Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chester Doles' Yule Message 2005

Although this comes to you from the viewpoint of an Asatru/National Socialist, it contains an important message for all our Folk, whether you be Christian Identity, Christian, Asatru, National Socialist, etc. (I personally believe Asatru and National Socialism go together, like hand and glove, but that is only my opinion.)

Blotavolk means, literally, "The People Who Sacrifice." But who are the Blotavolk, and what do they do? Blotavolk are the people of Central and Northern European ancestry who practice the original religion of their forefathers. Blotavolk is fundamentally a nature religion, a way of life that is dedicated to the Gods and to the nature they created for us to live, grow, and prosper. Blotavolk does not attempt to rule, subdue, or conquer nature. We do not fight against nature, in fact we see that man is bound by the laws of nature and as such, we of the Blotavolk work in conjunction with nature. Why do we do this? Because the Gods and Goddesses of the Blotavolk are seen as nature itself, and therefore to fight against nature is to fight against the Gods themselves, and that is foolish. This point must be clarified; although we of the Blotavolk/Odinist see the Gods and Goddesses in nature and in our daily lives, we do not believe that the Gods are just some anthropomorphic personification of nature. In fact, we believe just the opposite--nature is a personification of the Gods.

We of the Blotavolk practice the faith of our ancestors, not a foreign faith of an imported culture. Why is this fact important? We of European descent have within us strong cultural, racial, spiritual, and moral ties to OUR people, not other people's ancestors. Quite plainly, we are who we are, and should never pretend to be anyone else. Our people have an identity that is unique to us, and that is why we have become who we are. If our ancestors were Egyptian, Middle Eastern, or Asian, then we would naturally be drawn to those systems of belief. But we are not, we are Europeans--Aryans, and we follow the natural ways of our ancestors.

Blotavolk practice a way of life and a religion without attempting to integrate strange foreign influences into the ways of our ancestors. In fact, we work very hard to hold fast to the ways of our ancestors, and to keep them as pure as we are able. Blotavolk is not a "neo-pagan" or modern religion. Our practices are as old as our people are. Blotavolk does not feel the need to "modify" the ways of our people to "suit the needs of 21st century man." The ways and practices of our ancestors are as valid now as they were forty thousand years ago. In fact, looking at today's world, the ways of the Blotavolk are needed now more than ever, especially among our youth.

Every day the rot of moral and spiritual decay grows deeper into the roots of our people. The writings of our ancestors, such as the Havmaal, teach the core of our people's moral view, the Nine Noble Virtues:


Our youth and adults need these Nine Noble Virtues. Regardless of your faith how can a person go wrong, if they incorporate these values into their daily lives? (To purchase of a copy of my Nine Noble Virtues contact the Women for Aryan Unity at

The Gods and Goddesses of the Blotavolk are as real and powerful now as they ever have been. Odin, Thor, Freyr, Tyr, Frigg, Jord, Sif, and Freyja live still today. It has been said that our Gods, the gods of the people, are currently sleeping. The Blotavolk disagree with this statement with all of our hearts. It is we who are sleeping, not our Gods. Our people sleep, and the Gods and Goddesses watch and wait for our call: Aryans Awake!

Blotavolk - The People Who Sacrifice

As I sit in this cold prison cell writing this, I can't help but think of my own personal sacrifice. I acted and did what needed to be done to protect my community and my Folk, and for doing so I'm forced to spend another year separated from my beloved children, wife and family at this wonderful time of year. I won't be there to read my children Yule stories, I won't be sitting at the head of the table for Yule dinner, I won't be carving the turkey, I won't be spending precious time with my loved ones. No, I'll be spending another year up close and personal with animalistic creatures in human form. This is my sacrifice to our Folk.

I encourage everyone to always take the time to tell your son just how proud you are of him, tell your daughters how beautiful they are, tell your wives, mothers and fathers how very important they are to you, how much you love them and pray to the Gods you are never separated from them. My heart and soul cries out to hold my children, in our home again, to sleep in my own bed and hold my wife. Family, dear friends, is what life is all about. Give yours the honor and respect they so righteously deserve. So raise the Horn with family and friends this year, place that Yule log on the fire, decorate your Yule Tree, and remember that these are all pagan traditions of our ancestors.

I'd like to send out an extra special seasons greeting to: EURO Chairman David Duke, Resistance Records CEO Erich Gliebe, NA Chairman Shaun Walker, WR Chairman Billy Roper, NV Chairman Kevin Strom, LIBRA administrator and AFP/Ohio Chairman John Gerhardt, WAR Chairman Tom Metzger, Sigrdrifa Publications, WAU Chairman Vicky, Pantheon Publishing President Kortney, Unione Skinhead Girls/Italy, all my friends with Keystone State Skins/PA, and the entire Hammerskin Nation, Shaun of Max Resist, Miles and Tate of Hammerhead, Definite Hate, Prussian Blue Lamb & Lynx and April, my friends with the League of the South, Al and Donna P. in Georgia, David P. in Alaska, Johnny Dixon and all the dedicated WP bands, Hal Turner, Randy B. in Maryland, Robert A. in NC, Viktor M. in Tennessee, Todd W. in Florida, Aaron C. in Missouri, Yankee Jim in New York, Rich L. in New Jersey, Steven S. in Alabama, Bekki T. in Michigan, BNP Mark C. in Britain, My friends in Scotland, Finland, South Africa, Germany, Lisel in Australia, and throughout Europe.

I wish you and yours a wonderful, happy, and memorable Yule this year. HAIL ODIN! HAIL THE ALL-FATHER!!

In the Spirit of Racial Unity,
Chester J. Doles
FCI Manchester #54525-019
P. O. Box 4000
Manchester, KY. 40962

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