Saturday, April 15, 2006

H. A. Cassandra

Hello Harold,

I'm plodding through A Distant Thunder. Don't get much time to read these days. Once more, your gift of prophecy seems to be becoming apparent.

I've come across the part where Shane tells the interviewer about the anti-poster and stickering laws that put many NVA people in prison. I don't know when you first wrote that, [2004 - HAC] but here in England something called the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act came into force this April.

Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act covers everything from noisy burglar alarms to abandoned shopping trolleys and the perennial problem of litter. Some other powers that came in force Thursday 6th April were restrictions on the distribution of flyers, pamphlets and handouts.

Fly-posting: on the spot fines raised to a maximum of £80 for those caught fly-posting. Fines and clean-up charges can be issued to the beneficiary of the poster.


[So much for "standing for civilization," eh? The land where the whole concept of freedom of speech began has now effectively abolished it with their anti-leaflet laws, "race relations" laws, and "anti-social behavior" court orders. Britain grows to resemble George Orwell's Airstrip One more and more every day. - HAC]


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