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Why We Should Give A Damn About David Duke

Today my e-mail brought a question that I hear quite often: "Why should we even give a damn about David Duke?" (Or Matt Koehl or Glenn Miller or whoever my skewering-target Movement fraud of the moment is?) "Why can't we just ignore him, look the other way, pretend he doesn't exist, and go on to build a Whiter and Brighter Movement, climb every mountain, face every storm, marching from strength to strength, onward and upwards, EXCELSIOR!" Or words to that effect.

Okay, I'll answer that question, in the kind of cynical and brutally frank realpolitik that White Nationalists never hear. That's what I do now that I am, however reluctantly, back in Fearless Leader mode. I have to take totally cynical and opportunistic stands on things.

Yeah, I know--we all wish we could pretend that all this GUBU crap in our pathetic little "Movement" is not really happening. We all so long to see our people display courage, decency, and above all strength again. We all wish we could pretend that we are marching from strength to strength like some strong-jawed figure in a Mjolnir drawing.

Then we look in the real world. And the picture is cold, cruel, ugly, and very, very depressing.

I know we all long to pretend it doesn't exist. I wish I could, as well. But I can't. That's not in my job description.

Guys, try...try...try to understand this, even though it causes you infinite pain. Jusr because a man pins a label on himself as "one of us," that doesn't mean that he is what he says he is.

The worst enemies White people have got are those who claim the loudest that they are on our side.

Part of that is because a few of these people are actively and consciously working for the government, the Anti-Defamation League, or the racial enemy in some form. But mostly not. In the case of most of them, they're just weak, self-centered, and corrupt men, products of this time and this society who can't rise above the sewage in which we all float.

Not even necessarily bad men at heart, but men who simply cannot cut the mustard, and who don't have the decency or the sense of shame to leave the Movement and find some other way to get money off people, like selling "how to make a fortune buying real estate" scams on late-night cable television.

Look at what these self-proclaimed leaders do, not what they say. We all know what David Duke says--and now we all know what he does. In any normal society, that would be conclusive. This is not a normal society and it does not produce normal political movements, so Double Diamond is still hanging around our necks like a great, liposucted albatross.

Anyway, back to realpolitik.

Let's leave aside all question of morality, okay? For the moment, what's right and wrong--we fuhgeddaboudit, capiche?

In his guilty plea, David Duke admitted to embezzling and gambling away the sum of approximately $230,000, which he raised in a period of sixteen months from his supporters and contributors. That's just what the Feds know about and were able to trace through banks, etc.--in other words, what came in by check and in some cases money order and Duke had to run through one of his bank or credit card accounts.

What about the money that came in in the form of cash, that Duke simply stuck in his pocket for walking-around and (literally) fucking-around money? The actual sum of money that David Duke pissed up against the wall during that one sixteen month period when he was under Federal scrutiny was probably a lot closer to five hundred thousand dollars.


White dollars. Pissed up against a wall.

What could that money have done if it went to me (yes, me?) Or Kirk Lyons of the SCV, or the League of the South? Or one of the better little Klan groups? Or one of the legitimate Revisionist publishers? Or Ernst Zundel? Suppose Matt Hale had been able to access that money to hire a top notch attorney?

How far along could I be right now with the Northwest Migration with that half a million dollars? We'd have a headquarters, a monthly and maybe weekly tabloid newspaper, the Party would be formed, we'd be making our first runs for public office, we'd have dozens of salaried activists working for the Northwest every day, we could give genuine assistance to sincere people wanting to migrate--and we'd have the funds to send someone to check them out beforehand, too.

You get the picture. Frauds like David Duke don't just rob their own supporters. They rob us all. They rob the future of their race. They leech away the vital green substance that any genuine bud of racial freedom must have to survive and grow. Duke and his kind are parasites and eventually, when a parasite sucks too much of the host oganism's sustenance, the parasite dies.

David Duke could, quite literally, kill us all. That's why we have to be concerned with him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Harold Covington,

I read an article in regards to David Duke on your "Truth Commission" yahoogroup. It said that Mr. Duke had been framed in some type of prison scandal and was under government induced duress over the incident. The article referred to the status of David Dukes passport and inferred that it was obtained in a quid pro quo deal with the federal authorities in the United States. After I read that I wasn't sure what to believe and started reading another webpage.

Cliff Herrington who like yourself was a member of the American Nazi Party of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell had posted concerning the exact same topic. Fakers and Frauds in the Movement who are just ripping off our people and making a mockery of White Nationalist beliefs. The only difference seems to be that the shoe is on the other foot and he's attacking you. A few weeks ago you wrote about Frank Collin and that you were involved in banishing him from the National Socialist group you were all in together. I was confused because I wouldn't trust a word I read from the NSM but I couldn't find anything on the subject anywhere. The article says you were out on bail so I checked here and you've been posting as if life is uneventful. Can you offer some explanation as to what this is about, and also a follow up question of why this seems to be a sudden trend in selective prosecutions?

Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 20:42:24 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
From: Cliff Herrington
Subject: Re: Email I got from Tom Metzger

No news is good news, This is the Icing to the cake, and it was Collins
that was set lup by Covington which lost the Chicago headquarters, or I
should say that jailed Collins and got Covington about 175.000$$$, and
as for this child porn thing, of course these academics wil be
complaining and trying to tar brush us with the same brush as Covington, look
at his two buddies names, Ukrainians, my aunt fannie, JEWS JEWS AND MORE
We have been trying to warn people about the Covington business for
years and far be it from me to trhow stones....
Chairman NSM

-----Original Message-----
From: "M. Blevins"
Sent: Sep 20, 2005 2:58 AM
To: Commander NSM
Subject: Email I got from Tom Metzger

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 12:49 PM
Subject: ARYAN ALERT!!!

SEATTLE, Washington (CNN) -- Police arrest notorious white supremacist
in child porn sting .A notorious white supremacist leader has been
released from the King County Jail on $50,000 bail. Police say that
fifty-two year old Nazi Harold
Covington was found in possession of large stashes of child
pornography. Police
believe that they have uncovered one of the largest child porn
distribution locales on the West coast.

In addition to Harold Covington, two other individuals who are
nationals were also arrested. Yakov Abramov (33) and Israel Cohen (61)
were believed to have also been involved with Covington. Police say
that the
three are part of a much larger ring international child porn ring and
they refused to comment in order to avoid compromising an ongoing
investigation. Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a
highly regarded watchdog of hate groups stated that there are many
pedophiles in the
white supremacist movement. ?There is a history of pedophilia in the
supremacist movement. Whether it be prominent leaders like Frank
Collins, a former leader of the American Nazi Party, or marginal
individuals like
Martin Lindstedt, there appear to be a great many child predators in
this insidious movement and they must be brought to account."
John Schultz, head of the Seattle branch of Protect Our Children was
outraged by the release of Covington. ?It is outrageous that State of
Washington continues to be soft on pedophiles. The fact that this creep
is on the streets should strike fear in the heart of every parent.?

Police say that these arrests mark the tip of the iceberg and that
arrests are expected in the coming days.
Gee I don't find myself agreeing with the ADL very often. But Foxman is
right about one thing. There has always been a sexual deviate
underground in the Right Racial Movement. The sad part is that several leaders
that have known the score failed to tell what they knew. And some were
part of it. Remember when Covington smeared Ben Klassen claiming rape
and murder of a young skin head. What a vile pig he was and is.
Covington's buddy Frank Collin COHEN was jailed for child molestation
activity in Chicago. One trade mark of these types is that they usually
have no girl friends or wives. Usually women haters.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a fuckwit Harold!

6:49 PM  
Blogger Emaiul488 said...

The article said:There has always been a sexual deviate
underground in the Right Racial Movement.

My thoughts on the matter? There are sexual deviants in ALL areas of life, just as there will be in the white movement. NO part of life is left untouched by perverts, they cover ALL spectrums of life. To point out that the whites have a corner on this is not only untrue, it distracts from the jews who are the world leaders in child porn. Hence the huge bust in Brazil a few months ago where jews were arrested for child snuff movies.

Perverts are not only white nationalist. Perverts are everywhere, AND you can mark my words, we whites will continue to do ALL we can to keep perverts away from our children, even if that means placing in prison, one of our own.

7:04 PM  

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