Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Constitutional Commentary #12

Subject: Democracy

Dear HAC:

In answer to those who bitch and moan about the one-party state thing, I have looked over the Constitutional Draft and it appears to me that the system your people are designing for the Northwest, with its two institutionalized factions of Government and Opposition, is just as "democratic" as anything that actually exists in the United States Congress or any state legislature today. Possibly more so, since we don't really have even a genuine two party system in this country. You've got your two parties, you just don't call the Democrats and Republicans.

-Joe Czanek


Subject: Unitary State

Greetings, HAC:

I imagine you're going to be getting some flak over the one-party state aspect of government in our new Constitution. Don't worry about it. The United States is effectively a one-party state right now, run by corporate and Jewish interests. The only choice we have is to vote for whichever wealthy, metrosexual individual male or female we choose, either Republican or Democratic. If you don't believe this, you've never tried to get a third party on the ballot in America.

I believe that it is absolutely essential to break the two-party system, and if we can't do that by having many parties like some European countries, then let's just admit we have no intention of allowing anyone other than our own kind to rule and have done with it. At least that we get rid of the hypocrisy which is just about the worst part of our present corrupt and criminal system. Having a so-called multi-party democracy is pointless if you don't actually have multiple parties.

At least under the new Northwest system there is an institutionalized opposition that will (hopefully) actually OPPOSE, whereas one of the main reasons we're in the shitty mess we're in right now is that we have no bona fide opposition party. Whichever one of the clones is in power, Republican or Democrat, the other one hunkers down and cowers like scared rabbits and lets them do whatever the hell they want. The only reason that Bill Clinton was impeached was because he was so personally loathsome that it got to the point where even his own kind couldn't stomach him any more, and even then, they blinked and refused to kick his stanky ass out.

-Bob Summers


Subject: Felony in the Republic To Come

Hmmm. I guess it depends of the felony. Something like a felony assault conviction stemming from a bar fight would be one thing. However, I have no problem with revoking the citizenship of a rapist - not to mention his balls.


Subject: Felony in the Republic To Come

Dear HAC:

A possible solution to help the situation is instead of revoking citizenship, why not just "demote" felons to the lowest rank. This might miss the mark that Rad had in mind but I think there's a need to revoke voting privileges on a criminal basis. And what is more serious than a felon that would leave you capable to revoke? (Assuming treason is still punishable by death)



Subject: Northwest Looking More and More Like It

Dear HAC:

A year ago, I have to admit I was still dubious that the Northwest idea was workable and the way to go. Now I have to admit, it's looking like the only hope we've got left. You're right. There just isn't anything else.

-K. L.


Subject: Kill All The Lawyers?

Dear HAC:

I just thought of something. I believe by not having any professional lawyers or any judiciary/supreme court, we are being over reactive against today's American paradigms. If we create a new nation-state that absolutely excludes nonwhites and Jews, we've really pretty much already eliminated the aforementioned problems.

On a different note, I'd create a very powerful and authoritarian Immigration/Customs/Race and Resettlement agency.

At the top, I'd have an agency called the Bureau for Racial Hygiene, it'd be made up of medical/physical anthropologist (not "cultural anthologists" like all those egalitarian kikes like Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu born Israel Ehrenberg, Gene Weltfisch, etc.) I'd throw in a few historians and linguists too. If we did it right, the border patrol would not need to be so strong since we'd be known (infamous) for being a whites-only, racist place.

-Ken Doig


Subject: Wimmin in the Republic

Dear HAC:

Thanks for printing this [on the Lebensborn.] As a white English speaking South African, it makes me mad when the un-learned public swallow all the propaganda about Hitler and the Germans and their bad beliefs! I only know of all the good ones.



Subject: Long Time No Hear

Dear HAC:

Thanks for putting me back on the list. Also for sending the link to the proposed constitution. Will read it, & then give some input. Have gotten letters (e & regular) from people who have looked it over, some are excited (pleasant sense), not a bit excited (unpleasant sense), depending on what they're looking like. But, I would guess this is the point of asking people to read it & then give their responses. Hopefully most--positive & negative-- will be intelligent discussion.

-John Gerhardt


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