Monday, December 26, 2005

There Was No Holocaust

The following are excerpted from a thread on one of the Yahoo groups. We can begin to see why "Dann Dobson", whoever he may actually be and whatever his actual agenda, wants those groups shut down. The speech on Yahoo is just a tad too free for the taste of either the Jews or the Gang of Four.

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There WAS no Holocaust. It was all just a bunch of stupid lies so the Jews could grab Israel in 1948 and lord it over the rest of it. If the President of Iran can figure it out, the rest of the world can. The Jews' days are numbered. -Gallowglass

In the years before Columbus, contrary to the common conception, almost all educated men knew perfectly well that the earth was round and not flat. Just so today, almost all educated and intelligent people understand that the so-called "Holocaust" did not occur in any way, shape, or form commonly presented, and that the "Holocaust" myth is perpetrated by the Jews who control the media by and for the state of Israel. A century from now everyone will understand that the "Holocaust" is a fake, and everyone will be very surprised that anyone was ever stupid enough to believe in it. - Roger Hughes

No "holocaust" whatsoever. The commander of Aushwitz would not allow the mistreatment of any inmates -- period. He had a zero tolerance policy.
Concentration camp residents were there for a reason; to work and actually contribute something to the German nation for the first time in their sorry lives; rather than living off the hard-working German people, like parasites.
The National Socialist Party, with the help of 80 million proud Germans, however, did some house cleaning.

If you were a parasite, a bolshevik/leninist/communist, a jew, a homosexual, a supporter of the November criminals, etc. -- you could stand by. Eventually your time-card was going to get punched and you were going to be held to account for the damage you had done to the German people.

America needs a good old-fashioned house-cleaning; but it will only be a single-party National Socialist government who will have the balls to do the job.

The U.S. government is so corrupt and so full of prissy, whining, liberal weenies -- they don't even have the will to protect the American people -- much less clean house; and don't know their asses from holes in the ground.


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