Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Alternate Northwest Migrations

I have mentioned in the past that the Northwest Migration was not invented by me, and I do not have any kind of intellectual patent or copyright on it. There always have been other Northwest Migration movements based on different visions of the coming Northwest Republic than mine, not the least being the vision of the late Pastor Richard Butler.

One such alternative to Horrible Egomaniac Harold is led, or co-ordinated, by Arch Edwards of Santa Barbara, California, who informs me he will be moving to the Homeland within a year and buying a "compound" of some kind. Arch calls his Northwest Migration scheme "The Republic of Aryana-Christiana."

You are doing this for your country, for your people, and in the service of history, not for me. For those of you who are displeased for whatever reason with my brilliant self and my apparently Mussolini-like leadership style (whisper, mutter, "it's all about Harold's ego, you know...") by all means, check out Arch's scene. He and I have met in Olympia and talked for several hours, and have had some phone conversations. He's not a bad old duffer, and very sincere.

Now, some points about Arch and his "Republic of Aryana-Christiana":

*On the up side, he seems to have some money to buy a little land, (he says he does, anyway) which puts him light years ahead of the NPA. Whether we like it or not, "our" people want to see land and a building and other material things. It is what we have come to expect and I understand that some of you are getting impatient waiting for me to sprinkle my magic pixie dust and cause Hayden Lake to rise from the waters of Lake Coeur d'Alene like Castle Ormonde shall supposedly one day rise from the waters of Lough Neagh, if the fairies speak true. We are a materialistic people and we want material and visible things. That's just who we are and there doesn't seem to be any way to change that.

*He's already got some "Aryana-Christiana" toys made, pens and pencils and hats and whatnot, which you can buy. He beat us on that by some time.

*On the up side, Arch doesn't even own a computer and does all his stuff the old fashioned way, by mail and by leaflet. He early on spotted that the personal computer liberates our Inner Nut, and the drawbacks far outweigh the advantages, and he simply refuses to have one in his house because of its addictive nature. I respect him immensely for that and wish I had the willpower to live like that myself. Unfortunately I seem to be a hopeless cyber-junkie.

*On the up side if you're Christian Identity, down side if you're not, Arch is very Christian-oriented and wants to burn all you neo-pagans at the stake, which is not uncommon in the Movement. I don't think Ron Fonda would find Arch to be his cup of tea.

*I am honestly not sure, but I think Arch is Wet. Seems to me we've discussed it, but what with my senility problem I can't remember what was actually said, so don't hold me to that. Also, Arch and I share the same low opinion of Movement corruption, and he's almost as outspoken about it as I am.

*On the downside, he's in his mid-sixties, which of course he can't help, but it's a factor to be considered.

Arch can be contacted at Phoenix Services, P. O. Box 91130, Santa Barbara, CA. 93190-1130.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arch is Wet? As opposed to, what, dry?

Anyhow, if he is trying to bring religion into NW Migration, he should be flogged, not given publicity.

5:25 PM  

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