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Who Is George Lincoln Rockwell?

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George Lincoln Rockwell was born in Bloomington, Illinois, in the home of his maternal grandfather, on March 9, 1918. His father was a very successful headline comedian from 1912 until about 1935. His ancestors were German, French, English, and Scotch, numbering among them many Revolutionary War figures and going back to Marie Antoinette, the French Queen.

Rockwell stayed in Bloomington, Illinois, only until he was old enough to get out of the hospital, when he was taken on the vaudeville circuit by his parents. He then spent some time in New Jersey, New York, and California, but most of his youthn was spent in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. He attended Hebron Academy, a prep school near Lewiston, Maine after which he entered Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, majoring in philosophy. In college, Rockwell enjoyed and did well in the sciences and other objective courses, but fought blindly and instinctively against the "sociology" and other similar departments which, unknown to him, were then preaching the Marxist environmentalism and equalism which has played such havoc with our human, biological sciences.

Leaving Brown in the middle of his junior year in 1940, when it became obvious that the U.S. would get into World War Two, Rockwell enlisted as a seaman in the United States Navy in Boston, Massachusetts. By the outbreak of World War Two on December 7, 1941 he had entered naval aviation, and became a scout pilot and a fighter pilot. He served aboard the U. S. S. Omaha in the South Atlantic and off North Africa during the invasion. He was then sent to the Naval Photographic School for pilots and assigned to the U.S.S. Wasp, and from there went to the Pacific theater. He became a Commander of Forward Air Control Operations for Marine Corps assault troops. He was at Guadalcanal, Guam, and other Pacific hot spots. At the end of World War II he was commanding officer of a squadron in Hawaii, earning nine decorations.

Released from active duty, Rockwell attended Pratt Institute art school in New York, working part time in advertising and commercial art. In 1948, while still at Pratt, he won first prize of $1,000 in the National Society of Illustrators competition for a full page newspaper ad for the American Cancer Society. Although still in the ready reserves as Commanding Officer of a squadron in Washington, D.C. he launched a new magazine, "U. S. Lady", for the wives of U. S. service men. In 1949, Rockwell founded the first big national advertising agency in the state of Maine. Recalled for the Korean War in 1950, he trained Marine and Navy pilots in close support of troops and then was transferred to Iceland, where he became commanding officer of a squadron at Keflavik.

At about this time he became deeply concerned about the way all he had fought for in two wars was being turned over to Communism. He noticed that almost all of the convicted Communist spies and traitors such as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Nathan Silvermaster, Harry Dexter White (Weiss), Robert Soblen, Morton Sobell, David Greenglass, Judith Coplon, Harry Gold, Miriam Moskowitz, Fred Rosenberg, and Sam Cohen (chief Communist spies caught in Canada) and most of the Communist intellectual leaders such as Herbert and Bettina Aptheker, were racial Jews. He was especially shocked to find that "Who's Who In World Jewry", published b the Jews themselves, listed many of these atheist Communists very proudly as Jews, even though Rockwell then believed Jews were just a religion.

Observing that Hitler had said that Communism was Jewish, and that the Jews were out to degenerate and conquer the White race by subversion and race-mixing, Rockwell bought a copy of MEIN KAMPF and read it, even though he thought he already knew what was in it from all he'd heard. He was astounded to find that it was actually a brilliant analysis of the mess Western Civilization had gotten into, and the only plan he'd ever seen for the White race to save itself.

For a number of years, he tried to work with various "right wing" organizations, all of whom believed, as he did for a while, that it was necessary to disguise one's belief in Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Finally disgusted with the emptiness, the weakness, the hypocrisy and especially the cowardice of the so-called "conservatives", Rockwell determined to ATTACK at last, flying the Swastika banner which had come so close to saving Western civilization and the White race. "Since our Cause is fundamentally the truth," he explained to horrified friends, "I do not see how we can win by lying or misrepresenting what we are for fear of the Jews.The only time in the hundred years of the rise of Communism that this plague has ever actually been BEATEN, it was beaten not by 'conservatives' but by radicals and fighters whom the enemy called Nazis and Fascists and whomthey really did fear. Only in Germany, Spain and Italy has Communism ever been conquered. We are damned fools to be afraid to follow the only examples that ever worked!"

He hung up a Nazi banner in front of his home and dared the Jews to do something about it. They---and their friends and dupes---came in droves and mobs to do something about it, but Rockwell survived all the shooting, the rocks and other Jewish "arguments". The publicity gave him a much-needed platform from which to call the attention of his fellow Americans to the increasingly desperate situation of America and our great White family of peoples.

Rockwell believed it was time for the White man to take America back from the aliens, the minorities, and the terrorists in power, under the demagoguery of cheap politicians. To accomplish this Rockwell believed he had to win not the few in the right wing, or the upper classes, but the millions and millions of our people. And to win these people he had to offer them something besides a lot of empty platitudes about freedom and the Constitution. Only National Socialism offered a positive and progressive program for ALL Aryan people, rather than just the middle and upper classes, and combined a concern for the purity and protection of the White race with a fighting determination to stop all further mongrelization of our people.

Within five years Rockwell had led the Nazi Party from a tiny and scorned band of roughnecks willing to take to the streets to fight treason and race-mixing, to a Party which had headquarters in Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, and most major cities, and commanded the grudging respect of the enemy, even though there was powerful censorship of the American right to know what Rockwell was doing.

Under Commander Rockwell, the Party published the ROCKWELL REPORT, the STORMTROOPER, and the NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORLD, along with bulletins for Party members only. Rockwell had plans to organize the White Guard---young, White fighting men to help protect society from the black and Red revolution which had already conquered the police departments of Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland and many other cities.

George Lincoln Rockwell is the father of the present-day racialist movement in the U.S. and the founder of American National Socialism. For most of his turbulent career as Commander of the A.N.P, Rockwell lived a shadowy existence on the fringes of the American political scene. He was misunderstood and rejected by the vast majority of his fellow White Americans, whom he loved dearly. He and his tiny band of "roughnecks" were alternately cursed, ridiculed and ignored by the mass media. They fought street battles without end against Communist and Jewish thugs who sought to silence them by force, and spent many a night in jail, courtesy of hostile politicians and police officers. Throughout it all, Lincoln Rockwell's warrior spirit of courage, idealism, and heroic defiance was never crushed.

His years of persistence finally paid off in 1966, when thousands of White men, women, and youth in Chicago followed his leadership in a spontaneous uprising against efforts forcibly to integrate all-White working class neighborhoods. The uprising culminated in the now-famous White People's March of September 10th, 1966, in which hundreds of Whites followed Commander Rockwell's leadership under the sign of the Swastika.

Tragically, within a year Lincoln Rockwell was dead. On August 25th, 1967 this authentic American hero was murdered in Arlington, Virginia, under circumstances which have never been satisfactorily cleared up but which point very heavily towards the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, and also to at least some involvement on the part of the man who seized control of the Nazi headquarters and "succeeded" Rockwell. The trigger man was later convicted and received a short prison term; his accomplices in the corridors of power and the traitor within the headquarters who made the phone call telling the gunman where Rockwell would be were never charged or punished.

Yet although Lincoln Rockwell died on that dark Friday in August, his heroic spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of White men and women everywhere who continue to draw inspiration from his mighty example.



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