Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Revived NS Forum

Greetings, all. Below is a small sample from my experimental revival of the NS Forum. This is delivered by e-mail. If you want to make a comment on NS Forum, send it to nwnet@earthlink.net and I'll check it for compos mentis. You can also send subscribes to that address. - HAC

[Bwahahahahahaha! I KNEW that anti-Christian post yesterday would do it and finally get some RESPONSE from the pale, quivering blob! There are only two subjects which are guaranteed to get response from The Pale Blob--religion, and our hatred of the opposite sex. Anything that lets us scream about how we HATE OTHER WHITE PEOPLE. Posts---lovely posts---tee hee hee! - HAC]


Subject: I KNEW That Would Do It!

Dear Harold:

Perhaps Patrick never did meet a real Christian yet. Perhaps he never heard of the Phineas Priest who butchered paedophiles. I would like to see Patrick do that before he opens his little mouth behind his books and computer


[Uh, actually, Lis, Phineas in the Book of Numbers killed a race-mixing couple, not a pedophile. I don't think pedophilia is even mentioned in the Bible, unlike just about every other sin. Perhaps it was simply inconceivable to the people who wrote it. The fact that I know this is, of course, absolute and lasting proof that "Harold is a secret Christian" and I am engaged in a deep, dark, secret plot to "Christianize the Movement." - HAC]


Subject: I KNEW That Would Do It!

Dear Harold;

I don't agree with Patrick. I think I can make a good case for Christianity per the Fuhrer, his writings, and recorded statements both public and private. I feel as a Christian Identity individual that I'm a true National Socialist. Like the Fuhrer, religion and the State should be separate and nothing should interfere with the protection of our Race!

The Fuhrer was so correct on the Jewish question. Anyway, like most things I'm sure Patrick can make a case for his point of view. We are both White and there is a place for both of us to respect each other, because Race we hold as paramount, the Fuhrer, and his National Socialist State.

But Harold, between you and I, do you really think as Patrick? The White race as a minority in this very sick world, I think, we need each other forever! You brought me to NS and have been my mentor. I need your 100% honest answer, once and for all?

-Wagner Wotan


Subject: Clay Douglas

Greetings Harold,

Clay is a good guy even if he isnt a racialist per say and he has done a lot of good with his pubs in the last 10 years or so.

I used to listen to his Free American radio show, he is kind of like Alex Jones except Clay knows who the jew is and is not affraid to name the Jew in some of his publications.

I would be willing to help him sort out his credit file so he can get back on his feet, the process takes a couple months so patience is the by word.



Subject: You Naughty Veck, You

Harold, Harold,

You're doing it again, letting them scream at one another over religion just so you can get some posts to fill your Forum. Harold, that is really a cheap shot way of getting e-mail, and you know it's not constructive in the long run. If you MUST pull a gimmick just to get posts, run the article on "The Allure of Marriage" and let the men and women scream at one another for a while instead.

-L. L.

[Well, it's the end of the year, Lew, and you may recall that in the old Forum I used to give them a week or ten days or so, about once a year, to scream and curse at one another and get all the Praise-Jebus and Hate-Jebus out of their system. It was usually in August, when everything was really dead and everybody had their mug stuck in the air conditioner, but sometimes it was at year's end.

By the way, I have one of the Order guys mad at me because he says "A Mighty Fortress" was "anti-Asatru." Christ Almighty, if you'll excuse the expression--how the hell does he get that? - HAC]


Subject: I KNEW That Would Do It

Dear Harold,

Was talking with a National Alliance guy last night and within the space of about three minutes he accused you of A) being a Jew; B) being a Fed informer; C) being a Christian because of yesterday's Forum; D) betraying National Socialism by no longer wearing the costume like the NSM does. The way he tells it you jump up and down in some little cinderblock church up in the hills and handle snakes on your days off, then you come back to your computer and write horrible slanders against "everybody in the Movement." (Who's everybody?) You're a real active little cuss, aintcha?

-C. D.

[So they tell me. I also poison the wells and square dance in roundhouses. Did you ever get an answer from your friend as to who exactly comprises this "everybody in the Movement" I'm supposed to be after in some way? - HAC]


Subject: Goin' to HAIL, Mah Lawd!


You are going straight to Hell itself for distributing Patrick's blasphemy.



Subject: Yes, I Know

Dear Harold,

You do know, don't you, Harold, that [Willard] and Steve Kendall and Kevin Strom and all your worst enemies in the Movement are violently anti-Christian as well and one of the things they accuse you of is being a secret Christian? I have never figured out why the hell you don't just tuck a Bible under your arm and come right out with it. Even if you don't really believe in it, it won't hurt you to quote a few Scriptural verses and you can get a lot of donations that way. Instead you publish stuff like Patrick's shit. You need to wise up.

-L. J.


Subject: Some Seasonal Cheer

Dear Mr. Covington:

Great stories. I am in CA, Bass Lake for Yule. Too bad about CA, it's such a nice state with a decent climate. I've put up about 100 stickers in Medford already. Gonna start making my own and do some flyering. Merry Christmas.

-K. D.


Subject: I KNEW That Would Do It

Dear Harold:

According to [big knob on Stormfront] you proved in A Distant Thunder that you were secretly a Christian and you are plotting to undermine the Movement with Christianity, which is weird because I remember the Christians got all bent out of shape about the witchy wife in The Hill of the Ravens, but like you said, a foolish consistency etc.

-T. R.

[Yah, the Christians hated THOR and the antis hated ADT. But I can't understand where this one guys gets the impression that AMF is supposed to be "anti-Asatru." What the hell? Help me out here, guys. - HAC]


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