Thursday, September 29, 2005

Was Irv Rubin Whacked?

I was doing a piece a few days ago on old man Earl Krugel of the Jewish Defense League getting his kosher ass maxed by the judge in Los Angeles, and the subject of Earl's late co-defendant Irv Rubin came up.

Supposedly Irv took a header off a top tier in the Los Angeles County jail while he was awaiting trial on conspiracy charged. He was ruled a "suicide" in November of 2002.

The case for which Rubin and Krugel got busted was a typical silly piece of JDL street theater--they were plotting to blow up a mosque and murder an Arab-American Congressman. The Jewish Defense League are the world's most incompetent terrorists; the joke is that they have been known to call up the media and take credit for South American earthquakes.

Undoubtedly, Rubin and Krugel were shocked when the cops arrested and charged them this time. Nobody in law enforcement ever takes the JDL seriously. Irv Rubin has been a running joke in Los Angeles ever since my own days out there under the late Lieutenant Joe Tommasi of the old Franklin Road NSWPP. For years, Rubin and Krugel and the JDL were untouchable, given free rein to show their butts in any way they chose with virtually no legal sanction whatsoever. Irv even walked away from his famous shoot-out with the deranged Mordecai Levy of the rival Jewish Defense Organization in New York.

However, Cartoid conspiracy theorist Michael Collins Piper thinks that Irv may have been rubbed out as part of the 9/11 cover-up.

There is in fact an impressive body of evidence indicating that Israeli intelligence operatives at the very least had foreknowledge of the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, since the Mossad was monitoring at least some of the alleged Sept. 11 hijackers when they were living in California prior to 9-11. Considering the fact that the JDL is known to have closely cooperated on numerous fronts with Israeli intelligence, it is likely that the now conveniently dead Rubin may have been aware of this operation and he was a loose end his co-religionists from Tel Aviv needed to clean up.

Or it could be that Irv Rubin was simply being his usual obnoxious self in jail, and the other inmates didn't appreciate his attitude. Being most black and mestizo primitives, they didn't know that Jews are supposed to be privileged characters, and so on that November day they came up to Irv and announced, "You go splat now!"

In any case, Irv and Simon Wiesenthal are now no doubt sharing an oven in that Great Auschwitz In The Sky reserved for the more obnoxious specimens of Hebraic creephood.


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