Sunday, September 25, 2005

"Modernization" Madness

Well, folks, it looks like the "modernizers" are showing their butts again, making up phony news stories, etc. Some people have entirely too much time on their hands to begin with, and then some idiot gives them a computer.

So, just for the record: the term "Movement modernization" was, so far as I can discern, first invented and applied to this appalling breach of decency by Nick Griffin of the British National Party, in order to justify running candidates in local elections in Britain who had mixed-race kids, or who were mixed-race themselves, or who were sodomites, etc.

Apparently once old man Tyndall was swept out during the Griffin coup of--when was it? 2001? Anyway, there was a shortage of people in the BNP whose loyalty to the sexually ambivalent Griffin was sufficiently firm so Nick could risk running them out to be seen in public, and he had to fall back on some real dregs. Right now the only apparent qualification for leadership or prominence in the BNP is sufficient application of the lips to Nick Griffin's ass.

Also, interestingly, during the leadership struggle with Tyndall, long-time Movement shirt-lifter Martin Webster came forward and claimed he had been tiptoeing through Nick Griffin's tulips back in the day. This doesn't seem to have made anywhere near the difference it should have, largely because Martin Webster isn't exactly the most reliable source in the world. However, it should be noted that Mr. Griffin pointedly refrained from bringing Mr. Webster into court on Britain's notoriously pro-plaintiff libel laws.

It has to be said: while I have a lot of time for British nationalists in general, the British as a people have always been suspiciously easy-going about homosexuality. Winston Churchill himself once referred to the traditions of the British navy as "rum, buggery, and the lash," and Sir Oswald Moseley referred to the pre-occupations of his public school classmates as "mathematics and sodomy, with myself having neither the ability for the one, nor the inclination for the other."

Also, a tendency is developing in Europe for the Jews to attempt to co-opt strong racial nationalist parties like the British BNP, French National Front, Austrian Homeland Party, etc. in their battle to save Israel. The NF has run several Jewish candidates in both French and Euro elections and Le Pen now has some Jewish woman as a deputy leader.

The kikes are attempting to transmute and transmogrify White racial nationalism into pure anti-Muslim hatred and get themselves (Askenazi Jews with pale skins) accepted as "White," or at least allies in the allegedly racial battle against Islam. In other words, turn the goyim against the Muslims and never mind what that funny little man is doing behind the curtain, Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical get the idea.

Basically they're trying to absorb racial nationalism into neo-conservatism, and in Europe at least, they're doing so with some success. Sliding queers into key places is always a good way to undermine and co-opt a movement or organization.

This appears to be at least part of what is happening in Britain, where the BNP has allegedly run several Jewish candidates. (I'm not totally up on all this and perhaps one of our British comrades can enlighten us with the details.)

There has always been a very strong connection between the National Alliance in this country and the British National Party, both under Tyndall, who was best mates with Dr. Pierce and who flew all the way to New Orleans for the Duke coronation on Memorial Day of 2004, and later under Nick Griffin who is apparently very tight with Erich Gliebe and Kevin Alfred Strom. All of the above are now united to try and do down former associate Mark "Chi-Chi" Cotterill for the usual crapulent "Movement" reasons of feud, money, and how-dare-he-criticize-ME?

The "modernization" tendency in America is somewhat more complex and of less note, since in America there is no serious White racial movement. It seems to consist largely of an odd combination of trying to get the various grouplets to accept "don't ask, don't tell" with regards to buggery, and assorted attempts to silence discussion about David Duke's financial and personal past and accept Duke's Official Anointing as Pierce's successor in the role of Mr. White Man.

Hmm...I'll have to see if I can dig up that old C-Gram I did on this subject.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a fuckwit Harold!

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Stoney said...

Even the Nazis supported Zionism! You can only solve the Jewish problem by holocausting them or allowing them to have self determination in their own state.
With the left supporting the Palestinians and being anti Israel this gives a polical operator like Griffin an opportunity to drive a wedge between the Jews and the left.

It will be much more difficult for the Jews to denounce the BNP as anti semitic Nazis if they support Israel and the left doesn't. The truth is you are a defeatist who thinks whites can't get the better of Jews as they are inferior.

As for gays whilst people don't like gays, they are not frightened of them. People have too many skeletons in their own closets to support the persecution of gays. The BNP have learned from past mistakes and are on the way to becoming electable.

7:19 AM  

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