Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Jug-Ears Rape Story

[Okay, I want to confess from the outset, I pinched this off another blog which I am not going to credit because it's lefty crap and it has porno on it, and I don't advertise porno, and wouldn't even if Vince Breeding wanted to use my servers and offered me a cut. (That's a Movement inside joke.) I have no idea if there's anything to this rant, but we already know that Jug-Ears is a sick puppy with mental problems, and we've already had one rapist in the White House. Is the following story really so far-fetched? So what the hell...take a gander and draw your own conclusions. - HAC]

by Some Lefty Guy Whose Name I
Can't Be Bothered to Hunt All Over
His Blog For

I have to admit right off, I am a blogger and this story scares the hell out of me, too. After a very weird incident with a cable guy named Larry...I have been thinking a lot about paranoia. I have been wondering about when it is actually appropriate, when it's not.

And I keep coming back to one issue that seems to scare absolutely everyone. As I said, it frightens me too, but not in ways I can easily relate, or even articulate.

Perhaps thats why no one, and I mean no one, wants to talk about it. I imagine the way my stomache twists and my knee jerks is contagious because all those who are willing to whisper it are immediately struck with thier own uncomfortable paranoia. Appropriate or not.

Some try to chalk it up as a "tinfoil hat" type of thing, perhaps to dispell their own uneasy questions, or perhaps, to try to discredit the questioner.. I don't really know why, but even good men have fallen silent now. On this one issue in particular the silence is so profound it is in fact the bigger question.

What is it that has even the vicious "liberal-left-whatever" shocked into a stunned silence? Something so explosive, not even "fearless bloggers" will dare touch it, much less speak of it? What could possibly inspire so much fear?

Her name was Margie Schoedinger. And she was, in fact, a real human being.

The following facts are her facts, not my own. The accusations are hers, not mine. I do not know the truth of them, but the fact of them is pretty damn...scary.

If you simply Google this woman's name, you will indeed instantly start getting a story about a woman who accused a sitting president of rape. In 2002 Shoedinger accused the sitting president G. W. Bush of rape. And much more.

These are the facts we know.

Someone tried kidnapping this woman. Her would-be kidnappers were foiled by a passing Highway Patrol, who broke up the melee, and for whatever reason, let them go after she vehemently told the officer they were "going to kill her" and she knew why.

Margie Shoedinger and many people in her family were brought into police custody for "vigorous questioning." After this she went public with rape allegations against GW Bush and filed four very interesting lawsuits.

Not one newspaper, not one tv news, not one cable news, not one radio program, not one tabloid in the US media reported it. It was as if a tree fell on us, and no one heard it.

In these lawsuits it openly speaks of a one million dollar settlement secured by her against GWB for damages. At this point, he had already paid her one million dollars. The settlement had been mitigated through attorneys. [I think he means "negotiated"? - HAC]

Four months after the accusations were filed in Fort Bend County Texas the USA invaded Iraq. Bush was ordered to come to court in Texas on rape charges.

His accuser openly says in these lawsuits that she fears she will be suicided. Nine months after accusing the president of rape, Margie Shoedinger was dead, a bullet in her brain.

She died the same day Bush appeared before the UN, Sept 22, 2003.

Did I mention she was black and could apparently prove she had dated GW Bush as a minor?

Surely there are things to talk about here...?

And then the quiet falls and thats where things get really bizarre. In that silence three immediate questions cause an awful ripple in your gut.

Number 1)What in the hell happened to the so called free media?

Number 2) Is it possible my president is a rapist?

and Number 3) What else are we not hearing about?

By the way, did I also mention there are accusations of homosexual rape as well?

Yet no one can find any words to ask anything?

Here the current black out becomes a literal void of nothingness. I suppose anyone brave enough to approach it would ask the simple questions first, like who is Schoedinger and is she credible?

The truth is, I don't know the truth. But the facts are disturbing, twisted and wrong in unimaginable ways. I do not know what happened between these two people. Is she credible? I simply do not know because those who were supposed to report such matters, never said a damn thing. Not even when she died did it make any press anywhere inside the borders of the USA.

Yet the Russians, Brits and Aussies were aware of all this as it was happening.

At some point her credibility actually becomes moot. His Iraqi lies surely could be used against him, and don't look good for his credibility either. The facts alone so far can niether prove nor disprove her story. Which brings up another very odd question.

If she was crazy/gold digging/a political pawn ...why did the media never once try to discredit her? They didn't even bother to report her existence, which is not the same thing. Or her untimely death. She is dead and apparently no one cared.

This was not just a story blacked out, it was purposely overlooked by every single decent, bad or half-assed reporter in the nation. Even after all this time the bloggers don't want to hear a word of it. I know exactly how they feel, but unfortunately this story will not die as easily as she did. It will not die because no on answered any of the questions.

And even now two years later her story is still unimpeached. The facts still lay there like the twitching dead, uncomfortable and unacknowledged. One day we may have answers to the many questions the facts raise, but perhaps, that may be what scares the hell out of simply everbody.

Do we really want to know? If you ever cared about the truth, then that is yes...yes, we must know.

But if even bloggers are afraid, my God, who can possibly be left to ask? If I know certain facts of the case, surely Congressmen and Senators can not plead ignorance, so where in the hell are they?

I do not, nor have I ever known Margie Schoedinger. I do not know what to make of her life or her death. But knowing what limited amount I do know, makes me question such fundamental issues that everything I know, or thought I knew, hangs in the balance.

One day Margie Shoedinger may rise from her gave and tell us it was all a joke. She may tell us it was true, but unimportant. Perhaps she would beg any she had harmed in life to forgive her. Or perhaps...just perhaps, she may arise and scream for justice.

I wonder if anyone will hear her, either way?

I wonder will they still fear her so...?


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