Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Importance of the Truth Commission

Yeah, I know, I imagine you're getting tired of constantly subscribing and re-subscribing to all these discussion groups that go for a few months and then get deleted because some hebe goes sobbing to Yahoo. And yes, they are probably of limited effectiveness. I'm sure the thought has crossed your minds, "Ah, screw it...why bother with them thangs any more?"

All of you know my own views on the internet, but I never said it was completely useless or completely unimportant. The internet is like gunpowder or the atomic bomb. Whether we like it or not, it exists, and we have to learn to live with it.

First off, this group is important because I inherited it from a very fine comrade and a true Southern gentleman, one of the last of the old school, John David Grier from Georgia. J. D. got deleted about five or six times when he was running it, and he bounced right back. I can only do the same.

Secondly, regardless of what we think about the internet, the fact is that the Jews don't want us there, and that indicates to me it's somewhere we need to be. My reservations about the Net still stand--but no greasy, arrogant kike is running me out of anyplace. White men are entirely too ready to give up when "the hill is too steep." Consider this a practice exercise in not giving up in the face of Jewish pressure.

Third, so long as someone acts as gatekeeper, keeps the kooks out, and imposes at least some minimal discipline and order, these groups can function as a popular and serious exchange of ideas. When Yahoo pulled this plug this morning the Truth Commission had around 425 members, which to the best of my knowledge made it the largest White Racial Nationalist group on Yahoo. The Jews took something away from us, and we need to get it back. That's a precedent we need to set.

I will be sending all of you in addition another special invitation, either later tonight or tomorrow. Watch for it in your e-mail.

I know, this is a drag. But sometimes you have to put a little effort into fighting Zion.


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