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[I always thought this was one of my more important contributions, but I never could seem to get any traction on it. Let's try again. - HAC]

C-GRAM: July 18th, 2004


As most of you know, for some weeks now I have been working on something I refer to as the Red Line Protocols.

The object of this exercise is to define exactly who we are as a community. It is to demarcate the red lines, the boundaries beyond which White racial nationalists may not cross, the level below which we may not sink, which determine who we are not.

This is being done in order to act as a counter to the fraudulent "New Orleans Protocol" which came out of the David Duke homecoming knees-up over the recent Memorial Day weekend.

The "New Orleans Protocol" has nothing whatsoever to do with the White racial survival struggle or with setting a standard of ethical conduct on our part, and everything to do with letting David Duke off the hook, which is by no means the same thing. Its purpose is not to clean our own house, but to forbid discussion of David Duke's past.

The "New Orleans Protocol" is grounded in the belief that we all have memories two inches long, and that we have forgotten, or we are at least willing to forget, exactly why David Duke went to prison in the first place.

In this the "New Orleans Protocol" seems to have been only partially successful. I am glad to say that, faced with this arrogant demand that we allow a thief, an embezzler, and a pathological liar to return to our ranks and continue where he left off as if nothing had happened, we as a community have put up far more and better than the token resistance I expected.

Judging from the feedback I myself have received, and from comments I see on the internet (always a shaky basis for assessment, to be sure) the organizers seem to have been largely mistaken in their assumption that they could piss down our backs and we would blithely accept their airy assurance that it was merely a gentle spring shower.

What really pisses me off is that these people got Paul Fromm from Canada, just about the one decent individual on the podium without an army of skeletons in his closet to hide, to act as the public promulgator of this bogus "New Orleans Protocol."

The idea of people like David Duke and Willis Carto dictating a code of ethics to anyone else, beggars the imagination. Apparently they had sense enough to realize how skeptically any pontification on the subject of personal and political ethics by a man who'd just come out of prison for embezzling a quarter of a million dollars in donations from poor White working people would be received. So they somehow persuaded Paul Fromm to try and put some lipstick on this pig. God damn them.

Be that as it may--and the jury is still out on the "New Orleans Protocol"--the fact is that we do need some kind of generally accepted definition or delineation as to who we are, what we do, and at what point the standard White male character flaws cross the line and remove an individual from our fellowship, make him no longer one of us. This character issue is one which we have avoided confronting for almost fifty years, and it can no longer be avoided. We have to face up to it and resolve it, at least so far as it is possible for a community as weak and poor and demoralized as ours to do so.

Why? Why do I continue bringing up topics which you have made it clear to me that you do not want to think about? Why do I keep trying to bring out into the open and deal with issues which confuse you, upset you, and which generate nothing but alarm and despondency? Because there is a greater issue at hand, one that is of far greater import than the fate of one squalid, degenerate gambler who can't keep his fingers out of the cookie jar.

As melodramatic as this sounds, the fate of the entire Aryan race and the civilization we have created over the past three thousand years may well hang on these subtle little internal twitches in our moribund, pathetic little subculture over the next few years. Yes, really.

We face a threat which is greater than anything we have faced since 1945. At first it didn't even have a name, but it has now acquired one--"modernization." No, I didn't make that up; I think I heard it first from someone at Final Conflict, and my impression was that Nick Griffin is the one who started it, although that may be incorrect.

What Is Movement "Modernization?"

The idea behind "modernization" is that our so-called Movement has failed, NOT because today's White males are as soft as butter, as weak as water, as dumb as a bag of hammers, and possessed of the physical courage of rabbits. Oh, no no no no, not at all! White males don't need to do any moral re-configuration of their character at all, no no no no, perish the thought!

No, according to the "modernizers," we have failed because we have refused to move with the times. We are out of touch with the common--and I do mean common--man.

We're like, Squaresville, Daddy-O. We have all these outmoded ideas of right and wrong, and moral principles, and other hang-ups, especially about sex. If it feels good, do it! We're not, like, with it, man! Like, politics is the art of the possible, man! I mean, like, ya gotta go along to get along, man! We need to get rid of all these ideological nit-picks and start spelling apostrophe-s with a z like de cool brothuhs, man. Shave your head, sure, but put a backwards baseball cap on and wear hip-hop shorts to go with your tats, dude. Itz cool to be a whigger, dawg!

You think that's exaggerated? I've seen some of this "modernized" guano on the internet from some of our dumb-ass whigger "comrades" phrased in just about those terms.

But that's just the low end. The high end is a very definite movement within the "Movement." It is deliberate, and it has an agenda. Its sources are traceable. and the names and identities of many of its prime advocates are becoming known as more and more step forward out of the closet.

"Modernization" appears to originate in Europe, and to have begun about four years ago. The French National Front and Joerg Haider's party have already pretty much knuckled under; the NF now has a Jewish woman as a deputy leader and Haider has donned a yarmulke in Israel and grovelled at the altar of the Holocaust. Thus far in the English-speaking world, the ultimate flowers of this particular evil are the British National Party under Nick Griffin and the National Alliance under the triumvirs Gliebe, Strom, and Walker, with Stormfront and Double Diamond oozing in around the edges.

What Is The True Agenda of "Modernization?"

On the surface, the game plan seems to be to strip us of every last vestige of racial and moral principle and turn us into just another money-grubbing little collection of political oddities who want to get our snouts into the trough.

1. We are to accept homosexuals, on a don't ask-don't tell basis, and "as long as they stay away from my kids." At least at first. In other words, we are to accept homosexuals, period. Don't ask, don't tell always leads to it being shouted from the rooftops, and in the long run they never stay away from anyone's kids. Ultimately, of course, we are to accept faggots as leaders, viz. the late Pym Fortuyn in Holland, the loathsome Martin Webster in Britain, and current Revisionist impresario Walter Mueller.

2. We are to accept dysfunctional, dishonest, and contemptible behavior on the part of our self-appointed leaders and "quit making such a big deal about it." Basically, this boils down to we must let David Duke off the hook, since it seems to be part of the game plan that Double Diamond's photogenic phizz be seen up front of this "modernizing" mess. [See David Duke raves passim.]

3. We are to accept non-White sexual partners among our members, including non-White children. [Editor's note: This was written before the re-emergence of the repulsive Frazier Glenn Miller back into the Movement via VNN, so I seem to have been more prophetic than I realized.] There is a well known and especially egregious example of this currently in the National Alliance, but it seems to be spreading. I have heard it seriously argued that we must accept White male activists with Asian or reasonably light-skinned Hispanic women partners because "there just aren't enough racialist White women and we can't afford to turn anyone away." Then once we've swallowed miscegenation, we are to accept non-Whites as actual members and where necessary for public relations purposes, allow them to act as public spokesmen and even run for office in order to "prove we're not racists." This is now an increasingly common occurrence with the BNP and NF and other European groups.

4. We are to adopt a kind of racialist proto-feminism, and allow our female members to conduct themselves in assorted obnoxious and disruptive feminist ways, because this is allegedly the only way we will attract women. Perhaps we might even attract enough White feminist bitches so we can dispense with the China dolls and muchachas? Sorry. Silly me.

5. Finally, we are to accept participation and alliance of an unspecified nature with "right-wing Jews." This began back about ten years ago with the David Cole phenomenon, which I opposed even then. This has now progressed to a level I would have thought impossible even a year ago. A notorious Zionist Jew, Barry Chamish, was actually invited to be a speaker at the Sacramento Revisionist cluster-fuck of this April, although he didn't come. I recently saw a post on VNN from a modernizer stating that in order to save Western civilization we must "recognize the contribution of the Jewish people to the European Tradition" and "accept them as fellow White people, cousins if not brothers." This from someone who claims to be a racial nationalist.

I'm not quite sure, but I think that may have been a genuine slippage of the mask, and we may now have gotten a glimpse of the genuine purpose of "modernization," which is to co-opt and enlist the racialist and anti-immigration movements of Europe (and to a lesser extent this country) in the "war on terror." [Read war on Islam and war to deport the Palestinians and create Greater Israel.]

My personal feeling right now is that the hidden agenda of "modernization," which is becoming less and less hidden by the day, is to persuade our Racially Conscious Community by offering us a line of least resistance that:

*Jews are White people (they aren't);

*That homosexuality is no big deal (it is);

*That the negrification of young White people is inevitable (it isn't) and should be accepted and accommodated (it should not);

*That it's not really race but economics and culture which is important (it's race);

*That Muslims are the real enemy (they aren't, the Jews are);

*And that there is, or can be, some kind of commonality of interest between White racial nationalists and Jews on some kind of bizarre "agree-to-disagree but mutual respect" basis. (Horse shit. The only good Jew is a dead Jew.)

Now, here is where I need your help.

Most of you will have at least some idea of where I'm getting all this from. But I need details. I need to try and figure out how far it's gone and where the rot has seeped in the farthest. For example, I can state from personal observation that the prohibition against homosexuality has been removed from the National Alliance membership application, and I am told that on the printed version the requirement that an applicant be White has been changed to "must be considered White within their community" or some such weasel-wording. But what is this about Strom removing anti-homosexual and anti-feminist books from the National Vanguard book list? I am not in the habit of keeping up with the NA's book list--can anyone give me specific details here?

I won't go off into a long list of specific questions about specific people, but you all by now pretty much know what I mean. I need to get your take on this with as much specific information as you can provide.

Before we can fight off this Jewish attempt to destroy what little "Movement" we have left, we need a plan. We've got one--Northwest Migration. But I need specific intelligence on exactly what's going on and who's doing what.

This one is important, people. Help me, please.


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