Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Northwest Republic Constitution

Racial Comrades:

Recently, I asked for comments from those of you on the Northwest Revolution list regarding the Northwest Migration Handbook.

One of the suggestions which has been made is that we draw up a draft Constitution for the Northwest American Republic and attach it to the Handbook as an appendix.

My initial gut feeling was that this is way, way premature, but after some consideration, this might be of some value as an exercise to get us into the habit of thinking about an all-White future and deciding exactly what it is we want and what we're fighting for.

I would be willing to co-ordinate such an exercise on the understanding that participation would be made available to as broad a segment of the Racially Conscious Community as possible. The Homeland is for all White people the world over and we need to bring in input from (pardon the expression) as diverse a segment of the Folk as we can.

Comments to or P. O. Box 6193, Olympia, WA. 98507



Anonymous Nick Stage-PHD. said...

The present "united states
of america", founded on July
4th, 1776--IS, sadly, FINISHED!!

The States of Washington State,
Oregon, the northern third of
California, Idaho, Montana,
the two Dakotas, Wyoming,
and Minnesota--and Alaska,
MUST join with British Columbia,
the Yukon, the Canadian Northwestern Territories, and Nanuvit, to create a true Nordic
and Caucasian Super Republic.
Manitoba, Saskatchawan, and Alberta
would also be united with the
proposed Northern-Nordic American

Perhaps, Greenland could be a part
of this 2-Nation Nordic-North American CONFEDERATION!!

9:28 PM  

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