Friday, August 05, 2005

More on the Provo Buy-Out

There seems to be a fairly high level of interest in the Movement in the Provos' surrender document the other day, given all the cackles about "democracy" triumphing after 35 years, yadda yadda yadda. Plus we had a heckler on here claiming they weren't really bought off. A few points:

In the first place, the Provos were never defeated in the field, so to speak. Their leaders most certainly were bought off with the massive jobs-for-the-boys program that was the Good Friday Agreement. Gerry Adams is drawing, what, now, a total of five princely salaries from various sources, most of them coming from the British and Irish taxpayer? (Money one Republican website accuses him of using to pay a hairdresser to dye his beard.)

Not to mention a government car and other perks, chump change here in America, but quids in over in Ireland. I know Ian Paisley's drawing five salaries and I'm sure Adams is right in there slopping at the trough with his erstwhile adversary Big Ian. Both of them have cleaned up on this deal.

However, fact of the matter is, those gunmen and bombers whom the Establishment pols screamed they'd never compromise with and never surrender to are now sitting beside them in the Dail and Brussels, etc. And what with the EU they've damned near got their united Ireland in practice anyway.

This is hardly a "triumph over terrorism." Any way you slice it, that one was a draw, and it took the British government thirty years to get even this. Not bad for an organization that had on the average about fifty guys on "active service" in the North at any one given time.

Both sides just wore each other down. The basic issue hasn't been solved and my guess is there will be another outbreak in the next generation. The fact is that once the Provos finally figured out where John Bull's goolies were and started kicking them, "standing for civilization" went out the window. The toffs didn't care how many Ulster Protestants or soldiers were murdered--they're just expendable peasants. But when the stockbroking gents of the City can't take the Tube in to Bishopsgate and Cannon Street Station--good God, Carruthers!

I'd be willing to wager that the Brits, so far from "standing for civilization," will be out of Iraq in a year. America--who knows? Jug-Ears is just dumb enough to try invading Iran or Syria or Saudi or God knows where, especially with those tub-thumping Evangelicals whispering in his ear that we have to have Armageddon in order to make Jebus come back. The British, I predict, will learn their lesson. The signals from Whitehall are already on that wave length. Us dumb-ass Americans? Well, what can you say about a nation where fifty-nine million people voted to re-elect a drunken midget?


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