Friday, April 14, 2006

Surf's Up!

The Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Sir Jonathan Sacks, has warned in a public statement that there is a "tsunami of anti-Semitic hatred" on its way in Europe and America. Well, one can only hope.

Anti-Semitism is society's natural response to the presence of Jews. It is an anti-body to a spiritual infection, and a sign of a society's basic health. A healthy and skeptical anti-Semitism is a sign that a society has not become too stupid to survive.

"Globalization has led some people to see Israel as the cause of all the world's conflicts," Rabbi Sacks told BBC Radio 4's Sunday Programme. Apparently Sir Jonathan shares the common Jewish view that all non-Jews are brainless morons who are incapable of seeing what is right in front of them, specifically the Israeli butchery and innumerable crimes against humanity perpetrated in Israel's name against a defenseless nation.

In point of fact, globalization has nothing to do with it. Many people do see Israel as the cause of most of the world's conflicts--and quite rightly so. Most of the conflict in the world today has largely to do with the attempt of the Jewish people, spanning three generations, to seize a strip of land on the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean which does not belong to them, and to dispossess the rightful owners of that land through murder, expulsion, and genocide.

"Holocaust denial and hatred of Jews is circulating widely in best-selling books and prime time TV," he warned. Excellent. So it should be. The truth about the despicable Holocaust fraud needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

"Islamic militants have used Israel's treatment of Palestinians to rally support for their violent campaigns." Uh--yeah, so? Why shouldn't they, rabbi? If Israel doesn't want their mistreatment of Palestinians to be used against them, have they ever considered maybe not mistreating Palestinians? Or is that concept too revolutionary for them to grasp?

The chief rabbi pointed out that wars in Chechnya, the Philippines and Indonesia would be happening even if Israel did not exist. He said nothing, however, about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which certainly would not be occurring if Israel did not exist. Sir Jonathan also pointedly failed to mention the six wars in the Middle East which have occurred over the past sixty years since Israel's founding, none of which would have taken place if Israel did not exist. Nor did he mention the Gulf War, or the 9/11 attack, or the Munich affair, or any one of the 1001 other bloody events which would not have occurred had Israel not existed.

Rabbi Sacks said "Conflicts around the globe have begun to have uncomfortable repercussions for some Jewish communities in Europe. This is all a kind of tsunami of anti-Semitism which is taking place a long way from this country but (of) which Europe seems unaware."

Oh, I think we're aware of you people, rabbi. And one of these days someone is going to take the Jews down a peg and find out what happens to those who raise their hands against these tyrants, oppressors, and murderers--nothing.

You see, Jewish power isn't anywhere near what it was fifty, or even twenty years ago. We are fast approaching the time when direct and exuberant protest against the Jews and their spiritual poison will once more become possible. Then we'll see how Rabbi Sacks can dance like a Yiddler on the Roof. With the roof on fire.


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