Monday, October 24, 2005

National Socialism

National Socialism is a modern, evolving system of ethics and beliefs that you carry in your heart and live your daily life by, not a Halloween party or some queer Jew's S&M fantasy.

Although Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP did resurrect some symbolism from our people's proud and glorious past and culture, German National Socialism was a dynamic movement with its eyes fixed firmly on the future, not a re-enacting society dressing in the costumes of the previous century. The goal of the National Socialist party was "Tomorrow the World", not "Yesterday the World". "Heute da hoert uns Deutschland, und Morgen die ganze Welt" (Today Germany Listens to us, tomorrow the whole world)

As both a fourth generation National Socialist whose great-grandfathers fought in the First Great Fratricidal War and marched in the streets of the post-war Weimar "Juden Republik" (Jewish Republic) and the fragments of Imperial Austria with Adolf Hitler and the original National Socialist Party, and a Second Generation American National Socialist whose parents were followers of Commander Rockwell, and myself became a dedicated National Socialist at 6 years old (a sudden and violent influx of savage ghetto niggers in one's first grade class will do that to anyone with an average or above intelligence), nobody loves the old uniforms, flags, symbols, and other remnants of past glory more than I do. I still have my grandfather's German uniform from 1939 hanging in the closet, and wore a brown shirt and swastika armband (hand sewed it myself) in the early 1970's, but my current Nazi uniform is my White skin, and depending on the occasion a suit and tie or jeans, work shirt, and work boots.

As a decent, intelligent, functional 48 year old White male single parent living in 2006 California, I really have no desire to keep reliving the mistakes of the past. Nor do I really want anything to do with those so stupid or delusional that they are unable to come to terms with reality and cut loose with the millstone of the past that is dragging them down. The future isn't made by clowns or targets.

National Socialism is a revolutionary movement, not a costume party. You can tell real National Socialists by how they live and act, not what they wear. Jesus' description of the Jewish forces of evil and darkness also holds true, in the opposite way, for the forces of good and light: "By their works shall ye know them".

Keep up the good work, old comrade, and never lose faith in yourself or the noble goals you have dedicated your life to. The Fuehrer and the Commander would be proud of you.

Heil Hitler!


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You are a fuckwit Harold!

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