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The Program of the National Socialist White People's Party

[This is the political program of the old National Socialist White People's Party. The party no longer exists, to some degree because of the jealousy, the hatred, vicious attacks of some of the people now involved with the so-called "Gang of Four," petty and hate-filled people who could not bear any competition for the Movement donation dollar and who are still among us. This program would be highly adaptable to the cause of the fighting revolutionary Party of Northwest independence, which will be formed as soon as enough White males can be persuaded to get up off their butts and Come Home to the land which destiny has appointed for our people's future.]


The National Socialist White People's Party is a political organization of Aryan men and women in the United States and Canada, of all ages and social backgrounds, who recognize that National Socialism is the only world view capable of advancing the vital interests of the Aryan (White) people in a world which is becoming increasingly non-White.

The Party fights for the creation of a National Socialist Aryan Republic on the North American continent. Ultimately, the Party struggles along with our many comrades the world over for the creation of what the philosopher Francis Parker Yockey called the Imperium, a world order of peace, stability, progress and fulfillment based on the supremacy of the White race over the entire planet.


We demand the establishment of an independent Aryan republic on North American soil wherein only Aryans (White persons of unmixed, non-Semitic, European descent) shall reside or hold citizenship. This Aryan Republic shall be a free and sovereign nation whose government and citizens shall exercise full control over their internal affairs, their economy, their culture, and their foreign relations.


The Aryan Republic shall be established under a new Constitution as a one-party National Socialist state. All laws, government, and state policy shall be based on the principles of National Socialism as outlined in the spoken and written works of the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and hispolitical contemporaries, the spoken and written works of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, the Cotwswolds Declaration of 1962, and other historical expositional documents of the National Socialist world view. This true New Order will seek to create a classless, prosperous, and secure society wherein Aryan man can attain his highest personal, creative, and spiritual potential.


No person who is not of unmixed, non-Semitic, Caucasian European ancestry shall reside anywhere within the Aryan Republic. Citizenship in the Aryan Republic is a privilege and not a right, but a privilege which shall be open to all Aryan peoples of the world regardless of their country of birth or national origin. Citizenship shall not be bestowed at birth as is the case with liberal democracy, but shall be earned in adulthood through military service, by civic service to the state, or by demonstrated worthiness and value to the racial community.


Under the National Socialist state all inhabitants of the Aryan Republic, both citizen and non-citizen, shall enjoy from birth the following inalienable rights:

*The right to decent, livable housing, including a right to affordable home ownership;

*The right to keep and enjoy the fruits of their labors free from excessive and confiscatory taxation;

*The right to gainful and productive employment at a living wage sufficient to support self and family;

*The right to quality medical care free of charge, for any and all disabilities or illnesses or health problems;

*The right to personal safety from criminal robbery, assault, and victimization;

*The right to a clean and healthy environment;

*The right to hold and to practice any and all private religious beliefs which do not infringe upon the rights of others, or which do not constitute political activity disguised as religion, as well as the concomitant right to raise children in the religious beliefs and traditions of their parents;

*The right to keep and to bear arms, which is the immemorial birthright and mark of a free people as well as the strongest safeguard of the community against crime and oppression;

*The right to an all-White cultural and spiritual environment free of the polluting and debilitating influence of distorted and primitive Judaic and negroid cultures.


The basic building block of the new National Socialist society must be the traditional, nuclear two-parent family, with the gainfully employed husband and father as head of the family and the home-making wife and mother as its heart. In order to re-establish and protect this ancient and vital social institution, the following policies will be implemented by the Aryan Republic:

*Interest free state mortgage loans will be made available to young married couples in order to allow them immediate home ownership. Balances owing on these loans will be reduced in 25% increments upon the birth of the first healthy child, 20% for the second child, and 15% for the birth of all subsequent children, thus making possible a high repayment moratorium percentage;

*Prenatal and pediatric medical care will be prioritized and universally available;

*Property taxes on family homes containing growing children will be abolished;

*Divorce will not be abolished, but will be made sufficiently legally difficult so that such a serious step will be undertaken only in the gravest and most incontestable cases of irretrievable marital breakdown;

*Sexual perversions such as homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestism, feminism, pornography, paedophilia, and the traffick in materials relating to all the preceding will be permanently suppressed;

*Abortions will be performed only on foot of a court order in cases where the unborn child is determined by medical science to be deformed or mentally retarded. Abortion of a healthy Aryan child will be legally classed as a premeditated homicide and will be dealt with accordingly.


The Aryan Republic will establish a comprehensive system of public education which will place strong emphasis on the physical and moral development of our young people, as well as on academic achievement and the training and disciplining of their intellects, and which will instill in every young Aryan an all-important body of racial values. The young people of our race are our future, and it is the duty of the state to see to theirdevelopment in a thorough and well-rounded manner, recognizing that in the long run a healthy mind can only dwell in a healthy body, and that along with the education of the young mind must go rigorous physical and character training.


We believe that the proper function of the economy is to serve theneeds of the people, not to make profits for big bankers and multi-national corporations. We also believe that actual production is the only legitimate basis for wealth, not speculation or the manipulation of money and pieces of paper.

Accordingly, the Aryan Republic will create an honest and self-sufficient economic system based on the productive capacity of theAryan worker, which will guarantee conditions of full employment and price stability.

All banking and credit institutions will be placed under public control as well as all the utilities and transportation facilities. Usury will be legally prohibited and all conglomerate holdings and accumulations of usurious profit will be confiscated and returned to the people through public institutions of community service and value. Basic industries will be operated under a system of profit sharing. A system of interest-free loans for farmers, small businessmen, and families will be instituted.


A healthy and productive farming community is essential to the functioning of any rational and stable society. Accordingly, agriculture in the Aryan Republic will be based on the institution of the family farm rather than on the mass plantation-style agribusiness approach utilized bythe present regime.

The farmer's land and the fruits of his labor must remain inviolate; the real value of the family farm lies not only in the production of food, but in providing social, racial, and environmental stability while serving as a constant source of spiritual renewal for man in close rapport with Nature.

The Aryan Republic will abolish all forms of agricultural commodity speculation and provide interest-free loans for farm equipment, fuel, seed and supplies, fodder, veterinary care for livestock, etc.


The Aryan Republic acknowledges that the state bears a special responsibility to protect and promote our racial cultural heritage, and remove all alien influences from our art, our music, our literature, our drama and our cinema.

This must be done in order that the innate artistic and cultural genius of our people can define and express itself without interference from the current Judaeo-liberal forces which have seized cultural hegemony throughout the Western world. Ideas can uplift and ennoble, or they can poison and degrade the mind. It is the duty of the state to protect its citizens from anti-White hate propaganda and spiritual pollution just as much as it is to defend them against physical and military aggression.

The Aryan Republic will encourage and invest in pure science, in research, and in the exploration of outer space as a matter of national policy. National Socialism understands that the benefits which will accrue from such pure scientific efforts will in the long run far outweigh any consideration of immediate cost.


The foreign policy of the Aryan Republic will be based solely on the long term interests of the Aryan race world wide. In order effectively to pursue such a policy, National Socialism will create and maintain the world's most powerful military force, fully capable of repelling any aggression from without such as that which destroyed the Third Reich, and capable as well of protecting the interests of our people abroad.

It will be the mission of the Republic's foreign policy to serve as a friend and protective shield to all Aryan peoples the world over who may suffer from persecution, discrimination, or threatened genocide by the racial enemy.


The Aryan Republic will establish universal conscription and military training for all young men, beginning in the public schools at a very early age.

All men between the ages of 18 and 50 will be part of the military reserve except in cases of the most serious medical exemption. Military training and the instillment of martial pride and tradition in the young will be a major aspect of the educational system. The ancient and honorable profession of the soldier will be once more established within the community as one of the highest regard and respect, and veterans of the armed forces will be accorded a superior political and economic status within the community.


It will be the imperative duty of the National Socialist state aggressively to strive for the continual improvement of the Aryan race through positive eugenic measures, especially through encouraging the propagation of the best elements of our population in every way possible.

Steps will also be taken to halt the spread of hereditary defects and racially impure blood within the gene pool of the racial community. Our racial resources provide the biological basis for all true progress, and must not only be nurtured but improved, in order for Aryan man to attain the highest potential development both physically and mentally.

Finally, it is the duty of the state to take an active part in the spiritual life of the racial community. Our people must be turned away from their present path of materialism, cynicism, and egotism and become inspired by the racial idealism and rebirth of traditional Aryan values.

By these values we mean such ideals as the strong nuclear family unit; the love and cherishing of White children; personal responsibility for self and family; fortitude in adversity; physical courage in the face of the enemy; a sense of patriotism and racial community; generosity to those of our race who are sick or hurt or in need; and the concept of rights and privileges as the earned rewards of social responsibility fulfilled.


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