Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Mighty Fortress

Dear Harold,

I am terribly sorry I haven't been in touch for all these years, but I was simply so tired of it all, something I know you will understand. I can't say this any more plainly. I gave up. I hated this filthy world and everything in it. I gave up and went into my little shell, because I just wanted to be alone with my misery at what has happened to us all and what I see every day around me.

Then you sent me A Mighty Fortress, and you gave me back everything. I remember some reviews where children who read the first Harry Potter books would write to the author J. K. Rowling that they wanted to go to the Hogwarts School and how could they get in? I don't know how JKR responded, but somehow she had to explain to them that Hogwarts was fiction and there was no magic. You have made me feel that way. When it came to that point in your book I wanted more than anything else in the world to be seventeen years old again, and I wanted to be getting on that helicopter with Nightshade and Cody and Big John, flying to Longview to begin a new world for us all. But unlike Harry Potter's, your magic is possible. It can BE, if we all believe enough. Thank you more than I can ever tell for giving me back a desire to live life again, to fight for the right again.

I have already ordered the other two books in the series and I am practically in a fever to get them, I can't wait that long. God bless and support you and watch over you.

Yours always,



You know, every now and then, if you just keep on trying, you score a hit.



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