Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Constitutional Commentary #4

Dear HAC,

My vote is on Chapell's, but I've always thought that the first paragraph from The Old Man's speech in ADT (around page 165 or so) was a very good preamble. I won't copy and paste it here but it starts in italics with "In the name of Almighty God". I've got my own 2 cents worth of preambles, both taken from the Constitution of Eire, one basically restates my favorite passage from IMPERIUM about the Resurgence of Authority. Will send later tonight.



Subject: Constitutional Commentary #3: Preambles

The writers of both of these preambles are on the right track. However, the sentence structure in both drafts is awkward. There's no need to be so wordy. Avoid run-ons by keeping the form a bit more simple.

James G.


Subject: Constitutional Commentary #2

Dear HAC:

People seem to forget (or are deliberately misinformed) as to how the USA was formed. Basically:

The Articles of Confederation were in place and a bunch of delegates met in Philadelphia and voted and created a Constitution creating the USA while they were still a part of another country (Articles of Confederation). Then they submitted this document to conventions in all the states. That was pretty treasonous; they were there to try to improve the Articles and instead they created a whole new nation on paper. If things went a bad way, all those people could easily have swung from a grove of sour apple trees. They were fortunate. We can be too.

James Butler


Dear HAC:

You need to go for dignity and power in the preamble. Remember, you're writing for the ages here, for the historical record.

-Bob Summers


Blogger Heimdahl said...

"Calvin" says,

but it starts in italics with "In the name of Almighty God".

These people seem to have not learned anything from your 3 novels, Itz not about religion!


11:48 AM  

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