Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Mighty Fortress #2

Hello HAC!

I personally believe that AMF is the most important book you've written (even though it's part of a trilogy), because it makes us all feel victory is possible (just as Kathy says).

ADT pretty much says what everybody knows but are too afraid to do something about, i.e that the use of the gun would change the world around us (even though that might hurt some of us).

THOR (which I like very much and actually read first) is a fantasy about the far future and therefore a little different from the other two. Of course it's a vision of a future that might be, but it's a little difficult to say that this is exactly what will happen.

Both ADT and AMF are very realistic in the sense that what happens there could be real world in just a few years time. The difference between them is that AMF describes the actual Victory in a way that makes the reader feel victory is really possible. (In my opinion ADT should already be real world...but maybe we'll have to wait for the moslems to do much of the work for the white man before we can start dreaming about it?)

As a trilogy though...these books are unbeatable!!!

Your Swedish Comrade,


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