Monday, February 20, 2006

Constitutional Commentary #2

Dear HAC,

Reference your draft Constitution idea, I think you may be on to something here. I am thinking in organizational and psychological terms. Instead of creating an "org" like the National Alliance, what you create is a whole new nation. You are beginning the process of creating a national consciousness, a Nationalism if you will, for this new Northwest Republic.

"Orgs" come and go, mostly go, without ever formulating any coherent statement of exactly what they are for. You are not the only one to have noticed the virtually complete lack of anything remotely resembling a program or a plan, anywhere else in the Movement. You're taking the daring step of in a sense skipping over the preliminary bullshit that always trips us up and going right into creating the finished product. And why, exactly, can we not do that?

Some months ago you mentioned that instead of membership cards in an "org," when you got the money to do it you would print and issue Northwest Republic Passports, officially as a novelty item, of course, but still an impressive artifact which would fulfill all the positive psychological benefits of "membership" and a "secret decoder ring," and yet which would have less of a negative impact if the person turned out to be a nutball who shoots the President with his membership card in his pocket a la John Hinckley. A novelty item, a toy, is less compromising and potentially damaging than a membership card in the wrong hands. Any progress on that?

-Art Foley


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Passports? It's an idea that deserves a respectful hearing, but I think I have to disagree. Passports come after a Government-in-exile, otherwise it may look like just another Micronation hobby.

The energy that can be thrown at developing passports can probably be better put to use developing recruiting propaganda.

Just my thoughts, though, I'll certainly send in for my passport and my decoder ring as soon as I make the move.


6:24 PM  

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