Monday, April 10, 2006

A Dying Breed

[This is from December, but the subject of Rhodesia came up in another context elsewhere on the Net. I didn't know Don well, and it was many years ago, but I remember that he was a good man and a good soldier, a reminder of all that was good in a land I once called my own. - HAC]

One of Zimbabwe's last remaining white farmers, a 68 year-old man, was strangled and burned to death in an attack inside his home on November 27th. Don Stewart was set attacked before dawn in the bedroom of his fortified homestead near Norton, 25 miles west of Harare (proper name Salisbury.) He was one of the last 300 white farmers left in Zimbabwe. There were 4,000 five years ago.

A gang of kaffirs broke through the roof of the house with axes and crowbars and strangled Mr Stewart in his bed. Then they poured gasoline all over his body and set him on fire.

Don Stewart was a native-born White Rhodesian who knew no other home than the once proud, prosperous, and peaceful land which has been turned into a black-ruled slice of hell by the deranged Marxist Robert Mugabe and his gang of sub-human thugs from the ZANU-PF party. Deranged is a word I use advisedly; the private opinion of most of the international diplomatic community is that Mugabe has indeed gone insane, possibly suffering from tertiary syphilis.

After five years of continuous violence, threats, and intimidation directed against him and his family, Stewart sent his British-born wife Margaret back to England, but remained himself to try to carry on the farm alone. His son, David, worked alongside him on Ingwerati farm and lived a mile away in a cottage. He has also been the target of threats from the ZANU murderers and has been ordered to leave his land.

Zimbabwe's summer rains finally started last week, but few crops have been planted because the kaffirs have murdered, terrorized, and driven all the White farmers off their lands, and native African agriculture is so primitive that it is incapable of feeding the starving nation. In addition to driving the farmers off their land, almost all of the seed grain, ivestock, and agricultural equipment on Zimbabwe's farms have been stolen, in many cases by the police.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's tragic that the low life blacks are actually KILLING THE HAND THAT FEEDS THEM...

I hate to hear this horrid crap. BUT, the only good thing about it is this:

They'll kill off the white farmers then promptly starve to death. I HOPE!

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