Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Heading for the Two Thousand Mark

The bodies are piling up. The official count of American dead in Iraq is heading towards 2,000 GI corpses, and will most likely pass that point during the latest "offensive" in Al Anbar, the latest futile attempt to sweep back the ocean with a broom. Afghanistan is still contributing it's stream to the river of blood as well--five more dead over there in the Forgotten War this week.

More important are the almost 20,000 wounded from Iraq. I'll give that Bakelite and kevlar body armor one thing: it does work, and it prevents the kind of torso wounds that are instantly fatal. But now we've got a massive amount of wounded men, many of whom are missing limbs.

I remember my grandparents talking about the old men they used to see on the courthouse square in Reidsville with arms and legs missing from Chickamauga and Gettysburg. The future of America may be about the same, with masses of limbless veterans begging homeless on the streets after the VA collapses completely, which is in the cards.


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