Thursday, February 16, 2006

Northwest Republic Constitution #2

Subject: Northwest Republic Constitution

Dear Harold:

Hmmmm . . .

I'm torn on this issue.

On one hand, drawing up a provisional Constitution would prove to the nay-sayers that we are serious about this, that we are thinking ahead, and that we've got specific plans for the government of the Homeland.

On the other hand, however, think about the potential for bickering and tantrums you'll face if you get specific about legal issues in the future NAR. It'll could be the religion thread all over again.

James G.


Dear James:

I have been thinking a lot about this during the past 24 hours. Yes, some of the drawbacks are obvious to anyone who knows the Movement. We don't seem to be able to refrain from acting like a bunch of horses' patoots, especially when we get behind the keyboard of a computer and we have all that lovely consequences-free misbehavior.

Well, the answer to that is simple. I just won't allow GUBU crap. Nor will I allow any religious "debate." Yes, I will once again commit the ultimate Movement sin for which I am so loathed and vilified--I will actually impose some order and authority on this zoo and put a stop to misbehavior. (Gasp! Shock! Horror!) You guys will find that with something that's really important, as a project such as this would be, I can indeed be as "magisterial" as William Pierce ever thought of being.

The draft Constitution, if we decide to create such, will contain a single provision in it mandating complete freedom of conscience and freedom of religion and worship for all White people and Northwest citizens, very similar to the First Amendment in the 1787 Constitution, and that will fucking well be that. Issue settled.

If there are those who want to create a White Homeland that is some kind of high-tech, 21st century version of Puritan New England, complete with steeple-crown hats, witch-burnings, and Scarlet Letters for adulteresses, they are of course free to create their own constitutional document. So are the Odinists and other neo-pagans. For example, it is possible that some of these guys may want to look at the French Revolution with its Cult of Reason and Festival of the Supreme Being as carried out by Robespierre. Maybe they'd also like to re-adopt the French Revolutionary calendar with ten-day weeks and months like Brumaire, Prairial, Germinal, and Thermidor. (I am not being sarcastic. That calendar actually works, and it was used in France from 1793 up until about 1805 or so, I think, when Napoleon went back to the old system. It was instituted by revolutionaries like Robespierre and St.-Just who felt about Christianity about like some of our guys do.)

There are going to be a number of competing visions for the Northwest Homeland. I've laid out some of mine in the Northwest novel trilogy, but I do not expect mine to be the only one, or even the one that eventually pans out. The more I think about it, the more I see that maybe a case can be made for our going ahead and getting on with this now.

For one thing, let's face it, in view of the NPA's lack of resources, we haven't got that much else to do right now, and this is something that can be done by computer and give the multitude of mighty cyber-warriors all kinds of opportunities to play with their keyboards.

For another, I have always had the impression in the back of my mind that events may sneak up on us a lot quicker than we think. We do not have infinite time remaining. The Empire is headed for a Soviet-style breakup, if only through the sheer incompetence and stupidity of the people now commanding it, if for no other reason. The social, political, and economic fabric of the Empire is strained, worn, incredibly delicate and complex. Five years ago, nineteen young men with box cutters damned near brought down the whole show, and we're still sinking from the long string of results from that one episode.

Any one of a dozen crisis events could push Amurrica over the edge. At some point this whole "country" is going to disassemble all at once and fall into pieces on the road like the Deacon's One-Hoss Shay. Yeah, I know rite-wingers have been predicting that for generations, but being a history buff, more and more I am seeing certain unmistakable signs.

We need to have something in place, not just a fighting revolutionary party as I have discussed viz. the Revolutionary Tripod. Ideally, we would have a whole political and legal structure ready to slam into place in the Northwest as a replacement for the Imperial structure when it collapses. That probably won't be fully possible, but we need to at least have some idea of what the hell we're going to do and what we're going to replace the existing order with after the crash.

For generations, the White Right has had a horrible habit of constantly stating and re-stating the problem while maintaining almost complete silence on the solution, whatever we may believe that solution to be. (Mostly because we all know damned well what the solution is and we're too scared to say it.) Well, that's not good enough any more.

Right now my view is, let's give this Constitution for the Northwest Republic idea a whirl. Hell, it will be interesting and fun, if nothing else. Maybe it's only an exercise in building castles in the air, true, but every castle ever built in real life started that way. It will also be good practice in organizing our thinking and conducting serious, civil discussions among one another, something we damned well need practice at.

I will moderate as I always do, for compos mentis and civility. If anyone doesn't like the way I do things, fine. But let me ask them one favor: if you don't like the way I'm running the main forums, don't go off in a huff in a corner and start all this "Harold is a Jew, Harold is an agent, it's all about Harold's ego" crap. Show us all that you can do better. Start your own "Constitutional Convention" for our new Homeland on the North American continent, on the internet or otherwise.

I'm going to assume that there are very few of us left who are genuinely--uh, okay, I won't say "so stupid," but shall we say, so naive? as to think it's possible for us to take over the entire North American continent and somehow make a hundred million non-Whites and Jews disappear in a puff of smoke. So I think we need to take as our base line a realistic appreciation of what will actually happen ten or twenty years down the pike, a Soviet-style break-up of the Empire under conditions we can't really predict. Basically, one day the Federal paychecks will stop coming, the Iron Heel in all its forms will suddenly lift from our necks, and then it will be ally-ally-in-free, every ethnic group for itself.

The North American continent will collapse into Balkanized racial enclaves. The question is, what will be the White man's piece of the pie and where? I say the Northwest, but if you Libertarians with your New Hampshire Migration want to chime in, or you Christian fundamentalists with your South Carolina Migration, then by all means, do so. Create a draft Constitution for your own vision of a White Homeland, and make it something real, something that would actually work.




Blogger Heimdahl said...

"The draft Constitution, if we decide to create such, will contain a single provision in it mandating complete freedom of conscience and freedom of religion and worship for all White people and Northwest citizens, very similar to the First Amendment in the 1787 Constitution, and that will fucking well be that. Issue settled."

Works for me.

12:20 PM  

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