Friday, September 09, 2005

A Grim Response

[I apologize for letting this web journal go so long without an update. The following is a response to one of my Northwest Net e-tirades. - HAC]

OK, Joe and HAC; you claim to want feedback regarding What Will Happen to Us When We Grow Old. Let's see just how much feedback you can take.

Background: 62 yr. old female, widowed, college graduate, mother of 3 daughters (5 but two died of SIDS as infants), worked full time until a year ago when physical problems limited my mobility to a point where I can no longer walk more than 30 feet without sitting down.

The last two children I home-schooled and the youngest entered college at the age of 15. My husband and I started a home-based business so I could home-school them as well as stop feeding the "beast" with our tax dollars. He was from Holland and very astute politically, socially, economically and was a double-degreed Engineer, Civil and Construction. Due to his European background, I was somewhat ahead of him where the problems that face our race and this country (as well as all other white countries) are concerned but he "caught fire" and joined me in trying to educate and inform others while we continued to educate ourselves. He died of cancer 7 years ago and I moved myself and the youngest who was still at home from Houston to Atlanta to be nearer family.

So much for background. Nothing exceptional except for the fact that I read and understand what you two and a few others are writing perhaps a little better than most. I am of the generation that has watched this once fairly civilized country descend into incivility and chaos. The flood of third world "immigrants" and the high birth rate of resident "minorities" can be likened unto a whirlpool that is sucking all that was White America down into the abyss.

Our own penchant for adapting to circumstances has resulted in the last two generations becoming more like "them" than "they" are willing/able to become like us. It is always easier to fall down than it is to struggle to get up or stay up, especially when the moral and cultural supports have been torn away through government schools, churches (religion), political and social correctness (read government religion), etc., you know the rest.

Back on point; the older/elderly white people are increasing in number - it is called the Graying of America. I am a part of that group. We have the potential of becoming a stumbling block to those of our race who will need all of their time and resources to simply survive. Those who have adequate finances will be able to help their children and the "cause" if they have bothered to become informed and know what is going on around them. Sad to say, most of them haven't a clue and think their "golden years" will be spent driving around in their RVs or sitting on the porch of their retirement home in the mountains, by the sea, etc.

Most of those already in nursing homes have been stripped of their illusions about the "golden years" along with their dignity. I, for one, do not intend to have my life end that way. Presently, I am living with my youngest daughter and contributing to the upkeep of our residence. She is single and swears she will not marry anyone who will not gladly accept me, a two-for-one deal as she calls it.

That is fine for now, she is working and has no plans for marriage in the very near future. I am not naive and have spent much time thinking of my options. My mind is still functioning, memory is mostly intact, I am sociable and enjoy the company of thinking people but do not suffer fools gladly. Many of the young people who come to visit my daughter come by my room, some just to say Hello and others who like to sit down and talk. I'm always delighted to find young people who are capable of thinking past the next new CD, movie, rave, car, etc.

Again, that is fine for now. The real sh__ has yet to hit the fan. When it does, I will be dead weight and that could result in my children not being able to move fast enough to save themselves, all because of me. This I could not bear, so a year ago - when I first became disabled - I determined that my best course of action for everyone concerned was to end it all before things got any worse. This decision was NOT made because of depression or anger or any emotional issue; it was well thought out and well planned. The one thing I could not plan on was the sixth sense of my child who turned around after two hours into her journey out of town and returned home, called paramedics and destroyed my well laid plans.

After a 5-day, 4-night coma, I awoke in tears to learn that I was still alive, under suicide watch, with nearly $50,000.00 in medical expenses, and wondering where I went wrong in my planning.

I am not the exception! Many older people who's lives have become a painful living hell on earth would chose to die if they were given the option. They, like me, believe in quality over quantity; all the money that is being spent on Medicare could better be spent by those who earn it or, if not allowed to keep it, spend it on the young. They are the future, if there is to be one for our race.
Concerning your question about what will happen when we grow old I can tell you this; your body will stop working by degrees and your quality of life will go downhill like a snowball sliding into hell. The medical breakthroughs that will allow for better and longer life spans will not be available to you, if in fact they exist. Stay as healthy as you can for as long as you can and then be prepared to deal with the infirmities decisively. If you have no objection to having your diaper changed and the drool wiped from your chin by your adult children then hang in there and fight for those last "golden years." Keep chucking down those pain pills until you are practically comatose and can't tell day from night and one person from another.

Can you bear watching the love and respect fade from your children's eyes as they carry the load of having to work, take care of their children and spouses and be burdened by sick, mostly helpless elderly parents? Do you want that? I spent 5 of the last 6 years as a Caregiver for the elderly after opting out of the ratrace of Corporate America - the money was good and the education was priceless. I've seen the resentment of family for the elderly, the greed - waiting and wanting them to die so they could inherit - wanting their freedom to live their own lives again. The whining, almost begging for some shred of affection on the part of the elderly.

Don't even try to romanticize/fantacize about the "golden years," it is a lie. We are allowed to "put down" beloved pets who are in the same shape because we do love them. How can we humanely do less for our old people?

Governments should not make suicide or assisted suicide a crime. If a woman can choose to end the life of her child before it is born (I do not endorse this), surely we should be given the choice of life or death as adults. To end one's own life should be a personal decision. The elderly are just a cash cow for doctors and international prescription drug cartels.

We are entering the "Severe Selection" stage of our civilization again where only the fittest will survive. We have left affluence and plenty behind. Jobs sent offshore, prices rising on gas, food, etc., the housing bubble ready to burst sending families into the streets or under bridges. Mom and Pop refinanced their house so you can't go home again, they will be looking to you for a place to stay. Minorities have become majorities who hate the white race for dropping the ball, which we have done, and they will do their best to wipe us off the face of the earth.

Hey, there's more but this is the preacher preaching to the choir. If you are interested, you can contact me at the address below.

Barbara K.


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You are a fuckwit Harold!

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