Friday, August 12, 2005

Roll Dem Bones on De Strip?

One thing that you'll find virtually nothing about in all the reams of media coverage about the Gaza evacuation--uh, sorry, "disengagement"--is just what, exactly, is going to become of all those villas and swimming pools the 8,000 Jewish settlers used to live in?

Supposedly the Israeli army is going to send in their famous bulldozers and flatten everything so the Arabs get nothing except the land--but which Arabs, exactly, will occupy the land, and how? No one seems to have quite figured that out. Mohammed Abbas, the so-called Palestinian prime minister, hasn't said much of anything on the subject.

I keep reading these rumors in the fringe Israeli press that Sharon fixer and Israel's political evil eminence, Ehud Olmert, has worked a deal with some old cronies of his late buddy Yasir Arafat to seize the land evacuated by the settlers and build a casino resort on the property with some kind of international freeport status, like Sun City. I guess maybe Hamas can launch their Qassam rockets at Sderot and Ashkelon from the rooftops of the new luxury hotels.

God, wouldn't that be a hoot!


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