Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Transfer Is Feasible

Another profound lesson from the Israeli evacuation of Gaza: the transfer of inconvenient populations from place to place and out of certain areas where they are not wanted, and where their presence is causing trouble, is in fact possible, when it is approached methodically with the power of a government behind it on one hand (Israel in this case) and motivated by an armed revolutionary movement (the Palestinians) on the other.

Racial demographics are not chiseled in granite. It is possible for nation-states to assign and apportion land for the use of specific racial and ethnic groups, and to ban and remove undesirable racial and ethnic groups from specific geographical areas. Israel just did it, right in front of our eyes.

Granted, this thing in Gaza is very small scale. But it was accomplished a lot faster and more efficiently than anyone thought possible, once the Fat Man put his mind to it, quit screwing around, and actually sent in the troops to re-adjust that border and load those kikes onto the buses.

Clearly, population transfer is not just a relic of World War Two. (Stalin transferred populations within the USSR all the time without a peep of protest from the world liberal establishment.) Transfer is a viable and possible,permissible solution to the world's problems. Because the government doing it this time was Jewish, they were able to accomplish it without all the screams about "ethnic cleansing" and all the threats from the United Nations.

In other words, if the political will exists, we really can remove the non-white population from three Pacific Northwest states and create a territory for Whites only. All we need to do is to change our thinking and recover our ancient courage.


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