Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Those Screams of Beauty!

Okay, okay, I admit it! I was wrong. The Fat Man really is moving those hebes out of Gaza.

And ah, those lovely screams coming from those brown, ugly, sheep-like faces! Those nappy-headed punk kids and those skanky, plug-ugly women! God I love to hear them howl and see them kick as they are dragged away from the land they stole, the land they have soaked with the blood of the innocent, the land they defile with their very presence.

True, I wish it was SS men or Russian cossacks or even good old Chicago cops who were doing the dragging. At least Chicago cops know how to use a nightstick. I keep hoping to see a couple of good whops on some blue knitted kipa-wearing noggin to silence the flow of filth from those liver lips, but I guess the media won't show that. [Sigh...]

These mooks have been swaggering along that beautiful beach for over thirty-five years, lording it over the Palestinians, never letting a Palestinian near the beach--there are kids who grew up in Khan Younis, not a mile from the ocean, and because of these thieving murdering Jews, they've never even seen the sea once in their entire lives.

Now I wonder--will the actual Palestinians themselves be allowed to get into the newly liberated lands? Will the Arag dhows that used to run a thriving fishing industry there be allowed to return and take over the tanning resorts the Jews created for Swedish tourists? Or is Sharon really going to build a casino on it in cahoots with some corrupt PLO officials?


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