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From E. T.

28 March 2006

Hail Harold!

Many thanks, as always, for the historical background material. I enjoyed the article on Dreyfus. It reminded me of a professor who made the pessimistic remark that "people believe what they want to believe, regardless of truth or facts." It appears that the Dreyfus case still has its supporters on both sides.

I tend to accept the items featured in the Wernick article, although there is one dog that did not bark in the night: as I understand, the Western Allies seized the archives of the German War Ministry in toto, according to one source. When they allegedly did that, where and when and under what circumstances, I don't know.

Clearly, the USA has tons of documents at Suitland, MD which were carted off after World War Two, many of which have yet to be translated or even read, as I am led to believe. Surely, the Hitler order for gassing all the Jews will be "discovered" in that mountain of paper some day. Ha!

The plethora of "evidence" surrounding the Dreyfus Case, along with Jewish involvement, reminds me of the growing encrustation of disinformation accruing to the Protocols, as to it being a "forgery" or not. The question never asked is how can a "forgery" bear such a close resemblance to the actual development of history? Henry Ford said of the Protocols, "They fit [the facts.]"

Ford is falsely accused of apologizing for his expensive project involved with denying or affirming the truth of the Protocols, regardless of their origin, The International Jew. Yes, the Protocols do fit the facts regarding Jewish policies, no matter who wrote them. The origins are present in the Old Testament and the Talmud, for the most part, but goyim are usually too dumb to put two and two together.

As Ditlieb Felderer said of the sheeple herded through the Auschwitz Museum, "They are already in a reverent trance when they enter, and exhibits are kept in semi-darkness to enhance the trance, rather than enlighten the viewers so one might ask a question." Ditlieb visited Auschwitz 52 times & took excellent slides of places where normal visitors were not permitted, because the authorities thought he was a Communist and they thought his wife, Philippina, was Vietnamese. (This was during the Vietnam war.)

Actually, Ditlieb was a reformed Jehovah's Witness after discovering that the cult avowed he Holohoax. Ditlieb was so devout that he actually believed bearing false witness was really a sin. His passion for truth got him into a Swedish prison. Thanks to him, we made the video on "Genocide By Propaganda" in Toronto, now suppressed by the Blight Wing, as usual. Some things never seem to change.

Thanks for the download on the post-WWI Red Scare, the Wobblies, et. al. Once again, we must as cui bono? when "anarchist bombs," etc. are discovered. Who funded the stunts? Imagine someone attempting to send bombs through the mail with postage due! Well, there are "useful idiots" as well as agent provocateurs. There are also dysfunctional true believers as we know, or should know, by now.

Cui bono? remains the question to ask, always, before, during, and after a deed of commission or omission. Is it good for Whites? we should always ask. Our present situation proves that most Whites have never asked that question, & still do not do so, in their own interests. Obviously that's why the Jews have succeeded so well, for that is the first question they ask: "Is it good for Jews?"

Thanks also for the biographical article which updates recent adventures or misadventures of the Du Pont family. Ah, can money buy happiness? I tend to agree with a black songstress who opined, "Ah been rich, and ah been po, but rich is better."

The omnipresent ZOG bankster is likely to perpetrate similar violent provocations and roundups of dissidents in the forthcoming crises on the domestic front, as occurred during the ferment following World War One and the advent of Jewish Bolshevism. It's all theme and variations under the direction of the same kosher conductors. It appears that we are listening to the slow build-up in their latest symphony of slaughter. Ravel depicted such a collapse in his La Valse.

American sheeple do not know what is about to hit them, and they do not want to know. Religion was the Russians' opiate, and niggerball is ours, as circuses were to decadent Romans. Now that the U. S. Frankenstein Monster has opened his living quarters to mass invasion from Latin America, there is quite a line-up of contenders. The Hispanic mestizos may rush in first, but the Chinese want North America, and they will likely get it, since they are patient as well as opportunistic. Since they know who they are and who they will be, they can plan in thousand-year terms. That is their chief advantage over us, as I see it.

All the best & ORION!
Eric Thomson


Anonymous Walter Lundergaard said...

Why isn't E. T. on line? If you're going to publish his stuff it would be a great service, Harold.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Gunther Sonderberg said...

Kampgenossen! Your post on NPD, Herzliche NS-Gruesse from Dortmund!

11:17 PM  

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