Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sir Greville Janner, Q. C.

Comrades - This is the creepy little Jew who was cackling in such triumph over David Irving's arrest yesterday.

Everybody needs to post the following and spread it around as far and wide as possible, but most especially in the United Kingdom, where the libel and censorship laws shield the abusers of children if they happen to be Jews. Greville Janner is a Jewish Member of Parliament who has been described as "Britain's foremost Zionist and friend of Israel". He is also a paedophile; I remember him from my own days in Britain and he was notorious even then, a slippery, slimey thing from under a rock who uses Parliamentary privilege to commit unspeakable acts. Greville Janner must be exposed and stopped before he buggers again. - HAC

The Frances Lawrence Campaign for Decency

Dear Friends:

My thanks to all of you who sent kind messages of support and encouragement in response to the publication of my manifesto in the Times in October, which called for a restoration of decency in our national life. I have now set about engaging in practical work to further these ideals.

As a result of representations from the Leicester-based organization "Parents Against Paedophilia", I have decided to lend my support to the campaign for a Paedophile Register. How can we expect young boys to behave decently if adult sexual perverts are allowed to abuse them? How can we expect the young top respect the law if such perverts are able to escape punishment simply because they hold powerful positions in society? It is in this connection that I nominate GREVILLE JANNER, QC [Queen's Counsel], M.P. [Member of Parliament] as candidate No. 1 for inclusion in the Register.

JANNER is a child molester well known to the police. An active file on his activities has been maintained at Scotland Yard since even before the eruption of the Leicester Children's Home scandal of 1991, which led to the jailing of the notorious paedophile Frank Beck. Damning evidence concerning JANNER's sustained sexual abuse of a 13 year-old boy in care emerged during Beck's trial, but JANNER was shielded by the then Director of Public Proescutions, Sir Alan Green---who resigned shortly after as the result of a "kerb-crawling" incident.

JANNER used the device of a 'Personal Statement' to deny all the accusations against him. Statements to the House of Commons of this kind, apart from being covered by Parliamentary privilege, are exempt from the usual interjections *and questions* from other MPs. After making his statement JANNER was invited by the prtess to answer their questions *outside* the privileged confines of the House. He refused to do so, and refused to explain why.

Thus it may be seen that his subsequent claims to have been "cleared by Parliament of all accusations" is utterly untrue. JANNER ducked a genuine opportunity to clear his name by taking legal action against his former victim who, as a grown man, has re-iterated his evidence outside the protection of the witness box.

Instead of quitting public life, JANNER simply kept his head down for a while. Now, in the mistaken belief that the dust from the Frank Beck affair has settled, JANNER has had the impudence to take a leading role in the crusade to recover "Holocaust Loot" allegedly held in Swiss banks.

Thanks to "Parents Against Paedophilia", the Swiss media and banking community have been circulated with copies of the booklet IS GREVILLE JANNER ABOVE THE LAW? which details the evidence (much of it given on oath, by several witnesses) about his conduct. A Swiss diplomatic protest is expected soon which will bring disgrace on our Parliament and legal profession.

The Speaker of the House of Commons has said that the reputation of the whole House has been called into question over the "Cash For Questions" affair, and that the whole issue must be resolved quickly. Recently Labour leader Tony Blair spoke of his dream of a Britain built on strong family values. But is the "Cash For Questions" scandal more important than the scandal of a Member of Parliament and Queen's Counsel gratifying his lusts on a defenceless child in his care? I ask you all to write to your Member of Parliament about these issues now, and inform me of the response you receive.

Yours sincerely,
Frances Lawrence

Frances Lawrence Campaign for Decency
Hon. Secretary: Andrew Hillier
64 Victoria Street
London SW1E 6QP, England
Tel. 0171-798-2259


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why it is so important, when discussing race issues, to "name the Jew". Naming the Jew doesn't mean firing up the gas ovens all over again (BOO-HOO-HOO). It simply means that we don't cover up their identity. We politically target Organized Jewry such as the abominable Anti-Defamation League, which is a Jewish supremacist organization, and AIPAC, which controls the campaign purse strings of so many Congresspukes. We economically target Corporate Jewry, which brings in scads of LBFs (Little Brown F*****s) not to make them citizens, but to do scut work at slave wages. It was the Godfather of Modern Zionism, Dr. Theodor Herzl, who once said "The Jewish Question exists wherever Jews are present in large numbers" Well, they're present in large numbers in some places, and the question most certainly still exists.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

an example.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

G. Janner always tried to impress me, giving me gifts, paying my way... until the day came when I told him I didn't want to do it,

The door was locked, He hugged me on the sofa, then he cuddled me and held me tightly, too tightly and whispered in my ear "x xxxx xxx xxxx xx xx xxxx" I told him NO,NO I don't want to...Then he.....................

There must be others like me?

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