Sunday, September 04, 2005

Why Not Repatriate?

House Majority leader Dennis Hastert has already floated a tentative trial balloon to the effect of: do we really need to rebuild New Orleans?

It's an interesting question. What, exactly, is there in New Orleans besides some architecturally interesting houses in the French Quarter, including the palazzo where Madame LaLaurie ruled her slaves with such an iron hand in the 1830s? (I'd love a ghost tour of that house! But I digress.)

Really, now, what do people go to New Orleans for? Largely to get drunk in the French Quarter, experiment with interracial and perverted sex, (there was a major "gay convention" scheduled for the French Quarter this week had not Katrina intervened) and generally to show their butts and act stupid.

The Big Easy is kind of a worldwide spring break, especially during Mardi Gras where for one week every stupid blond bimbo in every American college and university seems to go there so she can get hammered, take off her blouse and wave her titties off a balcony to the drunken mobs below, after which she gets so drunk she does a few amateur lesbian porn videos with Jennifer and Dakota from her dorm, which end up on the internet and which (sometimes) her rich Daddy and his lawyer have to chase down and buy back from the Beavis and Butthead type geeks who made them. That's New Orleans.

There are some very overpriced bars on Bourbon Street, some funky black men in top hats playing the tuneless, cacophonic jazz that due to the jaded elites' fascination with negroes has somehow become classified as real music (it isn't); some equally funky black women pretending to be voodoo priestesses and selling bogus voodoo charms and bits and pieces of disgusting animal matter to the gullible tourists; and a lot of crime and violence as the huge majority of the city's negroid population preys on the White tourists and residents in various ways, with the help and connivance of the city's corrupt black-run government and all-negro police force.

New Orleans has long been almost as famous for its occasional black atrocities committed against White tourists as for its filet gumbo. It's common knowledge among the vacationing set that if one goes to New Orleans one is to at least some degree taking one's life in his hands; dicing with the Black Death seems to be part of the weird attraction of the place. As tourist traps go, the local Six Flags or Busch Gardens are more interesting, more fun, and a hell of a lot safer than New Orleans.

But now Mother Nature has presented America with an ideal chance to finally do some genuine urban renewal and clean up one of the festering, putrescent "black spots" which we have allowed to grow on the North American continent.

I propose two revolutionary steps that can, should, and maybe (with a lot of window dressing and camouflage) will be taken by the authorities responsible for recovering from Hurricane Katrina:

PROPOSAL ONE: Fine, rebuild New Orleans. Granted, it is part of our history, albeit largely a sleazy part. (Aleister Crowley wrote "Moonchild" in New Orleans, for example, and William Faulkner used to go there to strike a blow against Jim Crow by sodomizing black prostitutes and drink himself into the alcoholic delirium tremens that eventually killed him. And don't even ASK me about those octoroon balls in the 19th century.)

But rebuild only the French Quarter and the historic sections of the town, and the White residential areas like Metairie, etc. Reduce the city to a population of about 100,000 people, of which 75% will be White, with preference in housing given to native Cajuns and White immigrants from France or French Canada, in order to maintain the Gallic character of the city.

There is no need at all to re-create the filth and crime-infested housing projects or the row upon row of ugly, disease-ridden "shotgun shacks" whence come most of the 500,000 or so congoids who have been made homeless by the storm. Mother Nature has done what no one in authority in this country has had the guts to do for the past 100 years: she has done something about all these damned niggers!

Let's not look a gift horse in the mouth. Nature has shown us clearly that she does not want hundreds of thousands of monkoids cluttering up and befouling her nice clean swamp down there in Louisiana, uglier than the catfish and meaner than the snakes and gators. So let's finish what Mother Gaia has begun.

PROPOSAL TWO: Rather than disperse the hundreds of thousands of congoids all over this continent (and you can bet your bippy screaming liberals are going to try to send them to Iowa, Minnesota, Idaho, Vermont and any other remaining predominantly White areas in order that the hapless honkies may enjoy in full measure the benefits of "diversity")--I say, rather than load up the already groaning housing projects in Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, etc. and rather than ship these refugees out to some corn field in Iowa or some maple forest in Vermont in 25,000-nigger job lots--why not go ahead and do what we should have done in 1861 rather than slaughter one another by the hundred-thousand? Send them back to Africa!

Where? One of the things we have never been allowed to know is that there is an entire country in West Africa, called Liberia, which has been set aside for American black descendants of slaves since the year 1807, if memory serves. We could have sent them back any time since 1807. The Liberian society wants them there. Yet since our own liberal establishment wants them here, most blacks don't even know that Liberia exists. Never mind most Whites.

(Yes, it does exist! There really is a country established two hundred years ago by Thomas Jefferson for the purpose of repatriating American blacks! Google Liberia if you don't believe me, dammit! I'm not making this up! )

But if Liberia is too far--why not Haiti? Haiti is the oldest black-ruled nation in the world, so our New Orleans homeys should feel quite at home. Not to mention the voodoo thing. And compared to Haitians, American blacks of any kind are reasonably skilled. In fact, Haitian niggers are probably the ONLY people on earth more worthless than American blacks, so an infusion of New Orleans niggers would actually be an improvement.

We have an ideal chance now to un-do the greatest historic mistake this country ever made. We've got about half a million loose niggers lying around now. Rather than try and find someplace to sweep them under the rug over here, where we know they are simply going to do harm wherever they go, why not finally do the one honorable and decent thing we can do for them--admit that we made a mistake, admit that they shouldn't have been brought here in the first place, and send them back?

Would it really be all that much more expensive to load about four or five hundred thousand of these New Orleans refugees onto naval transports or C-130 aircraft and take them over to Freetown, Liberia, which has a nice deep harbor dredged out, waiting for the repatriation ships that have never come?

Would it really not be better for everyone concerned in the long run if, instead of jamming all these blacks into housing projects like Cabrini Green in Chicago, already bursting at the seams, where there will be violence between Chicago niggers already there and New Orleans refugees, sure as the sun rises--or worse yet, may the liberals burn in hell for it, sending them into the few remaining livable White parts of the country--would it not be better if we went ahead, bit the bullet, let Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson scream all they wanted to (as they were dragged up the gangplank by two burly Polish Marines apiece) and went ahead and did what we all know damned well we have to do if we want to avoid unspeakable chaos and horror?

Look, we SAW what these half million monkoids did to their own city when the restraint of law and authority was temporarily removed. What do we think they'll do to the areas we try to stash them in like so much toxic waste? Do we really want to dump these savages in Vermont or Iowa and unleash them on the poor white bastards living there?

The black man in America is an experiment which has lasted for four hundred years, and he has failed. There is no reason for the black man to be in America at all. He has been obsolete since the invention of the cotton-picker at the beginning of the last century. What manual labor he provides was done faster, cheaper, and better in the past by the horse and the mule, and is done faster, cheaper, and better today by the Mexican. We just don't need the black man any more.

We are learning from the New Orleans experience that when needs must, it IS in fact possible to shift large populations of blacks here, there, and everywhere. Okay, it hasn't done very efficiently so far, but hey, we're new at this nigger-relocating business. We can get the hang of it, if we want to.

Instead of moving all these New Orleans coons to Chicago or dumping them in Dog Doo, Texas or throwing them in with the Crips and Bloods in L.A. and seeing who kills who--why not just do the humane thing, the right thing, the thing that is best for everybody, and send them back?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a fuckwit Harold!

6:53 PM  
Anonymous John R. Watson said...

I agree 100% with this post.

11:50 AM  
Blogger Emaiul488 said...

I also agree with your post. Blacks are a liability, not an asset in any sense of the word. Not only are they a liability, they are a foul, degenerate, loud mouthed, nasty liability. Send them ALL back. The sooner the better.

9:59 PM  
Blogger Michal said...

What an absolutely beautiful post. Really. Not only is it well written and so does not smell of a death cult influence like Stormfront (I'm a programmer, not some drunken army reject), but honestly, it really is one of those repressed thoughts in the back of any self-respecting White Man, Woman and child. I'll bet that Asians wouldn't disagree either.

As for the feasibility, sooner the better. They multiply like (black) rabbits. Honestly, just go for it.

Oh, and thanks for remembering Poland. Hehehe. Two burly Polish marines. If you're actually going to go through with this, you probably won't need marines. I'll sign up for the job (but not if it's minimum wage :( )! Just give me a pair of work gloves and a face mask! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

P.S.: Note how only anonymous cowards replied negatively. Great post, a wonderful read.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friggin' genius. Their time is up, we gave them a free ticket here, clothing, shelter, food and a head start in the cotton industry and where did it get us? Coon town, USA.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the storm spread those feral niggers all over the place. Houston was especially hard hit. I don't think they will go back to Africa. Maybe a cash for keys type thing we give you a big pile of cash and you go back to Africa. In the long run you will wind up money ahead. Realistically it might be better getting them to go back to New Orleans that way they are all in one place and let them build the levy. We can only hope the next big storm will cull them.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a cogent expression of thought that dwells within every self-respecting white mans' mind, save for the repressed cowtowed jew indoctrinated robot. Kudos!

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in the UK. you can take the dirty scumbags from here while you're at it. Good Post.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone think porn is the only business still thriving during the credit cruch? I think many folks seek refuge in buying and wanking porn during the crunch

kelly divine

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A beautiful post. Blacks are worthless apes,who should be shipped back to their kudhuts in the jungles of Africa

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's alovely dream but its not going to happin let's get a bit more pragmatic. I think defunding the breeders and the natural self destructive nature of the sub saharan African should handall the problem nicely with in just a few muse no fuse .its a simple math problem . If you desubsidise a thing you get less of it and if its weak stupid and self desturtive well that just speeds up the process .let's face it these people have never been capable of surviveing on thair own its natures way .so let's get out of the way and let nature take its course.

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a bit more pragmatic simply defunding the breeders offer a one time generis subsidie for sterilization it could be done threw planned parenthood something all ready in place in thair naborhoods. With the natural self destrutive nature of the sub saharan African and lower live births the infestation should resulve its self in two or three generations. Let face with out help they never been capable of surviving on thair own. Even in thair natural home Africa theyr in constent need of shipments of food and medicine. Let nature take its course its just that simple.

12:29 AM  

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