Friday, March 03, 2006

AIDS Rates Soar in Black Africa

A recent United Nations health study indicates that sub-Saharan Africa is still the most heavily HIV-infected area of the world, with millions dyingevery year from the sexually transmitted virus.

The UN's annual update on HIV-Aids notes declines in adult HIV prevalence in Kenya, Uganda andZimbabwe due not to increased abstinence, safe sex, or health measures, but because so many of the infected are dying at a much faster rate that it's actually bringing the overall incidence of the disease down. Yet still,over 60% of the people with full-blown AIDS live in Black Africa, and in some countries adult HIV infection is believed to be a staggering 90% or more.

The latest AIDS hot spots are in Mozambique, Malawi, and Swaziland. In Zimbabwe, one in five pregnant women tests positive, which means the chances of survival of the infant are very slim. Of course, once they're born, the babies then have to survive Robert Mugabe's murderous Marxist dictatorship, which makes it even harder. Accurate AIDS death statistics are almost impossible to obtain from Zimbabwe due to the fact that Mugabe has forbidden any doctor or hospital to list AIDS as the cause of death on a certificate.

In Swaziland, HIV prevalence among pregnant women rose to 43%, up from 34% four years earlier. In South Africa, almost 900,000 people, almost all black, are receiving treatment for HIV according to the medical statistics,but the medical system in SA has fallen into such chaos and the large tribal areas of the country have so deteriorated that any accurate assessment is impossible. It is believed that as much as one quarter of the black population of South Africa may be infected.

One of the reasons for the epidemic of rape in South Africa is that AIDS-infected black males, enraged at their impending death, are trying to "spread it around,"especially to White women. In addition, Zulu and Xhosa and Swazi witchdoctors are telling the men that the only way to cure AIDS is to have sex with a White woman or a black virgin.

It is possible that the Boers may yet re-inherit their own country, if they can just survive as a people for long enough, when the black majority of South Africa kills itself off through their sexual promiscuity and their inability to understand and practice the most basic standards of hygiene and medical precautions against disease.

Added to the AIDS epidemic inSouth Africa are huge incidences of hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, andother diseases which were virtually eliminated under the White apartheid regime but which are now staging a comeback. Finally, new cases have been reported in South Africa of bubonic plague.

The Black Death. How appropriate.


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