Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Nation That Dare Not Conscript an Army

Caught an interesting snippet on the Toob today. I normally don't watch Fox News, since it rots the brain, but I watched a bit of Bill O'Reilly and neo-con slut Ann Coulter. To my amazement, even Bill O'Reilly now admits the Americans are losing the war in Iraq.

O'Reilly, of course, claims it's all because we don't have enough troops rotting away in the desert over there. His solution, of course, is to bring back the draft and drown the Iraqi resistance in a sea of blood, theirs and that of thousands of hapless American conscripts who get pulled into Jug-Ears' war as cannon fodder. But will this happen?

I used to think it was right around the corner after the 2004 election. Now I'm not so sure. Contrary to popular belief, not all Americans are utter morons, and by now they seem to have figured out that we are neck deep in the Big Muddy, as the old song goes. If you can believe the polls, anyway.

I am starting to wonder if maybe the penny has dropped in the corridors of power in La Cesspoole Grande that the one thing Mini-Me and his neo-con buddies can't get away with is reviving the draft. For one thing, you and I and everyone else knows darned well that the sons and maybe daughters of the wealthy would find some way to slither out of any new conscription law, and that this would quickly become obvious to the poor and middle-class families whose kids did have to go. I am starting to toy with the idea that maybe this is the limit of our tolerance for Jug-Ears and the Jews. Forcing Kevin and Jennifer to die for Israel may finally gag the great Amurrican consumer hogs to the point where they break out of the sty.

It could well be that the United States is a nation that dare not conscript an army, because the result might be the overthrow, at least in the electoral sense, of the regime attempting it.

Okay, so if that's the case--whither the neo-cons' dreams of conquering the entire Middle East, starting with huge and populous Iran?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The draft might create a revolutionary situation like the Left had in the 1960s, but they blew it. Would the Northwest Movement be ready to take advantage of such a situation?

1:14 AM  

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