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The Seabrook Theory

[Well, since the "modernizers" now seem poised to strike their death blow against Howwible Hawold (or so they tell me), I suppose now might be the time to re-post this oldie but goodie. - HAC]

Why Movement Fags Hate Harold Covington

[For the record, for those of you who know nothing about this ancient history:

In 1980, Harold Covington was presented with proof positive by members of the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) Chicago unit that Frank Collin, who was then the leader of the party, was sexually molesting young boys, in some cases in the Rockwell Hall Headquarters itself, and using party funds to pay for underaged homo prostitutes. Covington led the team that assembled the evidence which was turned over to the Chicago police department and caused Collin to be arrested, convicted, and sent to prison for seven years.

Ever since then persecution, vilification, harassment, and assault have followed Covington like a poison fog--from our so-called "Movement comrades." The Movement has always been riddled with faggots from top to bottom and they never forget and never forgive. Covington publicly exposed one of our dirty little secrets, and for that he has never been forgiven. This latest crap I see about him on the internet is pretty obviously from the same source. - Roger Hughes]

Roger brings up an interesting topic, so interesting I figure I'd best address it briefly before the frenetic Goat Dance once again whirls and twirls us all away into the madhouse of our little cyber-world.

Yeah, I know it's pretty way out there for me to yell "help, the queers are after me!" and in fact that's not what I am claiming. I have no concrete evidence of any kind that any such thing is the case. Nonetheless, there are a few things that have happened down through the years which might be called--well--let's call them "suggestive."

At the conclusion of Operation Bobby Brown (the Collin affair) in 1980, I was in Chicago and I was invited to dinner with an elderly gentleman named Bill Seabrook, whom I can safely name because he's long dead now and beyond the reach of all the malice and hatred in the "Movement" that he only wanted to see succeed with all his heart, and which so terribly abused him.

Seabrook was a genuinely wealthy man. Like so many who eventually reach their last straw with the "Movement" he made it clear to me that the Collin affair was it for him, finito, and he wasn't giving another dime, ever, and so far as I know he never did. But I did get a good dinner out of him, the whole shebang, gourmet spare rib on fine china, aged cognac and cigars by the fire in the library afterward, the closest I or most likely any one of us other than maybe David Duke has gotten to that particular level of society.

At that fireside chat Bill made an odd remark. "You know you need to watch your back from now on, Harold," he told me somberly. "They'll never forgive you for taking down Collin."

"Hang on, let's not get too paranoid here," I told him, completely misunderstanding what he meant. "God knows Collin was a little horror, but I never saw any sign that he was in any way connected with the FBI or..."

"No, no, you don't see what I'm driving at," Seabrook interrupted. "I don't think Collin was any kind of spy or informer. He didn't need to be; he was doing the enemy's work just by being where he was and being what he was. No, I mean the Lavender Leaders."

"Huh?" I said.

"The homosexual clique that actually runs things in this country, and not just in our Movement. There's an old joke about how the one good thing about queers is that they don't reproduce, but that's not true. They certainly do reproduce. They reproduce by corrupting others, especially young boys who are sexually immature and emotionally vulnerable and don't understand sexuality yet. Harold, you exposed and caused to be arrested and punished a practicing paedophile, a man whose role in the homo community was to bring in new recruits to the ranks. That is the equivalent of attacking motherhood, the very source of life for their secret world. They will never forgive and never forget."

Bill then went on to explain to me over several hours his belief that the entire country and thereby most of the world is run by a small inner circle of extremely wealthy Anglo-Zionist homosexuals and paedophiles, almost all of them of Caucasian, mostly Anglo-Saxon racial descent (I won't use the term Aryan for such people) and all of them very discreet about their private pleasures.

"They consider themselves the heirs of Greece and Rome, or what they think Greece and Rome was like. They marry rich bitches and have children to perpetuate their dynasties out of duty, but for pleasure they go for young boys." then went on to give me a lengthy chapter and verse, naming names, to the effect that from about the early 1950s onward the right wing in America and to a lesser degree in Canada and Britain was deliberately infiltrated with homosexuals who were carefully placed in key positions in order to insure that White discontent, which was certain to result from the liberal programs and social engineering which began about that time, would never seriously threaten the Anglo-Zionist power structure.

"Basically, if any White leader ever starts to pose a serious threat to the establishment he can be reined in, either through exposing something homo in his own past or else using the strategically placed fags within the Movement to destroy him."

I won't go into the names because either I have no proof or in some cases they're dead, and in one or two cases they have about 99% come out of the closet anyway and so it's old news. I really wish I could reproduce that conversation in detail. It was fascinating. But unfortunately it was a quarter century ago, it was very long, and by now virtually irrelevant since just about everyone involved has retired or died.

But at the end of the evening Bill repeated his personal warning to me. "They are going to come after you now with hammer and tongs and one way or another, they are going to bring you down. Watch your back, Harold."

To be blunt, I thought I was listening to Rite-Wing Conspiracy Theory #421, possibly right up there beside the space alien god Ha-Tonn and the Deros. (Now, now, Wayne, I said nothing about levitation.) I listened politely, of course, because I had got a mighty fine dinner and a good cigar and still wasn't sure Bill was serious about keeping his checkbook close from that point on. (He was.)


How can I put this? 1981, about the time that Collin went down, was when the Goat Dance suddenly metastasized into something far beyond the usual Movement spats. I have had a number of old Rockwell hands tell me they never saw anything like it even in the Commander's day. Post Bobby Brown was when it suddenly got vicious. Malicious. Nasty. Evil. Hateful. Vindictive. Deeply personal, not even a pretense of being political. Just plain insane.

[Five paragraphs snipped. Ancient history, long and boring, rave, no one remembers who the hell these creeps were, no one's interested. - HAC]

[Next two paragraphs snipped as well. My word against his, incident took place sixteen years ago, way beyond any proof. - HAC]

[Next paragraph snipped as well. He admitted it, and he did the decent thing and left the Movement, so why drag it all back up? - HAC]

Then there's the guy who posted pictures of himself on his web site striking "beefcake" poses wearing only his white Fruit of the Loom briefs....

Let's just put it this way...I don't know if there is anything homosexual about what has been done to me and what has been going on in the "Movement" since 1981 or so.

But there is definitely something queer.

Okay, seriously, guys, I really don't know. It makes as much sense as any other explanation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Edgar Steele's pro-homosexsual essay "In Defense of Homophobia" is beyond disgusting as was Hal Turner's odd reversal by embracing Steele's point of view. is Steele's pro-homosexual agenda essay, and I hope he rots in hell for having written it.

12:14 AM  
Anonymous subhuman88 said...

any body who molest children should be slow tortured to death

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a fuckwit Harold!

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