy John Jones has been doing this, that, and the other thing, and we want to arrest him," and there will be a procedure in the Convention for waiving a deputy's immunity in such a case.]

3) A presidential veto of all or part of any bill may be overridden and shall become law on a majority vote of the National Convention in full session.

[Nice balance of power, but I hope this doesn't happen often.]

Article VI. - In order to instill and maintain the highest standards of personal courtesy, deliberation, maturity, integrity and courage in the manhood of the Republic, the State President in his capacity as chief magistrate shall establish and supervise a National Honor Court. The said body shall in turn create and enforce all necessary regulations, procedures, and protocols for the resolution of personal differences between individual male residents and citizens of the Republic, up to and including private combat by mutual consent, in accordance with the ancient and historic traditions and practices of the European family of nations.

[Oh, this is really interesting.]

[I've been wondering when someone would pick up on it. I think we all know that a large part of today's everyday problems come from the large number of assholes who are running around loose in society, usually with bits and pieces of petty power that the present system has given them over other people's lives, and with a blank check to disrespect and bully and mess with other people with no fear of the consequences. That needs to change. There needs to be some way of enforcing basic courtesy. There needs to be some way to convey a message to those with this character defect: don't disrespect people, because you may be held responsible. There needs to be some penalty for being an asshole. There isn't any in this society, and that is a very large part of our problem.]

Article I. - Whereas an armed population is the most basic essential for the preservation of life, liberty, and the prevention of oppression and tyranny, and whereas the possession and use of arms is the most ancient birthright and proudest mark of the free man down through human history, all citizens and residents of the Northwest American Republic shall enjoy the right to keep and to bear firearms and other personal arms for defense of the state and of their lives and property.


SECTION FOUR - Bill of Responsibilities

[Thank you! I hate to see rights without responsibilities!]

Article I. - All able-bodied male residents and citizens of the Northwest American Republic must serve a basic term of active duty in the armed forces and a set term in the reserves.

[Why not define the term?]

[Because the military needs of the Republic may change. The actual details of conscription need to be a matter for the military and the political authorities to work out according to the strategic and tactical situations in which the Republic finds itself. For example, if memory serves, in Napoleonic days the navy used "pressed" men but the army was always volunteer. In World War Two and Korea, if memory serves, they drafted the army but the navy was all volunteer. Czarist Russia drafted men for 25 years, which is a bit steep. Now Jug-Ears is offering eighteen-month enlistments to try and entice these poor dumb kids over to Iraq. (They apparently have never heard of "stop-loss"; once they sign those papers they're in the army as long as Jug and his Jewish neo-con friends want them.) Anyway, military matters should be left as much as possible to the military. We see where our much-vaunted "civilian control" of the military has gotten Britain and the United States.]

Article V. - No citizen, resident, corporation, institution, or government body or authority shall charge any form of interest, premium, or any other form of fee or bonus for any loan of money.

[But the lender can get reward as described in your 14th century economics lesson?]

[Yes. For someone to say, "I'll lend you ten thousand bucks to build your widget factory, but at the end of one year you pay me back twenty thousand no matter what," is usury and would be unconstitutional. To say "I'll kick in ten thousand bucks now, and for that I want half of the net profits for three years once you produce the widgets" would be investment as opposed to usury and legal, because it would be based on the production and sale of widgets or other actual economic activity, not just money making more money.]

Article VI. - No citizen or resident of the Northwest American Republic may accept any monetary emolument, fee, gift, or anything of value for performing the function of a priest or minister of religion.

[How do they keep food on the table?]

[They get a job like everybody else, possibly in the guy above's widget factory, for 40 hours a week or however long the Republic's work week is, and they're priests or preachers on Sundays and after hours.

The purpose of this provision in the Constitution is to eliminate an entire class of people who have been with us and causing infinite trouble for centuries--a permanent, professional priesthood, what the Mormons call "priestcraft." It is not an original observation with me that mankind's religious troubles don't come from religion, they come from theology. The problem is the organized church, not the belief systems in Roman Catholicism or Lutheranism or whatever. The Church and its collection plate, allowing it to accumulate property and become a major employer and to thus become a political player, to use the spiritual hold it has over people as a political and social weapon.

No, no, no, no, no. Just as every State must have and maintain a credible monopoly of armed force, the State must have a credible monopoly of spiritual force as well. This business that started back in the days of medieval popes and King Henry the Eighth etc. needs to be finally settled--the church is to be subordinate to the state, not vice versa. Freedom of conscience, fine. Meddling in politics and statecraft and social engineering in the name of freedom of conscience, not.

The way to do this is simple, and we don't need to burn anyone at the stake. Take away the preachers' collection plate. Remove all element of profit from the practice of any priestly or missionary office, so that if a man or woman elects to become a priest or priestess or High Druid or whatever they're doing it because of belief, not for the contents of the collection plate. Eliminate a professional clergy and you have a recipe for countless generations of social peace.

Oh--and tax Church property. As King Philip the Fair and Henry the Eighth demonstrated, that takes the wind out of their sails quite handily.]

Monday, May 15, 2006

Gesualdo: Genius and Murderer (1560? - 1613)

The Weird Aryan History Series - Lesson #12

Don Carlo Gesualdo (c.1560 - 1613)

Italian composer. Born of a noble Neapolitan family (he became Prince of Venosa), he probably studied music with Pomponio Nenna.

Gesualdo's output consists of six volumes of five-part madrigals, published from 1594; two books of what became known as polyphonic motets and one of responsories; and a few keyboard works. Though from the south, he is linked by his visits to Ferrara and his friendship with Tasso with the 'mannerist' madrigalists of northern Italy. Wayward harmonies in his earlier madrigals develop, in his later ones, into wild and passionate juxtapositions of fast and slow motion, and of total and extremely chromatic harmony. [I myself have some of his music and it sounds very weird and haunting, even today. - HAC]

One musical commentator wrote "These violent contrasts seem to reflect Gesualdo's neurotic personality; from a stylistic viewpoint his harmonic experiments are more the ultimate outcome of sixteenth century harmonic vocabulary than prophetic of the music that was to come; it was only in the eccentricity of his melodic lines that some monodists followed ." In his lifetime, Gesualdo's music was so odd that it was considered proof that he was insane.

Another of Gesualdo's biographers wrote, "Temperamentally he was given to excess, and the sensational murder of his first wife and her lover in 1590 was one of the great sixteenth century musical scandals."

Er...that's one way to put it, yes. Warning: some really raunchy stuff follows.

Don Carlo Gesualdo was rich, artistic, and - as the second son of a noble Neapolitan family - free to indulge his passion for music. But disaster struck: his brother died, and it was decreed that he must carry on the line. The bride found for him - Donna Maria d'Avalos - was his cousin, and the greatest beauty in town. Older and more experienced, she had already sent two husbands to their graves (one, it is rumoured, from "an excess of connubial bliss.") The marriage between the two of them would have been roughly similar to a marriage between Anna Nicole Smith and Bill Gates, if Gates turned out to be a homicidal maniac.

Gesualdo sired several children, after which he lost interest in sex. But it still interested his wife. One day his uncle told him she was brazenly enjoying a rip-roaring affair with the handsome Duke of Andria, and that whenever possible they would "invite each other to battle on the fields of love", sometimes even in his house. Alerted to the fact that Gesualdo knew about the affair, the Duke tried to persuade Donna Maria that they must end the liaison, but she said she'd rather die. As it turned out, that could be arranged.

Thus was the scene set for Don Carlo's historic act. It was kind of the O. J. Simpson case of Renaissance Italy, without the racial angle.

One night in April of 1590, Gesualdo pulled the old stunt of pretending to leave home on a business trip and came home "unexpectedly" to his castle or villa around midnight to find the two of them together in his marital bed. There are a number of versions of what followed, all of them bizarre and scandalous.

According to one account, Gesualdo did not even enter the room, but sent in some hired thugs of the kind that were a dime a dozen in Naples to do the deed, and they simply hacked the nude couple to death in the bed, with a couple of pistol shots to finish them off.

According to another version, the doomed lovers had some warning and the Duke attempted to escape out the window dressed in the Princess's clothes, most chivalrously leaving Maria behind to face the music. But Gesualdo and his goons dragged him back in, stabbed and shot him to death, tossed the body out the window, and Gesualdo then whiled away the hours until dawn torturing his wife to death with "unspeakable practices," primly left to the imagination by the chroniclers of the time.

Some contemporary accounts have him disemboweling her, some have her both disemboweled and slit at the throat Jack the Ripper style. Another persistent story (they had no National Enquirer back then but the gossip was just as hot) had the monks who were supposed to be chanting Maria's funeral mass ravished her corpse because of her fetching good looks (really, no kidding).

In any event, after he finished murdering his wife, Gesualdo went to the nursery, killed his youngest infant by bashing his head against the wall because Gesualdo suspected the child's paternity, and then killed a nanny who tried to stop him from despatching the oldest boy as well. At this point Gesualdo's servants and a priest restrained him from killing the little boy, pointing out that this was the family heir and hadn't he done enough murdering for one night? Or words to that effect. It should be pointed out that under the moral and legal code of the time, having caught his wife and her toy boy in flagrante delicto, Gesualdo was entirely entitled to do what he did and no one in high society blamed him for the actual killings. They did sneer at his alleged cowardice in having his hired bravos do the actual wet work.

As odd as it may seem, four years later Gesualdo found another noble lady willing to marry him, Eleonora d'Este of the ruling house of Ferrara, and she apparently stepped out on him as well, this time with her stepbrother who was a priest. Gesualdo seems to have mellowed with age; this time he merely had the stepbrother's throat cut and dumped his body in a nearby river, and locked Eleonora up in one of his rural castles.

Gesualdo's music, highly progressive in terms of harmony, imagine Wagner or Hugo Wolf in madrigal form, has often been connected to the composer's dark side. He eventually went insane with guilt over his deed, and in particular was perpetually constipated because of latent then overt horror over how he killed his wife. (Well, so the gossips say.) The actual cause of death was blood poisoning due to this contant state of constipation. (Actually, this is somewhat similar to how Elvis died on the crapper at Gracelands, and in a sense Gesualdo's music was so avant-garde he was kind of the Elvis of the sixteenth century. Maybe it's an occupational hazard for musicians.)

You can still buy Gesualdo's music on CD through Amazon or in any good music store. Check it out if you're into medieval and Renaissance chant and song.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

America's Peasants

One of my hobbies is medieval history. Some years ago I was reading a scholarly volume on the Middle Ages when I came across a translation of a textbook or primer used to teach children of the nobility to read, kind of a fourteenth-century "See Dick And Jane" kind of thing.

The book described all the various people who existed in the medieval world and their functions: the king rules by divine right, the baron gives justice and protection to his people, the knight does deeds of valor for his lady love, the priest intercedes with God for the souls of men, the merchant brings goodies from foreign lands. It continued on down to the tradesmen such as the weavers, the butchers and bakers and so forth, you get the picture.

At the very end was a single sentence thrown in almost as an afterthought which described people who in those days were at least 90% of the entire population. It was a phrase which has stuck in my mind from that day to this: "And the peasant works so that all may eat."

I can think of no better way to describe the role of the White man today, and many White women excluding the artificial affirmative action-created female managerial class. We are peasants.Our function in this society is simple. The peasant labors so that all may eat. White men build and drive the trucks that deliver the consumer goods, manufacture and package the junk food, maintain the power plants that keep the air conditioners and televisions running, cut down the trees and make the paper which keeps the bureaucracy going. White police and soldiers loyally carry the guns and pull the triggers for ZOG, everywhere in the world.

Above all,White men pay the overwhelming bulk of the taxes which keep the whole rotten system afloat.

We are serfs on the great worldwide consumer plantation, producing the wealth and keeping everything going while our multifarious masters sit on the veranda eating and drinking the products of our labor and spinning their pointless little intrigues. Like all peasants, we have no place in the political process. Our role is to work so that all may eat, accept with gratitude such consumer goodies as our betters see fit to fill our bowls with, shuffle, tap dance, tug the forelock, vote the way we are told to vote by our natural superiors the liberals, and apply our lips in the prescribed manner to whatever derrières are presented to us. Finally, we must keep our minds squeaky clean of any impure doubt or racist thought.

But peasants have been known to revolt. Think guillotine, my brothers, with a pile of heads on the Capitol steps higher than Tamerlane’s. Think gallows on the White House lawn, with rows of bodies in thousand-dollar suits with pedicured toes turning slowly in the wind. The French did it. The Russians did it. The Germans did it. Even the Iraqis and Iranians did it. So will we.

"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken,and its mantle of strength descends upon those in itsservice." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Northwest Trilogy Blog


At the risk of seeming conceited, I'd like to give another plug to the Northwest Trilogy blog:


This is not mine. This was created and is run by a young comrade of ours and I deeply appreciate the effort he's put into it. Giving him occasional plugs is the least I can do.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Revisionists Do Not Fear Prison Or Death

Siegfried Verbeke - released after nine months in Heidelberg prison.

Belgium's and Europe's Revisionist Powerhouse


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Keep Coolly Cool, Boys


A quick comment on the Induhvidual who apparently mailed or e-mailed "hate mail" to the Viking Fest's negroid queen.

I imagine it was just some pissed off Swedish or Norwegian descended person, and of course he had reason enough for outrage--but I would almost be willing to lay money that the perpetrator was drunk when he did it. A huge percentage of all so-called "hate crimes" committed by White males are done under the influence of Dutch courage, when guys get silly and don't have any more sense than to say out loud what so many are thinking--thus letting their mouths write checks their asses can't cash, and playing into the enemy hands.

Yeah, it might be some kind of Jew provocation, but you know it most likely isn't. It was most likely some ordinary guy who has trouble with his hands--they keep raising a can of beer or a glass of whiskey to his lips. This has all the hallmarks of somebody getting a snootful and letting his mouth run without the brain being engaged. I've seen it happen umpteen times before.

I am not attempting to impose any kind of Prohibition on the Northwest Movement. The whole American experience from 1920 to 1933 proves that Prohibition is simply unenforceable. Those who are going to drink are going to drink no matter what, and I accept that.

But we need to start getting our act together, people, and we need to decide in our own minds that our race and our children and our future are more important than what's in that can or that glass.

We have very few weapons against ZOG except our brains, and they need to be kept clean and clear. Overall, we need to follow the advice of Riff from West Side Story:

Boy, boy, crazy boy,
Get cool, boy!
Got a rocket in your pocket,
Keep coolly cool, boy!
Don't get hot,
'Cause man, you got
Some high times ahead.
Take it slow and Daddy-O,
You can live it up and die in bed!

Boy, boy, crazy boy!
Stay loose, boy!
Breeze it, buzz it, easy does it.
Turn off the juice, boy!
Go man, go,
But not like a yo-yo schoolboy.
Just play it cool, boy,
Real cool!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pat Robertson Gets $50 Million Wrist Slap

[Found this lying around from last January. Still seems topical. - HAC]

Pat Robertson is a good shabazz goy, usually, but every now and then he shows indications that he doesn't get it. Protestant Evangelicalism was put on earth to serve the Jews, just like everything and everyone else was put here to serve the Jews, and not vice versa. Recently the Chosen Ones had to rap Robertson firmly on the knuckles with a ruler. Or rather, on his wallet, which hurt the blow-dried bird-brain much worse.

Israel is pulling out of a $50 million deal with US TV evangelist Pat Robertson after he said Ariel Sharon's stroke was divine retribution for Sharon's purely military decision to pull out of Gaza, which had become no longer defensible and which was draining even the almost limitless U. S. taxpayer-provided funds of the Israel Defense Force dry.

Robertson was planning on building a Heritage USA style "Biblical Theme Park" by the shores of the Sea of Galilee in occupied Palestine, complete with waterslide and souvenir shop. In addition to the rides it would have had a park, an auditorium, a Holy Land exhibition, (why would anyone need to pay money to see a "Holy Land Exhibition" with the real thing right outside?), outdoor amphitheaters, an information centre and a media studio for fund-raising telethons.

This monument of blasphemy was to be called Galilee World Heritage Park. The garish, Miami Beach-style resort was expected to cover nearly 35 acres (14 hectares) north-east of the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus is believed to have delivered the Sermon on the Mount. (It's a good thing Christ rose from his tomb on the third day, because if he hadn't he'd be rolling over in it now.)

Once the theme park was completed, all the dumb-ass overweight Amurrican evangelicals could fly halfway around the world to be relieved of their excess cash in the Holy Land itself, instead of toddling down the road to the local Six Flags.

But now the Israeli government is denying him the necessary financing and building permits, for the time being, at least until Robertson repents and crawls on his knees to Yehudi. (The Jews call this doing T'Shuvah, the ritual groveling of a Gentile begging the hebes' forgiveness for real or imagined transgressions.) Tourism Ministry spokesman Ido Hartuv said Israel would not sign a contract with Mr Robertson to build his new Temple of Mammon, possibly on the site of one of the real things from past epochs.

The irony is, Robertson's assertion that Sharon's paralyzing stroke may be the Almighty's way of finally getting a grip on the vicious old fat man, may actually be one of the few Biblically or theologically valid pronouncements Robertson has ever made. No doubt after a suitable period of sackcloth and ashes and revolting kissage of kosher tush, Robertson will get his land and his permits. After all, there are shekels to be made, literally. (The Israeli currency unit is called the shekel.)

Jay Leno, a popular US Late night talk show host said the other night that Pat Robertson had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Leno quipped that was God's retribution for Pat Robertson "for being a pain in the ass."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Walking While White

by Angry White Female

In Boulder, Colorado on August 29,1999, the media reported a "college student" had been the victim of an Asian gang rape. The race of the college student was not released until the trial, which is ongoing as I write. For some reason, the Kings of Tolerance and their media cohorts,along with the police department and Boulder prosecutors suppressed the information. I knew the victim was a kinswoman because a racial issue was not made of the atrocity.

Low and behold, two of the six (thankfully, one killed himself) perpetrators are being charged with "1st degree sexual assault and kidnapping" which means they will serve less time than a White male convicted of the same race crime.
I am not jumping the gun here in calling this a hate crime, the perpetrators have admitted the motive was racial. The victim was walking alone at 3 am on Canyon Blvd., when she was spotted by the yellow racists and forced into a minivan. There, she was forced to suck one of the racists' penises. She briefly escaped, then was tackled on the ground, while all the men started "screaming at her, calling her names and hitting her." I have to wonder if the "names" were actually racial slurs, which I am 99% positive they were. She was then put in a headlock and drug back into the van and raped repeatedly. It was a "free-for-all" according to a detective on the case. "The suspects in the rape of a University of Colorado student targeted her because one of them wanted to have sex with a white woman" according to testimony reported in the Inside Denver newspaper.

Conspiracy of Silence

The victim was afraid of retribution, so she didn't testify. There was no White community there to support her and give her the courage to testify, nor did the civil rights groups offer her any support or plan marches for racial tolerance on her behalf. They hate White people, and if they cannot say it outright, they show us through their inaction and deafening silence.

The yellow supremacists put the barrel of a gun to her head and threatened to "cut and burn her" if she squealed on them. In my opinion, the entire police department, the prosecutors, the reporters and the Governor of Colorado engaged in a cover-up to protect the racist perpetrators from being charged with the hate crime, rather than giving full justice to the victim. The denial of justice was clearly based solely upon her race.

I expect this kind of anti-White activity, since it is so common. What is outrageous and intolerable is the "code of silence" regarding the racist motive (and against someone from an alleged protected class) that led to this brutal, racially motivated gang rape. The code of silence was perpetrated by those we pay to protect us equally under the law. For the civil rights groups and law enforcement, it must have been like the dilemma wildlife managers face when one endangered species is eating another. White women have clearly been put in the "less equal" category, that of a frog.

If the victim had been yellow and the perpetrator White, here is what would have happened:

1) At the onset, "civil rights" groups would have demanded to know the race of the victim and it would have sparked a nationwide media campaign against hateful, White males.

2) New laws would have been debated nationally on behalf of minority women.

3) The words "racially motivated," "racism," "hate," "White supremacist," and "tolerance" would have become buzz words and the media would have freely employed all of them, creating a new wave of hate, hysteria and retribution against White males.

4) The perpetrators all would have been charged with hate crime, their sentences doubled.

5) The race of the victim would have been used in all subsequent newspaper reports, instead of "college student."

6) The race crime would have been mentioned on a monthly basis for the next five years whenever the issue of hate crimes and laws was raised.

Rape As A Hate Crime?

There is another dilemma with this kind of crime, for us. If rape is added to the list of hate crimes, as it has been in California, racially motivated rapes against White women will go down as a gender crime, further skewing and distorting the fact that the vast, vast majority of interracial rapes are minority on White. Whites choose black victims just 2% of the time. Due to F.B.I. statistical compilation methods, I do not know the national percentage of "other" on an ethnic basis, but on a local level, White perpetrated hate crimes are well below our proportion of the population.

The Silenced Majority

Apparently, it is a "free for all" against my kinswomen, and Whites, who have become the "Pillsbury Dough People," ready to be pinched, kneaded and rolled over because the are too intimidated to protest. No one else will speak out in favor of the "silenced majority" since we have been projected into the racial heretic role.

They have us over a barrel and depend upon our silence to keep us "in our place." Thus far, we are meekly complying.

Perhaps the biggest problem for us, and the reason so many are learning to "hate" is the fact that "civil rights" groups routinely ignore these types of crimes, and don't even protest when we are victims, as if they are "paying us back" for something with their silence and selective indignation.

I submit that no innocent person of any race should be excluded in practice from equal protection under the law, but I have been forced to face the fact that European-Americans are discriminated against by the very people who are paid to protect our civil rights. It is clear Whites must now face the threats, emotional extortion, racial intimidation and community blackballing that occurs when we form race-based groups.

We have no other choice but to face the fact that our civil rights are being violated under the guise of equality and tolerance. We need funding and lawyers to challenge the systematic denial of equal protection under the 14th amendment of heterosexual Whites in the prosecution of hate crimes.

The Anti-White Establishment

The current civil rights regime is made up of anti-White hatemongers bent on racial revenge-who make a whole lot of money reinforcing (through selective outrage) the stereotype that Whites are the only race that can hate, and the only race exempt from victimhood.

In fact, we are far less likely as a race to commit hate crimes (rate wise), even with 90% of all Brown perpetrators listed as "White" in the FBI hate crimes perpetrator column. Another 90% is the number of interracial crimes committed by those classified as "black." The facts do not support the stereotype of the inherent White hater, and anyone who tries to expose this will be blackballed and called a neo-Nazi.

We shouldn't let that deter us, for if we do, things will get much worse for us. It is time to become intolerant of the pogroms. If we don't our children will have it twice as bad as we do.

A Call to Action

What the anti-White hatemongers expect (and profit emotionally and financially from) is our silence, our adherence to liberal taboos and fears of name-calling and ostracism.

Unless we want a race war, I suggest that whenever a crime such as this occurs, the immediate neighborhood be pelted with non-racist literature asking open-ended questions and pointing out the double-standards in the classifying and prosecution of hate crimes, complete with Justice Department data that shows White heterosexual victims receive no justice.

A straight news report of the crime should be attached to the plea for equal protection. We should attempt to gain enough support to have civil rights rallies/marches and demand that we be protected equally under the law. Minority neighborhoods should not be leafleted, since that will put the volunteer's safety at risk, as anyone who has ever lived in a minority-majority neighborhood knows. It is imperative that anti-minority literature NOT be distributed since it would classify all concerned parties as exploiting the issue to promote racism. That is their ace in the hole. If one White racist can be connected to the distribution of European-American civil rights issues, other Whites will be intimidated into remaining silent and the whole effort will be neutralized.

Realism, Not Racism

As a European-American woman, I know what it means to live with the threat of racially motivated gang rape.

There have been two very serious instances in my life where I have had to make the right decision to save myself. Both occurred while walking alone after dark. The first time, I was in my late teens. I was walking past a group of black men and they ogled me until after I had passed them. Then one yelled "Hey baby, give me some of that White pussy." Luckily, there was a lighted area nearby, which I rushed to.

The other occasion happened two years ago. I was followed by a group of brown males while walking. I had to increase my speed and take many turns in an effort to lose them. They followed me for about a mile, until I walked to an area with lighted homes and pretended to walk up to one of them.

I have never been threatened in this manner by White men, despite spending my early teen years in a mostly White neighborhood, and associating mainly with White men. Living in a "diverse" neighborhood has taught me to never leave my house alone at night. Anti-White racism is a reality I and many other single, "economically deprived" White women have to live with.

I hear about racially motivated crimes often, thanks to White civil rights activists across the country. I know I am not alone and I want other White women to know they are not alone and it is not their imagination or "subconscious racism."

Be assured that the only way for us to get this anti-White hate crime information is through our own networks. The ADL and other anti-White-gentile groups are presently working to make sure the web sites that expose hate crimes against Eurofolk are shut down. I understand some of them actually do promote hatred, but the true intent is to prevent a White community from forming in defense of their folk. If we are vigilant and form our own non-racist civil rights groups, we will prevail. The power unity is awesome, and is the key to securing a safe future for our kinsmen and women in a society hostile to us. United, we will never again be road kill exposed to vulturous predation against our bodies.

Dead White Males

I appeal especially to my kinswomen. Our "Angry White males" have been disinherited, disempowered, slandered, libeled and spat upon by all in society. They are now "dead White males" in a figurative sense. We as European-American women are the next target, since the majority of our menfolk have been spiritually, emotionally and mentally neutralized. Slowly but surely, we women and economically disadvantaged Whites are being taken out of the protected class, now that we have served our purpose in neutralizing the only barrier they thought they had to committing slow genocide against us, the men of our tribe.

WE must take a stand, like the feisty frontiers women in the pioneer days who guarded their homesteads while the men were away. It is up to us to have the courage of our revolutionary ancestors and those "dead White males" of our ancestral homelands who gave their lives to protect the folk from ethnic cleansing.

Ladies, Do Not Be A "Sitting Swan."

The Kings of Tolerance and their lapdog ruling class have taught White women that regular safety precautions are racist. It is now "prejudicial" and an unforgivable thought crime to assume you could be raped by blacks or gangs of yellows or browns if walking alone at night in a "bad" neighborhood, despite statistical data on interracial and multi-assailant crime.

As a precaution, I must insist that White women do not walk the streets alone at night or expose themselves by drinking in unprotected circumstances or using drugs. White women should not walk in dark parking lots or any unpopulated area without an escort (or Smith and Wesson).

We should be as well armed as the law allows. If you cannot get a concealed weapons permit, carry a knife within the legal size, oven cleaner, pepper spray or a large auto club or magnalite in your vehicles. The knife and magnalite should always be on your person, for both are necessary in total darkness. If a criminal sees you have a magnalite, that may deter them from choosing you as a victim, knowing the magnalite serves the dual purposes of lighting and weapon. If you are attacked and forced to use your weapon, do not use racial slurs (i.e. don't call your attacker a wet back) or you will be charged with a hate crime. If he calls you a White whore, he will probably not be charged with hate crime, unless you make a public scene. I suggest you do just that, even if you have to harass the authorities and threaten a lawsuit. All racial intimidation and racist vandalism should be reported.

There is a syllabus available through "Resisting Defamation" that lists all racial slurs used against us. Many, like "redneck," which we have been trained to think are just slang, are actually racial attacks of a very serious nature, and are often employed during acts of violence against us. We must pressure police departments to question White victims in the same manner as others and probe the backgrounds of the perpetrators to determine their racist activities or past usage of racial slurs against Whites. Equality is what we are aiming for here.

We have a problem in our community with under reporting of these hate crimes. Whites are convinced hate crimes laws serve only the non-White population and we need to change that misconception so happily reinforced by our enemies in the anti-White disempowerment movement. A European-American hate crimes committee may soon be formed to take complaints. If a minority is charged with hate crime, the prosecutor and law enforcement will be pressured politically to suppress the racial motive, as we have seen in countless cases recently. Pressure must be applied to counter this kind of hateful and racially-motivated meddling.

A Last Word of Advice

If at all possible, if you are poor and White, leave the city and move to a rural town. Remember, you live in reality, but those in charge of your destiny make too much money to understand your circumstances. The ruling class does not have to face the harassment poor Whites do.

No, no one cares to fund your education, you are the wrong color. Face your circumstances (you are poor, man!) and act for your safety and the safety of your children instead of staying in the city, trying to earn enough money to live in a gated community. Also, support other internal White refugees by giving them a place to stay until they can afford to get established in a new, safe area.

Above all, think White, not brown, black and yellow. Failure to "be White" has led us down the path of racelessness, which has made our people Afro-centric and in utter denial over the lot of their own folk.

"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Back Door Draft

Officially, there is no draft in the United States, and our wonderful neo-con rulers have made a great to-do about promising us that there will be no draft in the future. I doubt this exceedingly, since there is simply no way we could ever voluntarily recruit enough ground troops to occupy Iran and Syria as well as Iraq, which seems to be the neo-cons' mentally disturbed game plan.

However, there is in fact a "back door draft" whereby American soldiers who have completed their enlistments are not being discharged, but simply being told "No, you ain't getting out," and packed on board transport planes back to Iraq. They didn't even do that in Vietnam; once your tour was up, at least your tour was up.

The U.S. Army has forced about 50,000 soldiers to continue serving after their enlistments ended. The official rationale for this involuntary servitude (supposedly banned under the Fourteenth Amendment, as if the Bush administration ever gave a damn about the Constitution) is a legal fig leaf called "stop loss." Efforts thus far to challenge "stop loss" in court have failed; as anyone who has ever served can tell you, when the army genuinely wants something, the army gets it. Period.

This desperate resort to violation of enlistment contracts demonstrates how thinly America's military is stretched in occupying our latest imperial conquests in Iraq and Afghanistan. It could also further complicate efforts to attract new recruits. Nobody in his right mind is going to want to join the Army or the Marines when it's possible you could sign on for three years and end up doing thirty under "stop loss."

This is quite possible, since there seems to be no end to the Middle Eastern imperial adventure in sight. Iran and Syria are clearly next, followed by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon, as well as eventual U. S. participation in the planned mass deportation of Palestinians into the desert.

"As the war in Iraq drags on, the Army is accumulating a collection of problems that cumulatively could call into question the viability of an all-volunteer force," said defence analyst Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute think tank. "When a service has to repeatedly resort to compelling the retention of people who want to leave, you're edging away from the whole notion of volunteerism." Well, du-uh!

Folks, the handwriting is on the wall. The draft is coming back, not only for the purpose of expanding the Oil Empire and making the world safe for Israel, but also as a cure for the coming mass unemployment which is just around the corner due to George Bush's stunning economic incompetence. Just remember: you can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Devil's Footprints

The Weird Aryan History Series - Lesson #11

The Devil''s Footprints

After a dense snowfall on February 7 and 8, 1855, the people of Devonshire, England awoke to find strange footprints throughout their small town. The London Times, on February 16, reported the entire incident in detail.

"Considerable sensation has been evoked in the towns of Topsham, Lympstone, Exmouth, Teignmouth and Dawlish, in the south of Devon, in consequence of the discovery of a vast number of foot-tracks of a most strange and mysterious description. The superstitious go so far as to believe that they are the marks of Satan himself; and that great excitement has been produced among all classes may be judged from the fact that the subject has been descanted on from the pulpit.

"It appears that on Thursday night last there was a very heavy fall of snow in the neighborhood of Exeter and he south of Devon. On the following morning, the inhabitants of the above towns were surprised at discovering the tracks of some strange and mysterious animal, endowed with the power of ubiquity, as the foot-prints were to be seen in all kinds of inaccessible places - on the tops of houses and narrow walls, in gardens and courtyards enclosed by high walls and palings, as well as in open fields. There was hardly a garden in Lympstone where the footprints were not observed.

"The track appeared more like that of a biped than a quadruped, and the steps were generally eight inches in advance of each other. The impressions of the feet closely resembled that of a donkey's shoe, and measured from an inch and a half to (in some instances) two and a half inches across. Here and there it appeared as if cloven, but in the generality of the steps the shoe was continuous, and, from the snow in the center remaining entire, merely showing the outer crest of the foot, it must have been convex.

"The creature seems to have approached the doors of several houses and then to have retreated, but no one has been able to discover the standing or resting point of this mysterious visitor. On Sunday last the Rev. Mr. Musgrave alluded to the subject in his sermon, and suggested the possibility of the footprints being those of a kangaroo; but this could scarcely have been the case, as they were found on both sides of the estuary of the Exe.

At present it remains a mystery, and many superstitious people in the above towns are actually afraid to go outside their doors at night."

Other Reports of Walking Devils

There has been one other recorded sighting of similar tracks, reported by Captain Sir James Clark Ross. The commander of two ships was exploring the South Pole landed on Kerguelen Island around May 1840. The Captain told of finding no animals and simply tracks of a "pong or ass, found by the party detached for surveying purposes..." The men thought the creature may have escaped from a shipwrecked vessel. The men eventually gave up looking for the creature as it passed over a large area of rocks and the tracks were lost. As Rupert Gould asks, "One wonders, if they had 'got a sight of it,' what they would have seen."