Wednesday, March 01, 2006

U. S. Residence and Immigration

(A comrade in Scotland contacted me through a third party, asking me about any possibility of he and his wife coming to America.)

Dear James and Mark:

I can tell you right now, it's going to be very, very difficult unless Mark is a brain surgeon or a nuclear physicist. I can tell you from my own experience in trying to bring my New Zealand girl friend over here, and before that my wife and children in Ireland, that this country simply does not want White immigration and will deliberately and with malice aforethought erect every conceivable barrier to keep White immigrants out.

Even the old dodge of marrying an American if Mark was single wouldn't serve; at my last job I knew an American girl whose British husband had already been ordered out of the country, and she was about to leave with their child to live with him and his parents in Cheshire for at least two years until his paperwork got sorted. The only way Jan and I were finally able to be together was for us both to live together in London. And that was pre-9/11. God knows what it's like now.

Unless Mark falls into the highly, highly skilled category, I will go so far as to tell him that there's no point in him even trying to do it through channels. However, there are a few possible loopholes, although the one thing he mustn't presume is that he will be cut the same slack that Juan Jiminez the illegal wetback picking lettuce or cleaning out the rich Jew's swimming pool in Beverly Hills will be afforded.

Just because the INS ignores brown illegals, don't be fooled. They will pounce on a white illegal and throw them onto planes so fast it will make their heads spin. Ask those poor Russian and Hungarian girls who were busted in the big Wal-Mart raid two years ago when the INS herded 400 young White women out to the airports and back to Eastern Europe with no hearing at all.

All that said: Rule One is get past the airport.

Mark, the first thing to do for you and your wife is to get your asses into the country and get some kind of visa, one cut above tourist if you can. Tourist visas are very hard to zilchify or sanctify into a higher grade of visa, much less a green card.

A student visa is best. Find some course to take at some college and get a student visa, of which there are several categories, some of which will even allow you to work legally, and some of which last two or three years. Student visas also apply to certain kinds of on the job internships. Your best chance at getting in might actually be through a corporation and not the INS. If you can come in with some kind of job, even if it's only working for Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips for your accent, you're killing two birds with one stone. The trick here is to work a shufty and get some American corporation to hire you and let them worry about INS.

Once you get in here you've got at least some wiggle room and you can start playing the System like a pinball machine. The Left has been doing it for years. You've got options. If you decide you want to stay, resign yourself to the fact that you will eventually have to hire a skilled and expensive immigration attorney whose main function will be to get you out of this ridiculous INS demand that you leave the country again for years while Washington puts your papers in a drawer and leaves them there for the mice to nibble on indefinitely. A good lawyer can tie the System in knots for years and can probably eventually get them to say "fuck it" and give you the rubber stamp and papers.

Don't knock yourself out trying to assault the INS bureaucracy head-on. It is designed for the express purpose of keeping you out. The power to keep people out or kick people out is the immigration bureaucrat's narcotic, the one thing that makes him somebody other than the wretched little cretin he is, and they love to use it. Like all bureaucrats, you need to put him the position where the line of least resistance is to go ahead and stamp your damned passport with the rubber stamp you need. Refer the Crosby Stills and Nash song "Immigration Man."

If at all possible, try to get some kind of corporation on your team before you come, so you can come in on a temporary work permit which is much easier to transmute into a full green card. Failing that, the next best thing is a student visa.

Now...there is another route which I hesitate to mention because it's so damned degrading.

Fancy being a servant? Most likely to rich Jews? Believe it or not, British butlers and nannies are still status symbols.

Go down to London and go through Mr. Higginbotham's Six Week Boffin Brit Butler school and get your wife some kind of cert from the Mary Poppins Nanny Academy and then send resumes, cooked of course, to various domestic servant agencies along the American east coast. You will be on a plane to Jew York faster than you can say chim-chim-cheree. I happen to know through various nefarious sources that you will be snapped up.

Since your employers will be on the upper levels of a thoroughly corrupt and money-driven society, and if they like you will have the juice, the shekels, and the attorneys to make the INS roll over, you need to stay on their good side for a while until you get that green card in your hand. The work will make you want to vomit, but you can hopefully stick it long enough to get acclimated before fleeing into the night with your mas-tah's silver in your suitcase.

There are other dodges. E-mail me at and we'll see what we can come up with.



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Could not find a place at NW Homeland to leave comments, so will reply here.

Make it simpler and even more succinct;

In the name of Divine Providence, we, the descendants of all the Aryan peoples of the earth do set forth this Constitution of the Northwest American Republic, in order to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

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