Saturday, August 13, 2005

Monday's the Day

Okay, Monday is the day. August 15th is when Sharon is supposed to get the "Disengagement" show on the road. On Monday, a nice polite police officer is supposed to knock on every door in the Gaza settlements and give the inhabitants two days to get out. He is also supposed to inform those he finds in inhabited dwellings that on August 17th they will be dragged out and thrown on a cattle car, er, I mean a bus, by force, and if they have to be forced out, they will receive no compensation.

According to the Israeli media, about half of the 8,000 Gaza settlers have already packed up and left their homes, for which they have received a compensation package and benefits totalling roughly one million U. S. dollars per family. (Guess who's pocket that's coming out of?) Many of these Gaza settlers are moving to other settlements on the West Bank, so if and when "Disengagement" time rolls around there, they will get another huge compensation package courtesy of the U. S. taxpayer. So much for Ahavat Yisroel. Instead of Hatikvah, looks like for these Zionists the national anthem should be "Show Me De Money."

But about 4,000 of the hard-core, knitted blue sheenie-beanie wearing jackanapes remain, and also there are about 4,000 hard core Jewish extremists who have infiltrated Gush Katif over the past few weeks, smuggled in in the trunks of cars, allowed through the roadblocks by sympathetic soldiers manning the checkpoints, etc. Opposed to them are something like 20,000 Border Police, regular police, and Army troops who have been specially trained in the fine art of dragging kicking screaming hebes onto vehicles.

The Israeli military has apparently banned most media from Gaza. Damn! I wanted to watch!


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