Sunday, December 18, 2005

Help A Croatian Hero

Croatia; the country in WW2 defended by the Black Legion, the National Socialist Ustasa. Who fought against the Communist Serbs and the Chetniks,but purely on Croatian ground.

In the last war in Croatia, the Ustasa again defended their homes on Croatian ground from the Serbs. General Ante Gotovina came to Croatia and within a few days, he drove all Serbs away. That's why he is an hero in Croatia.

Now he is in jail in the Hague, being charged for war crimes he did notcommit.

He only defended his people and his country.

Please sign the online petition:

or send him a card:

Postbus 13888
2501 EW Den Haag

[from Lisa in Rotterdam]


Anonymous Lisa said...

Thanks Homer, I appreciate it very much!

The article may sound anti Serb, but it's not. It's paying tribute to a man that defended his country. After Irving, Verbeeke, and all the other activists and historians who are being thrown in jail, it wasn't surprising to see that even those who fight for their country are locked away.

Well, as Bart would say, smell you later ;-)

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Thanks for posting this message Homer, I appreciate it very much.
No offense to the Serb since it may sound anti-Serb. But defending your own country is a duty and those who defend their own country, are and will be viewed and honoured as hero's.

And those who do send Ante a card, send one to HAC also ;-))

3:00 PM  

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