Thursday, October 06, 2005

Secret Resistance?

In one of my recent ravings, I made a snide remark about those "comrades" among us who constantly drop these portentous hints about how they're involved in all kinds of mysterious, deep, and of course oh-so-secret resistance activity against ZOG.

We've all run across this phenomenon on occasion, I'm sure. It's always imparted with a nudge and a wink, hint-hint, forefingers to lips, etc. The gist of this canard is that there is supposedly this big hidden White underground that is doing all kinds of neat stuff, including in some versions of the story waging full-scale guerrilla warfare, "but we never hear anything about it because the Jew media suppresses it."

Of course, participation in this big secret movement necessitates that these people must "keep a low profile." Like leaderless resistance, their participation in all this super-secret anti-ZOG activity that no one ever hears about justifies their reluctance to do anything which might involve even a modicum of risk or public identification as a racist, never mind paying ten dollars a month in dues on a regular basis to a dreary, pedestrian organized group conducting legal activity, or attending meetings, or passing out leaflets, or slowly educating and recruiting others, all that basic and boring stuff.

In my article I made it fairly clear that I take a rather skeptical view of this claim. Subsequently, a comrade posted to the Truth Commission Yahoo group and asked if I genuinely believed that no one at all was really engaged in secret resistance.

I was on the verge of sending him a snappy "No such animule! What we see is what we got, God help us!" But after some thought I realized the issue is a lot more complicated than that, and sufficiently important to merit a longer and serious examination.

I suppose in a sense this "secret resistance" thing is another manifestation of our longing to find some way to fast forward the tape and skip over the boring yet dangerous, hard parts where the hill seems to be too steep and the heavy lifting has to be done. The stage the NPA is in now. We do SO long to find that fast-forward button and skip to the fun parts with the long columns of Stormtroopers marching down the streets, or things going boom in the night. (By the by, if you do want to indulge in a little fast-forward or two, may I suggest my Northwest independence novel trilogy?)

First off, is there really any serious, real-world (i.e. non-internet) underground resistance against this tyranny going on that the Jewish media allegedly suppresses?

Well, I suppose it's possible. It's also theoretically possible that in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter there is a small planetoid comprised entirely of chocolate cake. The existence of either of these things cannot be DIS-proven, so there is always a remote chance that they might exist. But the probability is against it.

Leaving aside the high degree of unlikelihood that we as a community have the sheer necessary competence to conduct a serious, secret resistance movement, let's look first at this notion of "the Jew media suppresses the news" of this alleged movement's activities.

We have seen the hysteria with which the Jewish media has reacted to the most trivial cases of alleged "terrorism." Some sad little Apu convenience store owner in Oregon or Detroit goes back home to Pakistan or Oman or someplace for a visit to relatives, and this allegedly becomes "terrorist training in an Al Qaeda training camp." He and three or four of his brown buddies are dragged away in the middle of the night, and the FBI is always accompanied by Fox News. (Has anyone besides myself noticed that there have been NO actual Muslim attacks at all inside the United States since 9/11? Only alleged "conspiracies" which are conveniently infiltrated and broken up by the FBI before any damage to the System is actually done? Now, where have we seen this pattern before?)

Anyone with a White skin pops a single round at anyone with a dark skin, and CNN and Fox News have their flavor du jour. Never mind Morris Dees,who will have a fund-raising field day with it. (Do we really believe Morris Dees would agree to keep silent about any real, secret evil racist conspiracy he could use to get at those little old black ladies' life savings?) Back in cable news' infancy, we saw the massive publicity and twenty-four hour coverage in the weeks after Oklahoma City, whoever was behind that. We saw the sound and fury after that faggot Matthew Shepherd got strung up on the barbed wire in Wyoming in what appears actually to have been a drug deal gone bad. Ditto the Jasper, Texas nigger-dragging incident. At least one whole movie was made about that one. Buford Furrow and Ben Smith listening to the voices in their head still pop up to this day on the regular shows about "hate," the news media are so desperate to get air time off evil White supremacists. The incredible thing about the coverage of so-called "hatecrimes" is that there are so few of them, considering what we have to put up with.

I went through Greensboro, and I can tell you how the news media react if there is so much as a hint of armed White resistance. One White man fires a single round and you've got camera crews crawling up your ass looking for just this kind of so-called "secret underground." Ditto the cops and Feebs. To the very end of the three trials, after losing three in a row, the government and the Reds still kept trying to "prove" that Greensboro was the result of some deep, dark conspiracy. Do you think if there really was any such thing, the media wouldn't have uncovered it and splattered it all over the television screen by now?

Hell, I actually tried to start one such underground movement once. Remember the National Socialist Brotherhood and The Book? I still get requests for the printed version of The Book, since it has a Swastika on it and can take pride of place in those secret, concealed caches of literature so many middle-aged men keep hidden away in their basement rec rooms. But I have never seen any sign at all that anyone actually took the NSB concept seriously or tried to implement anything in The Book.

The slightest tinge of racial element or "hate" in the most squalid non-racial incident provides grist for the Jewish propaganda mill. At least once a year we see how the Jewsmedia react to any genuine act of violent or armed resistance to Political Correctness, no matter how spontaneous and drunken it may be. They can't stop screaming hatecrime for weeks. Do you really believe that if there were any organized White underground that was actually doing anything besides tapping on computer keyboards, the Jewish media would "suppress it?" The government would "suppress it?" No. In this climate today, if one of our people were to pop off a single bomb, the media would be all over it and Congress would be rushed back into session to pass more draconian laws taking away what little remains of our Constitutional rights.

Secondly--if any such thing existed, do any of us seriously believe that we have the ability to keep something like that a secret? The Movement was alive with rumors about the Order all throughout 1983 and 1984. If nothing else, the drunken Glenn Miller was babbling about it all over the show and "recruiting" (so he said) for this new secret underground army. I know because he wrote me a letter and asked me to come back from Ireland to join, as well as at least one other person of my acquaintance.

In the spring and summer of 1994 I was pestered with demands to join the "Aryan Revolutionary Army" (ARA) from this one Induhvidual who, of course, mysteriously disappeared when everybody got arrested. If this Induhvidual was babbling to me about the ARA on the phone and on paper, then you know he was babbling to others.

Finally, if any such secret underground does exist, my question is this: when are we going to see some kind of real-world results of all this secret activity? By results I don't mean articles posted to the internet, I mean some kind of actual, physical damage to the enemy? Some restraint on the United States government's ability to do harm? Regime change in Washington? Some kind of genuine re-empowerment of this country's White majority? (We forget, we are in fact still a majority, although not for long unless we get our act together.) When are we going to see fewer niggers in our streets and hear less Spanish and Third World gabblegabblegabble in our grocery stores? When are our soldiers coming home from Iraq? When will Israel be told, "You're on your own, Jew-boys!" and left to scimitar of Arab justice? When will we see faggots and nigger-screwing White sluts dangling from lamp posts and former FBI agents breaking rocks on a chain gang to atone for their crimes? When will there be any actual change resulting from all this "secret resistance?"

Next week? Next month? Next year? Five years from now? Ten?


Okay, all that having been said--I am quite willing to believe that some of us do occasionally engage in acts of what the environmentalists call "monkeywrenching," which in our context usually means playing pranks on niggers or Jews. Sometimes these pranks can go very bad. Ask Alex Curtis; he ended up doing three years for putting a dead snake in a Jew's mailbox.
I myself have been known to monkeywrench. I will give you an example of what I mean.

When I was working in Raleigh, and I was young enough so that I could still be placed in white-collar employment, I used to do a lot of office work for temp agencies, basically correcting the screw-ups of the affirmative action negresses and women who have more or less taken over all the administrative and office jobs in this country. I was on several occasions offered what amounted to "permanent temp" work--I could stay as long as I wanted working for the temp agency and getting my little paper signed every week by some child young enough to be my daughter so I could get paid, but I would never be actually hired on by the company and get such things as medical insurance, retirement benefits, etc. Even then, affirmative action and "diversity" ruled with an iron hand.

In 1987 and 1988 I ended up doing about a six-month stint at a very large mortgage company in Raleigh, which was affiliated with a very large bank, which may or may not still exist if it hasn't been bought out by some huge international conglomerate like most banks have. As per usual, my job essentially consisted of checking the negresses' and the little White girls' work and correcting things like spelling errors, re-adding their figures, etc. This was for mortgage and lien documents, courthouse stuff, legal things that had to be right. The little White girls developed a habit of coming to me to help them with certain mathematical calculations that had to be done manually, because the word went out that I had gone to public school in the 1960s back when they still taught long division and how to multiply fractions, and I knew how to do these things. Most of these girls had two-year degrees at least from local tech and business schools, but they couldn't do long division.

There was one department manager there, a negress whom I will call Sheba, on the wild off chance that this story might come back to bite me after almost twenty years. You never know. Sheba was affirmative action personified, a very black-skinned monkoid, completely incompetent at her job, which I expected and could handle--one never expects genius in congoids--but she was as ugly as home-made sin and vicious with it. She bullied and hectored and harassed and insulted and lorded it over all the little White girls in the department. (Fortunately for me, I worked for another department, although on the same floor, so I got a first-hand look at how she operated.) She filled those girls' lives with stress and humiliation and bullying arrogance, in some cases making them quit because they were too frightened and upset to come in to work. Her favorite coup that always made her day was when she could send some White girl running into the bathroom crying.

I noticed that Sheba pointedly avoided having anyone in her department who wasn't 20 years younger; a White woman her own age, versed in the arcane world of office politics, with a few years of seniority under her belt would have known how to fight back. She was obviously one of those affirmative action negresses whose whole pride and joy in life is getting put into a position of power over Whites and taking out her own inferiority and bestial hatred on young girls who were what she could never be.

I saw all this, and I was of course completely powerless to fight back, which is one of the most frustrating and enraging things about life as a White male in this society--one's inability to protect White children and women from the ravages of the beasts of the field. I think it's this sense of helplessness, more than anything else, that drives White men to drink and madness of the kind we see on the internet. Sheba was of course the prime topic of discussion in the break room. Like most White males, I sat and listened and like the noble lord in Macbeth, I "said the less but thought the more."

I got fairly friendly with my own manager, a White woman, and I asked her about the situation once. She shrugged and said, "Yeah, she's a bad bitch and we get complaints every week, all of which go right into File 13. She's black and she's female, which makes her an affirmative action twofer, and if we lifted one finger against her we'd have the NAACP and the News and Observer all over our ass. About the best thing I can tell you is she's never getting promoted any higher, but unless she really, really fucks up bad on something she's staying where she is until the cows come home, and she's just smart enough and knows her job well enough so that she is not going to make the kind of really massive screw-up that would be required before we could deep-six her. Nothing we can do, Harold. Sorry."

Ah, but not always. Every now and then, I think the gods have just had enough. They decided that in this one case, I would be allowed a slight ration of justice and karmic balance. Attend.

About a year after that, I was back at that mortgage company--as a security guard, that last-ditch, most bottom rung of employment for White males who have failed to apply their lips in the prescribed manner to Jewish buttocks, or otherwise blotted their copybooks. On night duty, no less. It was just a temporary job replacing one guard who was out injured for a few weeks, so I knew I wasn't going to be there permanently. I saw Sheba coming in and out of the building, and I realized that she didn't recognize me. I guess all us White boys look alike. And at night, in the wee hours of the morning, I got to stroll around all the floors and all the offices and cubicles, guarding the sinews of capitalism from the forces of evil. All on my own. Including Ms. Sheba's office.

Now, remember, I had worked there for many months and I knew the paperwork system. I knew what documents in a mortgage loan file were absolutely essential, and I knew that Sheba's desk was the last stop before a mortgage on somebody's house could be closed, and closing dates had usually been set. Once they got there, Sheba was responsible for giving the final okay to the lender and real estate agent the next morning by fax. Put bluntly, I was in the unique position of knowing exactly how to fuck that bullying nigger bitch up right-wise. Sometimes, it all does come together.

Over a period of several weeks, certain documents disappeared from the files in Sheba's in-box. Not too many. Not every night. But enough to generate some very pissed-off home buyers and bankers. I think the gremlins ate them, or maybe they somehow fell into the shredding machine six floors below in the basement.

A few months later, I ran into one of the girls who worked there and we chatted. I asked casually about Sheba. "Oh, she got fired, finally!" the girl said enthusiastically. "We don't know what the story is, we just came in one morning and her office was empty. It's so much nicer a place to work now she's gone!"

Now, my point is--that kind of secret resistance, yes. I'm sure that goes on in a thousand different ways all across Amurrica.

But the thing is that it's time we moved beyond mere expressions of personal pique, merely playing pranks on niggers. The White man has to have a open, avowedly political goal and at least a few organizations which advocate and advance that goal.

The days when revolution could be brought about by a handful of conspirators whispering around a guttering candle in a deserted ruin at midnight are long gone. Today it takes organization, discipline, and enough money to choke an elephant. And that's just in the first, legal stage.

It's time we started seeing some change. It's time we started seeing things happen somewhere outside the flickering screen of a personal computer. We've been goofing off and half-stepping and hanging back for fifty years now, petrified with fear for our own safety. So long as our first concern is to protect ourselves and not our people, so long as our primary consideration is for our own identities to remain hidden and save our own skins, we are never going to take the kind of risks necessary to bring about change. Somehow or other, we have acquired this completely mistaken notion that there can be such a thing as risk-free revolution. That's ridiculous, and we have to dump this idea. Duty requires courage, and part of that courage is the willingness to stand up and make yourself a target for the enemy bullets. Not stupidly, not rashly, but with thought and planning.

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to fire at the enemy from a prone position. That's just common sense. But firing also means that to at least some extent, you're going to draw fire. It is not acceptable to cower down in a foxhole and not even peep up long enough to get off a shot.

Guys, I'm sorry. There just isn't any alternative to standing up and being counted, to joining an org and paying dues, to taking risks, to letting the enemy and our friends as well see our faces. We've tried "leaderless resistance," and it turned out to be all leaderless and no resistance.

If you are of a conspiratorial bent, you may claim that the Illuminati et. al. carried out a secret revolution over centuries. Well, maybe so, but we're not Jews. Aryans don't have the financial resources or the moral character to behave in that manner; it's not in our racial genes.

Let's get on with it.

Northwest American Republic--An Idea Whose Time Has Come.


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You are a fuckwit Harold!

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