Thursday, February 09, 2006

New York Schools Dish Out More Crap

The heavily Jewish state of New York has always led the nation in a politically correct and "diverse" curriculum for its public school system. No state in the union is deeper in the grip of the neo-Marxist National Education Association (NEA], the all-powerful national teachers' union which is to all intents and purposes the militant arm of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and which was largely responsible for the election of Bill Clinton.

State legislators across the country are increasingly yielding to left-wing and Jewish pressure, and directing their schools to teach students more about the "struggles and triumphs of different races and ethnic groups." There's just one problem--most of that rubbish never actually happened.

In the latest such example of political correctness gone bererk, a new commission in New York will examine whether the "physical and psychological terrorism" against Africans in the slave trade is being adequately taught in schools.

My God, do they teach anything else? The commission is named for the slave ship Amistad, which according to legend was commandeered by slaves who eventually won their freedom in the U.S. Supreme Court. In actual history, needless to say, the story was somewhat different, but time and space prohibits me from trying to correct every egregious misstatement of historical fact that this fanatics come up with.

The entire story of slavery has been completely misrepresented. For example, did you know that during the Colonial period more White people came to this country as slaves than did blacks? Have you ever heard about the mass deportation of almost the entire population of western Ireland to the New World by Oliver Cromwell in the 1650s? Of the White people who worked the sugar plantations in Barbados and Jamaica before the first blacks ever set foot on the islands? It's all there in the real history books if one knows where to look.

Illinois also created an Amistad commission this year, and added lessons on the Holocaust, while New Mexico's legislature required Indian education lessons be bolstered in kindergarten through sixth grade. It seems that everybody now has a history except us poor old White males. Oh, wait--in 2001, New Jersey created an Amistad commission and the Commission on Italian and Americans of Italian Heritage Culture and Education to advise policy makers. Now the Sopranos will take equal pride of place with the Pilgrims.

And of course, our newest "fellow citizens," most of them here illegally, have to get into the act. California created Cesar Chavez Day in 2000 and directed schools to include lessons about the farm labor activist.

That same year, Rhode Island directed schools to teach about "genocide and human rights violations including the slave trade," the Irish potato famine, the Armenian genocide of the early 1900s, the Holocaust and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's fascist regime. Okay, the Irish potato famine is something we all need to know about, because it has distinct racial lessons for us today, a story of the brutality of capitalism, not "colonialism." But can these hippy-dippy NEA teachers be trusted to teach it correctly?

Virginia has also directed schools that year to teach about the accomplishments of people from different ethnic backgrounds and races, women and disabled people. I guess there just weren't any able-bodied White guys who liked girls at all in this country's past. Wonder where we came from?


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