Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another Fake "Hate Crime"

Found this story lying around in the archives. As per usual, it got virtually no notice in the media at the time. Fabricated "hate crimes" that turn out to be the work of the so-called "victims" seldom do.

Last October, a bugger boy in Florida was arrested and charged with staging an attempted insurance fraud based on a phony "homophobic hate crime."

Christopher Michael Robertson confessed that he was the one who set fire to the mobile home in Lakeland, Florida where he cohabited with his catamite. The alleged "hate crime" took place in July. The two fruits falsely told the cops they came back to their trailer in the King Manor Mobile Home Parkand found it burning. The words "Die Fag" were written on the stairs. Several expensive items, including a laptop computer and television, were also missing, and were of course included in the insurance claim.

In their initial report, the pervs accused one of their straight neighbors of robbing them and setting the fire. They claimed he had "harassed" them by making "anti-gay remarks." Arson investigators were able to determine that an accelerant was used and that the fire was deliberately set, but something didn't look right. The police interviewed the accused neighbor, but it turned out he had a solid alibi, and no one else in the trailer park had noticed any incidents of "homophobia" or any unusual activity around Robertson's mobile home.

The cops found that far from being a poor persecuted little gayboy, Robertson is in fact a petty criminal who has a record for such offenses as check fraud, shoplifting, identity theft, and possession of forged ID.

On October 5th, Robertson was arrested again on an unrelated charge of grand larceny, and under interrogation he confessed. He also confessed to faking the "hate crime,", taking the valuables from the trailer and selling them, and setting the fire in July. He admitted that he committed the crime for the insurance money and also because he wanted to "encourage his partner, Paul Day, to move from the trailer."

Day is a lucky man in that his sodomite didn't attempt to burn him along with the trailer. An experienced criminal defense attorney once explained to me, "Any time police find a homicide where the body has been burned or there has been an attempt made to burn the body, they always check the homosexual angle first. Homosexuals are basically twisted and cruel people, and when they go off the rails they are marked by extreme viciousness, torture, and violence."


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