Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Little Internet Sanity

I'm sure you've noticed by now that most so-called White Nationalist discussion groups seem to be populated by people who are insane. Or else one or two obsessives who take over and re-post 75 news articles per day.

You've got Vanguard News Network, which is the den of the self-admitted traitor and informer and miscegenator Frazier Glenn Miller and his drinking buddy Alex Curtis. You've got Stromfront, er, I mean Stormfront, which is apparently about to collapse due to lack of support. Thousands of people left Stormfront when the board became nothing more than a shill for David Duke and The Weenie, and and boardmaster Don Black banned all criticism of either. And of course, you've got the madhouse of Yahoo.

Tired of the internet madness? Looking for a compos mentis White refuge in cyberspace? Want a White internet group which is moderated to keep out the kooks, but not censored? Want an genuine discussion group where people actually talk instead of simply reposting news article after news article from the media telling us all how bad things are? (As if we didn't know?)

Then go to

It's got the Right Stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a fuckwit Harold!

6:37 PM  

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