Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Canadian Northwest Site Pulled

Yesterday I received an email from my ISP stating there had been a complaint about the site, and today I received an email stating the site had been pulled. Yesterday they wanted to get in touch and"discuss" the matter, and today the site is gone.

Did I miss a memo? What happened to the discussion?

That's what life is like in Canada. Our leaders follow a plan of almost hysterical Political Correctness,and there is an absolutely fanatical persecution for those who dare to question the sacred cows. Uou can go to jail for simply asking questions, a place where one of our judges said "The truth is no defence."

It is all so incredible, so fantastic, that it simply defies belief. This site, this objectionable site, has been up for almost a year; this site was low-keyed and informational in nature--and yet, someone, somewhere, is so offended, so upset by it, that it had to be pulled, that it must not be in existence for even one more day! I stand here shaking my head in wonder.

"The highest compliment one man can pay to another is to try to silence him by force."

-Jeff Hughes


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