Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Modest Proposal For New Orleans

Okay, I know this isn't going to happen. But I can dream, can't I?

In 1981, I got a free trip to New Orleans at government expense when I was subpoenaed by the grand jury investigating the attempted invasion of the Caribbean island of Dominica. I had the honor and the privilege of being shown around his native city by the late, great Ray Leahart. Parts of it are absolutely lovely, picturesque, and display one of the most enduring examples of European architecture and culture in North America. Charleston, Savannah, and St. Augustine are similar towns, but New Orleans has a uniqueness all its own.

Reports from the stricken city indicate that the French Quarter and the more historic section of the city seems to be more or less intact. The actual flooding has been limited, and the damage from black looters and rioters can be repaired. The areas which have been hardest hit and washed away are the filthiest and most brutal negro slums, the long rows of "shotgun houses" and the bleak, filth-encrusted housing projects which once contained the hundreds of thousands of blacks that are now wandering the South like so many Zimbabwe refugees.

Already some people such as Dennis Hastert in Congress have publicly questioned whether we need to rebuild New Orleans at all. (I'm starting to wonder whether we can rebuild New Orleans, with all our resources being pissed away in Iraq. Maybe Hastert's remarks were some kind of trial balloon.)

I say yes, rebuild it--to a certain limited extent. Pump out the city, restore the historic French Quarter, Bourbon Street and the lovely old White mansions in Anne Rice's neighborhood and so on, re-plant the live oaks with the Spanish moss, bring back the artists on the Place d'Armes, etc.

But when this much rebuilding is complete--stop. Why rebuild the ugly and poverty-stricken housing projects and re-install the whole black-run city government which caused a lot of the problems with its incompetence? Why bring back an all-black police force that quit and deserted their posts, and in some cases joined the looters? Why keep that incompetent bald-headed monkoid Ray Nagin on as mayor? Why bring back the blacks and the corruption, disease, crime and filth that comes with them?

Find some way to declare martial law, or make New Orleans a special Federal preserve like the District of Columbia, and keep the city's control in White hands. Create a "Greater New Orleans Reconstruction Authority" or something of the kind as an excuse to keep White males in charge.

Keep the nice part of New Orleans as a tourist attraction. Maybe even go all the way to France and try to lure some French immigrants to come over and work in the hospitality and service industries, to restore New Orlean's Gallic character.

As to all those monkoids, if they don't actually own a standing house or lot, as most of them don't, if they're merely renters or denizens of housing projects--don't let them come back! Disperse them all to Chicago, Detroit, New York City, or Atlanta, or to Texas and Florida, cities and states which are already majority non-White. Give those blacks a taste of diversity by making them go to school and live with Mexicans in Texas, and Cubans and Haitians in Florida. Maybe even offer them some kind of free passage to Liberia, which is supposed to exist for the purpose of providing the descendants of slaves with their own country in Africa.

Granted, this government probably doesn't have the guts to create a new White-run "enterprise zone" in New Orleans, but at least we might get rid of that horrible 68% negroid majority down there and eliminate one more corrupt and incompetent black city government. There are a dozen subtle ways the hundreds of thousands of blacks could be discouraged from returning, and one of America's most beautiful and historic old cities could be restored to a population level of say, at least 75% White.


Anonymous Ron Doggett said...

They may actually do this and yuppiefy the place for the tourists.

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear the niggers are eating each other now in NO.

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a fuckwit Harold!

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No rebuilding of New Orleans.



As if any working white man has a say?

4:17 PM  

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