Sunday, October 30, 2005

Come On Home, Bob

Outstanding news on the new Homecomer, Harold! I keep looking at the beautiful Multnomah Falls on the Oregon postcard you sent me, and wonder why the hell I'm stuck here? There is real estate I own that needs to be liquidated. It will be awhile until I get there, and it sucks. At least others are making it. God bless you and The Homeland.

Bob from Massachusetts


Dear Mr. Covington:

Bob from Massachusetts gave me your e-mail address? Can you send me some information?

-B. in Pennsylvania


Bob, thanks for the recommendation and your support. I especially appreciate your telling other people about the Northwest Pioneer Association and sending them my way. We have to use the multiplier effect. There aren't many of us right now, but all of us know someone else who knows someone else, etc. Eventually we're going to get those "wagon trains" heading Northwest.



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