Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Whites Headed For Extinction

Sometimes, I can't help but feel pessimistic. I know that I shouldn't and that, rather, I should be out there saying, "Go team!" to my fellow whites. But I'm not so sure that that would do much good, judging by our present situation.
America has been overrun with invaders, and its leaders don't give a damn and won't do anything about it. And the "home team" isn't doing too much about it either.

We (whites, that is) know that there are somewhere between 11 and 20 million illegal alien Mexicans in the U.S. The keyword here is "illegal," just in case you hadn't picked that up. They have invaded our country.

Some of them say that they plan on taking it back, reminding us of how many whites were ruthlessly massacred at the Alamo many years ago.
Others say that we robbed this continent from them--or, as they say in their posters, written in Espanol as they walk down our American streets, "Continente Robado!"

Some also say "Revolucion es la Solucion!" I'm going to let you guesswhat that means translated into English.

They have marches of 500,000 people in our cities, demanding that they be made citizens.

Of course, let's not forget that they'll all instantly qualify for anti-white discrimination masquerading under the euphemism of affirmative action, if allowed citizenship. Won't that be great--up to 20 million more folks who will instantly qualify for affirmative action?

Where are the white folks in response to this?

Well, we talk among each other in hushed tones.

Most of us go to work, you know--supporting with our tax dollars the asinine policies of our so-called leaders. Still, other "leaders" salivate over the potential millions of voters.

Take, for example, the Republicans who probably smoked too much dope in their younger days and think that they'll get some votes for their political pandering, just as they enjoy the cheap labor. And let's not forget the Democrats who think of ways of getting anti-white discrimination lawsuits and, of course, the real vote. Both parties suck--no matter how you look at it.

Meanwhile, we whites are too busy fighting, working, and whining to make a stand--that is, those who aren't too busy shivering in corners, worried about some sobriquet such as "racist" being tossed their way. And isn't it comforting to know that we pay for it all with our tax dollars?

One gentleman, Olaf Childress, editor of the paper The First Freedom, has been working valiantly to get some so-called pro-white groups--and your average American who is just fed up with it all--to make a stand with him, protesting the mass insanity that he and his fellow American whites face. Yet most seem to ignore him.

Why? They didn't think of it first. They don't go bowling together on Sundays. Maybe, he's a different branch of Christianity, or maybe there are some who don't like Christians. Maybe, he asked another pro-white group, and this other pro-white group refuses to be cordial to others due to spilt milk long since gone sour. Perhaps he parts his hair off to the wrong side. I don't know. I really don't. But that's all I can figure.

I made an online video to help promote this event, because I think it would be nice, if for once--just one time--white folks somehow got rid of their pride and back-stabbing and came together to make a stand. You can see the video promo here:http://www.honestmediatoday.com/Invasion.wmv

I guess that's wishful thinking on my part, however, to think that whites could temporarily overcome their differences and stand together. The most number of white folks I've seen mustered together was at Dukefest--a worthwhile meeting but one that should have had tens of thousands, not mere hundreds of people, in participation.

Meanwhile, we've got anti-white discrimination in every facet of American civilization as the result of so-called civil rights rallies of long ago--rallies that resulted in asinine laws that openly discriminate against whites--laws that even prevent blind testing that require such simple concepts as math and English (you know, that language that all Americans were once virtually required to speak in public).

And soon, if things continue on their present trend--with few whites willing to make a stand--20 million illegal aliens will qualify for affirmative action. 20 million more Mexicans might very well get precedence over whites in hiring, loans, testing, etc., ad nauseam. Meanwhile, most whites squabble among themselves.

I wonder what Mexicans would do if 20 million whites walked across their borders with signs that said we were taking Mexico back, and also required affirmative action for whites? The fact is--whites are the only ones so gullible to allow this--in all predominantly white nations across the globe.
Meanwhile, most average whites take some antacid and continue with business as usual, as our leaders graciously tell the invaders, "Sure, we'll give anything you want, and give ourselves a raise while we're at it."

Who cares--at least not enough to make a stand? Or so it seems. I really don't know.

Whites are a distinct minority in the world. There are less than 1 billion whites in a world of 5 billion people, in which it seems all others feel that they must move in to a predominantly white country. Where was our affirmative action? The whites in Santo Domingo were massacred when they became a distinct minority--now known as the ever-so lovely Haiti. Many whites in Rhodesia were massacred when they handed over power--now known as the beautiful Zimbabwe. Currently, while the news conveniently neglects the issue, countless tens of thousands of whites are being brutalized and massacred in South Africa, which also has some new name to it. Perhaps, it's time for America to follow the trend, since most whites won't even stand up for their rights?

In the future, we can all say, "United, we stood; divided, we fell. Adios, amigos." Or we can say, "At least I tried to make a difference, for the betterment of my country."

You choose how the story ends.

-Mark Farrell

[Dear Mark - There is a solution. We have to understand that the Titanic is sinking, the whole ship cannot be saved any longer because we pissed away too much time, and we have to take to the lifeboats. We have to seize a portion of land in the Pacific Northwest and make our own country. We either do that or we perish from the face of the earth. Your choice, guys. - HAC]


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